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Naruto Special : movie 9: road to naruto the movie

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 19, 2012 09:01 | Go to Naruto

side text on the right: connected to the movie!? a one shot story linked to the movie!! read the manga, watch the movie, and discover the connections between the two!!!\\
upper red text: the latest shocking movie that all naruto’s fan in the world were waiting for\\
lower red text: in the theatres the 28th of july\\
the thing written by sai: the unfortunate one\\
side text one the left is just advertisement\\
inserted text: the story of what happened the night before the beginning of the movie... what is tobi’s plan while he secretly moves?
Setsu: that new technique… called the limited tsukiyomi, what is it?\\
Tobi: it is a prototype of the actual tsukiyomi\\
Tobi: first I need to search about the things that the people who fell in that technique desire…\\
tobi: about uzumaki naruto\\
ten: ah I’m so tired~~~!!\\ but this long mission is finally finished… and from tomorrow I will be on vacation!\\
guy: kakashi… I leave the rest of the mission to you!\\
kaka: yeah, ok… understood\\
ten: finally I can refresh myself!! Let’s go to a public bath!\\
sfx: ton\\ton\\
neji: what about you lee… do you want to come as well?\\
lee: no! I’m fine\\ I was thinking of training now!\\
sfx: su\\
kaka: quite admirable~~~\\
kaka: but if you overdo yourself, your body will fall apart\\
guy: lee!! You are a genius!!\\ dammit!! That’s the typhoon of youth!!\\
guy: I will train with you too!! Let’s goooo!!\\
lee: yes!!\\
kaka: are you alright…?\\
sfx: gah\\
guy: gubuuh!!\\
lee: guy-sensei!!\\
kaka: no you are not… just as I thought\\
lee: stand up! Stand up, please!! Look forward to the future!!\\
kaka: … lee-kun… his body is falling apart already…\\
lee: don’t die~~~~!! Sensei~~~~!!\\
kaka: sometimes you overdo things like him as well…\\
kaka: lee-kun… can you do me a favour in place of guy?\\
naru1: I did it!!\\
naru2: shit!!\\
sfx: ton\\
naru3: that was a close one\\
naru2: hey! You were cheating right!!?\\
naru1: hey! The weak always complain a lot!\\
naru2: what did you say!!?\\
naru3: hey stop we… I mean I’m myself after all…\\
naru2: on which side are you on!?\\
naru3: well… if I win or lose, I’m always me, so…\\
naru2: I will not play anymore!\\
naru1: yaha looser is complaining!\\
naru3: … geez\\
naru: eh…? Did I win or did I lose…!?\\
sfx: *jump*\\
lee: they will gather tomorrow at 6 a.m. to take over the mission… at 6 a.m. he said…\\
naru: haa~~~ what the hell am I doing alone in my last day of break…?\\
near naru: let’s try to stop it before it falls\\
sfx: dakooo\\
naru: it sad to do it alone after all…\\
lee: naruto-kun…\\
chou: hey let’s go to the barbecue restaurant\\
chou: at Q-barbecue you can get a table and eat as much as you want for just 1500 ryou… if we go together we can even spilt the cost…\\
chou: hum… how much is it per person?\\
shika: 500 ryou…\\ anyway we just finished a mission, so I prefer to take a bath than to eat something\\
ino: I vote for shikamaru!\\
lee: ah… they are going there too…\\
kiba: it’s fur is all dirty because of the mud\\
aka: kuuun\\
kiba: I will have to call him chamaru(cha: brown) instead of akamaru(aka: red) if we don’t do something\\
shino: that reasoning is strange… why? Because it’s name is akamaru even if its fur is white\\
shino: then now akamaru should be called shiromaru(shiro:white)…\\
kiba: I don’t understand a thing of what you are saying!\\ I wasn’t talking about that, I was saying that I have to clean him!\\
hina: in that case… I think we should go to a public bath…\\
shino: we cannot do that… why? Because dogs cannot enter in a public bath \\
