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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soul Eater 100

Chapter 100: toward the moon

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 24, 2012 09:01 | Go to Soul Eater

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Chapter 100: toward the moon\\
yellow text: a light break through the darkness…!?\\
guy: what is that thing?\\
guy: a shooting star…?\\
in blue: we achieved the 100th chapter\\ thank you very much for your support!!!\\
stein: haa\\haa\\
spirit: are you alright, stein…?\\
stein: haa\\haa\\
clown: what’s wrong!? It seems that you were barely able to catch that attack\\ but you cannot hope to see my naked breasts with only that\\
genie: are you alright, zubaida?\\
zuba: yes…\\
stein: she is so tired that her shoulders began to move because of the heavy breath… alexander and zubaida are at their physical limit, huh…\\
stein: azubaida, alexander, don’t give up!!\\
stein: kid and the others will come back soon with the witches\\
ale: I don’t care about what happens, I was prepared to lose my life in the moment we were left on the moon\\
zuba: it is not a big matter if they come back or not\\
spirit: you fools!!\\
spirit: I don’t want greenhorns such a you to rush toward death!!\\ you are too small to even think about having the strength to be pregare to renounce to your life!!\\
spi: don’t lose hope!!\\
spi: just think about as much you want to live until you die!!\\
ale&zuba: yes!!!\\
stein: let’s cover each other’s back!\\
maka: hnnnnn\\
soul: ngiiiiiii\\
b*s: wow, so high!\\
soul: unuuuuuu~~~\\
b*s: do your best maka!! Come on!!\\
b*s: come on!\\
maka: shut up you idiot!! Otherwise I will kick you back to the surface!!\\
b*s: we don’t have any other choice, there is the sea below us and I cannot fly\\
maka: geez!! I knew that we would end up like this!!\\
b*s: come on... come on…\\
maka: shut up!!\\
maka: such a impressive concentration of madness…\ we will arrive to the moon after we pass through here!\\
maka: through these clouds!!\\
moon: it seems that we have new Invaders\\
moon: I will intercept the,\\
clown: geez!!\\ it is so hard to be this popular!\\
b*s: let’s descend as soon as possible\\
maka: let’s look at the situation from up here a little\\
b*s: hey! Something is coming\\
bs: dowa!!\\
maka: dodge it soul!!\\
soul: don’t ask me the impossible\\
soul: I cannot move well because of that strap that hangs from bottom!!\\
b*s: oh!! That was a close one!\\
maka: …\\ a strap huh…\\
b*s: he maka!! Thaty are coming one after another!!\\
maka: they will defeat us before we can land on the moon!!\\
b*s: eh?\\
maka: oryaaaah!!\\
maka: go!!\\
b*s: whaaaat?\\
b*s: uhyaaah!!\\
tsuba: black star!!\\
b*s: don't…\\
b*s: underestimate me!!\\
moon: he repelled the beams with his bare hands!!\\
moon: no!! that’s impossible!!\\
b*s: I caught another one!!\\
moon: he caught the beams…!!\\
b*s: oryaaah!!!\\
moon: he sent them back!!?\\
moon: gebuh!!\\
maka: is he really a human being like us…?\\
maka: I don’t know how to catch a beam\\
b*s: the reason behind that is quite simple\\ tsubaki!!\\
tsuba: yes!!\\
b*s: I can do that because I’m transcendentally super incredible!!!\\
stein: this wavelength!!\\
stein: black star!!\\
b*s: isn’t this a poor reception\\
b*s: for someone like me?\\
maka: uwaah, there are so many of them…\\
maka: I don’t want to go down…\\
moon: I will intercept the other one!\\
soul: maka! Concentrate on the wavelength that controls the beat of those crescent moons!\\
maka: ok\\
soul: I see\\ now I understand this rhythm\\
soul: soul hack!!\\
soul: I will put… this beat under my control\\
moon: what!? They took control of them!!!?\\
clown: even if reinforcements arrive you are already fatigued!!\\
clown: die!!\\
maka: witch hunt\\
maka: they told me that you decided to remain here for shinbusen and the world’s sake…\\ thanks for everything you did until now…!!\\
spirit: maka!!\\
stein: I never thought that the day a student would save me would actually come…\\
maka: I will fight too\\
moon: even if took control of one or two of them it didn’t hurt me or even graze me\\ I can have as much crescent moon as I want\\
