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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 481

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:58 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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tl by molokidan

481: Double Date

slanted: After overcoming a fierce battle, the two experience
peaceful days for once in a long while...
1: Those two have gotten really close.

1: Ahhhh, it's Ukita-senpai!!
2: W-w-w-w-what could you be talking about?
3: I was just trying to take care of the dirt on this door...!
4: Looks like they've really become better friends over the period
they took off school.
5: Kenichi...
6: You must have overcome so many obstacles together with her!
7: However.
8: I don't think there's any place for restraint when you like
another person!
9: Make sure you do your best, too!
10: A-alright!
11: He's a surprisingly good guy.

1: Hi there, Ukita-san.
2(2b): Yo, Kenichi, Fuurinji. Have you seen Takeda?
3: Hi, honey!!
4: Why do you have to embrace us every damn time...?! Guwahh!!
5: I'll just hug you both!
6: Ow!
7: This guy has absolutely no restraint...
8: Takedaaa! Are the plans going alright?
9(2b): Ahh, the double date, right? I don't think there's any
10: Guwahhh! You're tightening your left arm too much!
11: D-double daaate?!
12: With who, with who, with who, a dumble date with who?!
13: Watch how you pronounce "double," honey...

1: Ohhhh! with Kisara-san and Ukita-san and Freya-san? Youth is so
2: Hahaha! Freya and I are supposed to support Ukita and Kisara.
3: Ufufufu! I wonder if that's how things will go?
4: Have you changed your character a little bit, honey?
5: Hey, guys.
6: Y-yo, Kisara.
7(2b): About Sunday...Shiratori wants to go too, can I bring him?
8: Kisara-sama
9: What?!
10(2b): It's just...he says he refuses to leave my side...
11: Hahaha! Life never goes as you expect it to, Ukita.
12: How nice!
13(small): A triangle!
14: I'd love to go on a proper date with Miu-san.

sign: Shirahama
1: It's been such a long time since you've been home on Sunday,
2: The masters told me to go home once in a while.
3: It's a morning when my son comes home...
4: I'll have to make a good dinner tonight, then.

1: Wow, a phone call to our house phone. That's unusual.
2: Now! Urarara!
3: I tld my subordinates not to call me today.
4: Now, now, dear!
5: Oh, I'll get it, dad.
6: Shirahama residence.
7: Yo, Ken-chan.

1: I heard...
2: you saved that girl...Fuurinji Miu from the demon fist god.

1: This voice...
2: Ryuuto-kun...Asamiya Ryuuto-kun!!
3: Well done...
4: Now then...is Miu alright?
5: Yeah, there have been no lasting effects from Junazard's
brainwashing. She's in perfect condition.
6: I see.
7: Wait, Ryuuto!!

1: I want to see you!!
2(2b): Can we meet? I want to meet you and talk about this face to
3: Ryuuto?!
4: Tonight...
5: A place...
6(2b): Yeah...I'll be waiting at the aquarium your father took you
to a long time ago.
7: Brother! We're still in the middle of a fight!
8: Oh, right, Honoka.

1: Eavesdropping, Atlanta?
2: Rimi was just passing by, and heard you speaking.
3: Could the person on the other line have been...
4: Yes. Shirahama Kenichi from Ryouzanpaku.
5: Secret communications with the enemy. What'll you do? Tell the
sacred fist, Atlanta?
6: Oh no!
7: Of course not. Atlanta is always on your side, Ryuuto-sama.

1: I see.
2: Ahh!
3: Rimi will push you.

1: No.
2: I'm fine.
3: Wow!!
4: Ahhh...Rimi could only come in handy for him...
5: Rimi would do anything...

1: Whaaat?
2: But you said you'd stay home all day today, brother!
3: I...I see...
4: Oh my.
5: Does it have to be tonight?
6: I'm sorry.
7: I may be able to make up with a friend who I got into a fight
8: Honoka! Mom! You two need to grow up!!
9: When men act for the sake of friendship, they need to put it at
top priority!!
10: I see.
11(2b): Go on! Son!
12: Thanks, dad.
13(2b): Aww, man. Guess I'll bring over Nacchi.

1: Oh, right. Honoka. I've been wanting to meet that Nacchi boy.
Bring him here.
2: Really? I can?
3: Sure.
4: Right, Sebastian?
5: Brother!
6: Ryuuto-kun!!
7: I haven't seen you since you saved me on Despair Island!!

1: What's this data battle study session all about?
2: I came here because I was curious...
3: Me too.
4: In this age, fighters like yourselves will not be able to grasp
true victory unless you are capable of swimming through this sea of
information we have!
5: I wanted to give you a glimpse of the Shinpaku Alliance data
6: I doubt your barbaric brains will be able to understand it all,
7: That's horrible!!
8: Hey, come on, are you looking at that site again? You're gonna
get yelled at by the director!
9: But I have to click the ranking once a day!
10: Shut up!!
1: We'll cut out the "Niijima Force" explanation.

1: Sowwy.
2: Matsui is obsessed with a net idol again.
3: Who told you to become a net consumer?!
4: I don't know what's going on here, but you're being pretty
strict, eh?
5: What is this? "Today R-sama, who I love so so so much, is going
to meet someone he absolutely has to meet at the aquarium. When I
heard that my heart started fluttering..." What is this, some new
ero site?
6: N-no! It's Rimi-chan! Rimi-chan's an angel who descended to the
7: She's the fairy of the net idol world!
8: Rimi.
9: Rimi?
10: Rimi?
11: Move it!!

1: This is...Atlanta from YOMI!!!
black: Is the goth loli girl Rimi really the key to YOMI...?!

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