kiba: but, I have to do it in a way or another\\
ten: finally I can refresh myself!! Let’s go to a public bath!\\
lee: hey!! Naruto-kun!! Let’s invite the others and go to a public bath!!\\
naru: uwaah!!\\
lee: everybody!!\\
lee: let’s go together with our fellow comrades here to the public bath!\\
kiba: … why lee said that and didn’t come here at the end!?\\
naru: he said that she still has to do 3000 steps upside down for his training\\
naru: he will be here once he has finished\\
kiba: he put us through such troubles\\
naru: that fuzzy eyebrows… he was so considered because he saw that I was alone…\\
naru: fuzzy eyebrows will be here soon…\\
ten: haaa!\\
ten: a bath after a mission permeates even inside of your body~~~!\\
ino: tenten-san… you sound like an old man\\
saku: I thought to go to the bath house on the last day on break and comfortably relax alone but… why is everyone here?\\
sfx: sa\\
saku: … hinata… there is no need to fell shy and hide your body… we are all girls here\\ you should relax more while you take a bath\\
hina: y-yes…\\
hina: I-I feel like…\\
hina: … they will… float away…\\
saku: I always envy hinata…\\
saku: just look at those bulges!!\\
lee: 1852!\\
lee: 1853!\\
lee: 1854!\\
naru: is furry eyebrows still training…?\\
kiba: he is really not able to understand the situation he is in\\
shino: he is always like this… why? Because he trains like a bug\\
shino: but I not pleased with his behaviour… it is not good to neglect your friends\\
shino: he should look after to his friend with a bigger heart\\
kiba: this… when he will stop holding a grudge because he was the only one we left out in that mission!?\\
naru: yes! Yes!\\
naru: a bigger…\\
naru: heart!?\\
naru: uwaah!! There is a big larva near shino’s lower part of his body!!!\\
near naru: a monster larva!!\\
kiba: he is from the aburame clan, so it is normal that he raises bugs in his body\\
naru: shino… you are a dazzling man because you are a great guy in many ways!!\\
naru: from now on let’s do as shino says, kiba!\\
kiba: woof woof!!\\
naru: ah!?\\
kiba: that’s akamaru!\\
naru: when did you…!?\\
kiba: he cannot enter here while he is a dog so I performed a beast human transformation and brought him here\\
naru: uwaah!!\\
chou: uwaah!!\\
chou: waaah!\\
kiba: be careful, chouji…\\
sfx: bazaaa…\\
shika: the water decreased…\\
chou: hehe… sorry…\\
shika: chouji, use the expansion technique\\
chou: why!?\\
shika: just do it\\
chou: ok…\\
sfx: ba\\ba\\
chou: expansion technique!!\\
kiba: wow! The water increased! Why!?\\
neji: it is a good thing that it increased but… we are a little cramped here…\\
naru: ahahaha! I knew it that it would be fun if they were here too!\\
naru: it so much fun than being alone…\\
naru: I wonder what he is doing right now…?\\
naru: he is… the only one who changed…\\
neji: what’s wrong naruto? What are you scheming with that face!?\\
naru: I was just lost in my thoughts…\\
neji: could if be that you were considering about doing something indecent!?\\
naru: what!?\\
neji: I’m talking about peeping !!\\
voices: incredible! Hinata you grew so much!\\
neji: you must think about those things that are beyond! You must face what is more betond!\\
naru: that’s right, there is also that kind of “fun”!\\
naru: ahaaa~~ it was sucha good bath!\\
neji: did you even enter in the tub?\\
lee: another step…\\
sfx: kui\\
lee: uaaaah!!!\\
naru: the right point to peep is…\\
naru: uwaah!\\
sfx: fuuuu\\
sfx: kui\\
girls: kyaaaah!\\
kiba: what was that!?\\
neji: damn you naruto!\\
ten: lee!!\\
saku: why is lee-san here!?\\
lee: ouch…\\
ino: rock lee!!\\ could it be that you were peeping on us!!?\\
lee: n-no!!\\ I was caught into something while I was training… this is just an accident!\\
ino: and that happened on the roof of the bath?