moon: you will taste the terror of a battle that infinitely goes on too\\
moon: you will taste the madness that makes things repeat themselves\\
shi: this body that cannot leave shinbunsen…\\ is so frustrating…\\
tezca: that’s one more reason to have in our hands the witches in order to win the battle on the moon\\
tezca: it would be good if thew actually come but\\
shi: tezca-kun! Are you still saying that?\\ we don’t have other choice than believing in the witches\\
shi: we didn’t decide that\\
shi: but in any case we have to believe to the witches\\
tezca: w-what was that!!\\
shi: an enemy attack!?\\
shi: damn you witches pigs!!!\\
shi: so you used this chance to attack after all!!\\
ex: bon jour\\
ex: I had the feeling that you were talking about me\\ ekkishi\\
ex: tha’s why I cannot stop sneezing\\ ekkishi\\
tezca: d-didn’t you say something incredible just now, shinigami-sama?\\
shi: what I was talking about, tezca-kun…?\\
shi: more importantly, why are you here?\\
ex: the world is quite noisy outside, so I will see how things unfold here together with you\\
shi: I would feel quite confortable if you would collaborate with us…\\
ex: if you say those things, they you are like them\\ former ruler of the “order”\\
shi: don’t say stupid things… everything would become useless if it use that!\\
yumi: if we continue like this we will assault the moon!?\\
yumi: the witches are still not here!!\\
kid: the witches are testing us\\ there are making sure if we really believe in them\\
kid: that’s why by assaulting the moon we will show them our sincerity\\
yumi: stop being so foolish, kid!! For what reason did you go to the witches world then?\\
yumi: you should already know that you cannot have a good relationship with someone by good lowering you head once or twice!!\\
yumi: the greatest enemy for the witches is us of the shinbunsen\\ the are only thinking about using us!!\\
yumi: will they really collaborate with us!?\\
yumi: no, instead of that they will use that chance to crush the shinbunsen!\\
mary: stop there… azusa…\\
mary: hatred is one of those emotions that cannot change anything…\\ it is already difficult to forgot the hatred between fellow humans, and among people of different races is even more difficult…\\
yumi: I will not say that it is a bad things to have ideals\\ but kid is still a child so he cannot understand\\
kid: maybe you think that I’m still green\\
kid: but there is no meaning it just having ideals\\ you must put effort in order to realize them\\
kid: if you are saying that thinking things as an adult means to crush your ideals with thoughts coming with your experience of the world, then…\\
kid: I don’t mind if you continue to call me a “kid” as long as you want!!\\
yumi: I’m just worried about the crew of this ship…\\
kid: I know that you are a gentle person, azusa-san\\
kid: but everything is alright!! This ship will never fall!!\\
kid: I have in the pilot of this ship!! And in all the operator and rest of the crew on this ship!!\\
kid: plus a bullet will never hit this ship that gen-san’s maintenance unit created!!\\
??: you can bet on it!!\\
??: are you saying that we were so full of holes because of the previous flight that we cannot allow to be hit once more!?\\
???: wahahaha\\
kid: there are 36 people of the elite that came back with me on this ship…\\
kid: if even one of them is against this, we will stop this assault\\
kid: I will ask it again. Will you follow me!?\\
people: we just got about on this ship, who wants to go back!!\\
crew: let’s go!!\\
crew: let’s go!!\\
kilik: ah!? Are you asking that to us too?\\
ox: that’s a foolish question\\
jack: I’m sure that kid will do something about that!!\\
liz: let’s go!!\\
mary: you are the only one azusa…\\
yumi: but…\\
kid: I know very well that it is difficult to trust the witches without even a adoubt\\
kid: then, can you believe in me?\\
yumi: geez, you are pushy just like your father\\
mary: come on\\
yumi: let’s go!!\\
kid: perfect!!\\
kid: charge!!!\\

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