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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 594

Chapter 594: the predecessor itself

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 18, 2012 12:58 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 594

Chapter 594: the predecessor itself\\
pink and blue: this movie is full of dreams!!\\
a special story on the movie of 33 plus 17 pages for the actual story\\
50 pages from masashi kishimoto\\
inserted text: a special story and the main story chapter published together!!\\
gedou: oooooh\\
guy: the demonic statue’s appearance became strange after it took something in its mouth!!\\
naru: what was that...\\
tobi: to be honest I wanted to revive it in a complete state but...\\
kaka: it couldn’t be...!\\
tobi: behold... and feel it with your skin\\
tobi: the revival of the juubi!!\\
gedou: guooooh\\
inserted text: a roar!!!\\
tobi: and the beginning of the world’s demise!!\\
kaka: I see!!\\
kaka: so that demonic statue was the base of the juubi’s body!\\
naru: eeh!?\\
naru: what? what is a “juubi”!?\\
kaka: but, what’s the meaning of this!?\\
kaka: if what you said when you declared war at the five kages summit was true, then...\\ this should be a war to retrieve the chakras of the nine bijuu in order to use them to revive the juubi!\\
kaka: he still didn’t retrieve the hachibi and the kyuubi... is he bluffing...?\\
kaka: it’s too dangerous to get closer to him carelessly...\\
tobi: however their power don’t change even if they are fragments!\\
hachi: ah...!\\
hachi: did he get... the chakra from... that tentacle...?\\
bee: we always make rhyme but this time we made a slide, uiiii\\
bee: he was able to retrieve a tentacle copy’s chakra before it became blurry, it seems that he is in a hurry\\
kaka: he took the chakra from one of the tentacles of the hachibi...\\
kaka: so that means... that even a part of the bijuu would be enough?\\
kyuu: naruto... maybe you felt that too\\
kyuu: in that pot and in that gourd there was my chakra...\\
naru: yeah...\\
kyuu: let’s switch naruto... I will explain them...\\
kyuu: about the juubi... you can listen me from here\\
naruto: do you know something about the juubi?\\
kyuu: yes...\\
kyuu: ... listen everyone\\
guy: eh?\\
kaka: that voice...\\
bee: naruto and the kyuubi switched, be ready\\ now he will explain us a lot of things... they are good friends already\\
kyuu: if even one piece of a bijuu is fine...\\
kyuu: then the demonic statue already has a part of the my chakra and that of the hachibi’s\\
kyuu: even the the kyuubi’s chakra...!?\\
kyuu: the things that he summoned a while ago and made the demonic statue eat were the pot and the gourd, two of the rikudou’s ceremonial tools\\
kyuu: they have a strong sealing technique that can seal anything\\ if you end up into them, you cannot get out...\\
kyuu: in the pot... there was sealed kinkaku\\ while in the gourd there was sealed ginkaku...\\
kyuu: probably they were revived by means of the edo tensei in order to be used in this war, and eventually they were sealed into those two ceremonial tools\\
guy: the rikudou sennin and the kinkaku ginkaku brothers... those are names you hear only in legends\\
guy: … however, why are they related to the kyuubi’s chakra?\\
kyuu: in the past, those two brothers challenged me in a fight...\\
kyuu: and I ate them...\\
kyuu: but after that... they greedily devoured the meat inside of my stomach\\ and absorbed my chakra!\\
kaka: in other words, kinkaku and ginkaku had a part of the kyuubi’s chakra with them\\
kaka: and then the masked man stole them from darui’s first battalion...\\ as spare material to revive the kyuubi...\\
kaka: that’s matches with the intelligence I received from the headquarters\\
kyuu: but, I don’t know in which form he will revive the juubi...\\
kyuu: because he has only fragments of our chakra...\\
kaka: at least I want to do something before it is revived...\\
tobi: kakashi... you easily open your mouth to talk\\
tobi: that’s quite befitting to a man with a life full of regrets\\
guy: …\\ who the hell...\\
guy: are you...!?\\
tobi: is there any reason to tell that to someone who is not able to remember someone’s face?\\
kyuu: kakashi... if we want to do like you just said, we don’t have any other choice than do it now, before the juubi is revived\\
kyuu: the rikudou said that the once the juubi would be completely revived, it would be the same thing as the end of this world\\
naru: is the juubi so incredible!?\\
naru: I can guess that it has 10 tails, but what kind of thing is it!?\\
kyuu: it is the aggregation of the chakra of the nine biiju, starting from the ichibi to me, the kyuubi...\\
kyuu: it is the origin of the chakra, the nation crushing god\\
kyuu: amenohito tsuno kami... datara... didarabocchi... it has several names\\
kyuu: it can drink the sea\\
kyuu: tear up the land\\
kyuu: move mountains\\
kyuu: it is the predecessor itself that created this land...\\
kyuu: to put it simply it is the strength of us 9 bijuu combined\\
kyuu: to be honest... I’m not even a match for it\\
kyuu: but it only has a part of the two bijuus with the strongest chakra\\ so I don’t know of what it would be capable of after all...\\
tobi: you are mistaken about something...\\
tobi: I don’t need to revive the juubi completely\\
tobi: my ultimate objective is the great genjutsu...\\
tobi: the eternal tsukiyomi!\\
tobi: I will entrap all the humans on this planet in a single genjutsu\\
tobi: a single world with no one in it\\
tobi: a perfect and single world without war and ill feelings\\... the truth can be only found within the unitary consciousness where everyone threw away his individuality!\\
tobi: there aren’t hope, future or heroes in this world anymore!\\
tobi: even if the juubi in not completely revived, it will become possible to create the eternal tsukiyomi...\\
tobi: and then reality will cease to exist\\
tobi: and the only thing remaining will be a single endless dream that will continue for eternity!!\\
naruto: let’s switch... kurama\\
sfx: sun\\
naruto: I...\\
naru: had a father! had a mother! ... and even the ero-sennin!\\
naru: little brats long for becoming heroes!!\\
naru: that’s why I will not hesitate and continue to go forward!!\\
naru: I will become the hokage that will surpasse all the previous generations!!\\
naru: that’s my dream!!!\\
naru: you masked bastard!!!!\\
guy: even if I don’t want my springtime of youth to end...\\
guy: sooner or later I will have to stop dreaming!\\
kaka: yeah...\\
kaka: dreams are something that you have to fulfill\\
bee: a lot of dreams, dreams, dreams and dreams\\ my dreams are a MILF’s breasts’ screams!\\
bee: the only truth I see is that I want to realize those dreams!\\
hachi: you have a incredible courage to be able to do that coming out with such a timing, bee\\
kyuu: heh\\
tobi: a single individual will not be ever able to see the truth\\
tobi: the words from someone that is no one like me\\ are the words that derive from the world’s truth itself...\\
sfx: su\\
naru: ha!!\\
naru: guah!!\\
sfx: *jump*\\
sfx: suu\\
naru: it seems that it will not be that easy\\
naru: I have to smash that mask first after all...\\
tobi: I will never yield\\
tobi: I will never let you touch the demonic statue\\
sfx: pa\\
inserted text: finally we go forward the direct confrontation...!! in the next issue a fierce fighting with an opening in colour!!!\\

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