Ino: that’s a little strange!! Time to kick your ass!!\\
Neji: naruto! Was it you!?\\
Naru: n-no!\\
Ino: don’t play dumb, rock lee!!\\
Neji: what happened!?\\
Naru: don’t enter there so boldly!!\\
Hina: kyah!!\\
Ten: lee was peeping on us!\\
Neji: what!? That’s oltrageous!\\
Naru: fuzzy eyebrows… you\\
Ino: ah!!\\
ino: that bastard, he ran away, that’s too suspicious!!\\
ten: let’go after him!\\
lee: Naruto-kun!! Let’s invite the others and go to a public bath!!\\
lee: this is your day of break! You shouldn’t be alone and pass it with the others!!\\
lee: but I still have my quota of training\\
lee: I’m not lying!\\
lee: once I have finished I will catch up with you!\\
naru: fuzzy eyebrows invited everyone one here for my sake…\\
naru: he would not do such a thing!!\\
neji: I misjudged you lee!\\
lee: y-you are wrong…! \\ I was training on the roof and…\\
lee: I was caught by something…\\ an accidentally fell on the girl’s changing room…\\
ino: there is no use in arguing about it!\\
lee: hii!\\
saku: … calm down everybody… maybe it really was a coincidence\\
lee: s-sakura-san!\\
ino: shut up! I will kick his us even it there are some doubts!!\\
naru: wait a minute!!\\
naru: fuzzy eyebrows is not that kind of guy that does those things!!\\
hina: naruto-kun…\\
naru: he is our comrade!!\\
naru: if he said that he didn’t do it, he didn’t do it!!\\
lee: n-naruto-kun…?\\
naru: … you should have a bigger heart in your chest and…\\
sfx: buraa…\\
sfx: suu\\
lee: ah!\\
shino: the smallest underwear in the chest…\\ so that’s bra is…\\
shino: you underwear thief!!\\
naru: eh!?\\
hina: na…\\
hina: naruto-kun…\\
TLN: now, I curious to know if she is sad because he is a bra thief of because it wasn’t her bra…(it would be hilarious if she develops an inferiority complex toward sakura because she thinks that naruto likes small breasts…)\\
Saku: I will not believe you even you feign ignorance, naruto!!\\
naru: guuuah!!\\
naru: ouch… this was my worst day…\\
naru: why such things always happen to me…!\\
naru: maybe I made a mistake to go with them because I felt empty alone!\\
naru: I will not go with them…\\
kiba: lee said that we should come and visit you, and so we came~~~!!\\
kiba: hurry up and open the door, naruto!!\\
shino: maybe he is out… why? Because he doesn’t come to open the door…\\
neji: I guess we should go home\\
kiba: from the smell I can tell that he is home…\\
shika: maybe he is still sulking about what happened before\\
naru: geez… I wonder who it was, and it was you guys…!\\ right when I’m busy with studing techniques\\
shika: I see… we came here with a bad timing\\ well then everyone, let’s go back…\\
naru: ah ok! I will keep you company!\\
shika: heh\\
lee: yahoo!!\\
naru: they even eat everything…\\
sfx: pochin\\
naru: today it was really fun…\\
naru: it felt like my room was bigger than it normal…\\
naru: … in times like that…\\
naru: I feel really happy…\\
tobi: uzumaki naruto…\\
tobi: you make me take a peek into your heart\\
tobi: on the things you wish for…\\
tobi: well then.. let’s begin with the finite tsukiyomi\\
inserted text: and then the curtain on a fierce battle open!! Go to check the shocking continuation in the theatres!!\\

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