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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Break Blade 57

chapter 57: two people one choice

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 12, 2012 10:15 | Go to Break Blade

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proofread by theslasher

inserted text: with determination in her heart...\\
sig: would you carry this for me?\\
guard: sigyn-sama, we can transport anything for you...\\
sig: I have my hands free at the moment, so there will not be any problems\\
sig: everyone...\\
guard: yes?\\
sig: thanks...\\
guard: h-hum...\\
guard2: mind your words!\\
guard: I served sigyn-sama for 3 years, but...\\ this is the first time I’ve seen her smile like that...\\
chapter 57: two people one choice\\
hord: it finished really fast\\
hord: ... are you sure that you are okay with this?\\
ry: ... well, I think it's fine\\
ry: I also know that good opportunities rarely happen to soldiers...\\
ry: for the time being, cultivating my farm alone will be a good thing...\\
hord: ... alone...?\\
ry: yes\\ Rygatz said that he wants to remain here in the royal city\\
hord: ... no...\\
ry: eh?\\
hord: ... hmn?\\
ry: ...?\\ can I leave my little brother in your hands for a little while?\\
hord: ah, yeah, there shouldn't be any problems\\
hord: ... did you talk with sigyn?\\
ry: I thought to go to say goodbye to her, but...\\ she seemed quite busy for some reason...\\
ry: she didn't even come to say goodbye when I left the academy eitherl\\ maybe she’s not good with this sort of thing\\
ry: well it is not like this is our final farewell\\ I will come to visit again once harvest is finished\\
ry: I'm sorry that I couldn't accompany you to the end...\\
baldr: no... it's alright...\\
baldr: you did more than enough\\
baldr: ... I wonder ...\\ if he regained a little of the face he had when he came to the royal city for the first time...\\
hord: ... that would be a good thing, but...\\
ry: what are you doing here...?\\
sig: give me...\\ your luggage\\
sig: come on...\\
ry: ah...\\ ok...\\
ry: sigyn?\\
sig: ride\\ on it\\
ry: ... how far will you drive me?\\
sig: to your house\\
ry: eeh...!?\\ that's really far\\
sig: I already know that, don't worry\\
ry: ... does Hord know about this?\\
above sig: gulp\\
ry: ... what about your work here in the royal city?\\
sig: I took a vacation...\\
ry: ...\\ I see...\\
ry: are you sure that it’s alright...?\\
sig: a really long vacation...\\
ry: eh...? did you say something?\\
sig: no...\\
old man: kukuku..\\
zess: you finally completed it...\\
old man: it is the most advanced golem in all of Artemis' history\\
old man: kukuku\\
old man: it is different from the golem created by the collaboration established between Artemis and Neos\\
old man: pederika-sama already began to test the model\\
zess: so that girl ended up piloting it...\\ after all...\\
zess: the Lexas...\\
boy: ah!\\ it's robin\\
boy2: the guy with a frightening face!\\
boy: he is a gentle person even if his face is scary, right?\\
boy2: yeah but scary things are still scary!\\
boy: hey let's play with the chariot\\
robin: let's do it later\\
black: ah... you came at the right time\\
black: but there isn't anything left to eat\\
robin: no, I came here today to talk about rygart\\
narvi: I told her that "he was probably beyond hope"!!\\
narvi: I never said that "he was beyond hope"!!!!\\
black: you saved me by coming here\\
black: she’s been in that mood since rygart left the army\\
boy: lately narvi is even more scary than robin!\\
boy2: you are right\\
robin: eh...\\
near the boys: waa\\ kyahahah\\ let's run\\
robin: ... I thought that you would be glad about rygart...\\
narvi: he ran away\\
narvi: not from the war...\\
narvi: but from the death of his comrades\\
narvi: I am furious with myself because I acknowledged him as a fellow soldier for a little while!!\\
narvi: but he was a "untalented" since the beginning... he probably wouldn’t have been of any use if he couldn’t fight in the ancient golem...\\
narvi: but he could have remained with the Delphine in the rear without participating directly in the battle in order to encourage the other soldiers!!\\
narvi: in any case now that sigyn-sama is not with us anymore, the golem cannot be activated\\
robin: h-hey\\
black: ah...?\\
black: hey... what do you mean by sigyn-sama is not here anymore?\\
robin: ... it is a top secret matter, but\\
robin: because of her bad health, she quit her job as an advisor for the army's research... well, that's the official announcement anyway...\\
narvi: according to the rumours she disappeared together with rygart!!\\
black: rygart...\\
black: I will not forgive you...\\
near narvi: geez, what will happen to freya now!!?\\
near black: that bastard... from time to time I admired him and yet... it’s impossible...\\
boy: did you finish talking, robin-san?\\ let's play with the chariot\\
robin: y-yeah...\\
robin: it seems that their mood won’t change for a little while...\\
boy: heh...\\
boy: Hande is not here today\\
robin: ah\\ wait guys\\
boy: what is it?\\
robin: is my face\\ really scarry?\\
boy: could it be that...\\ robin-san was not aware of it...?\\
narvi: oh man!!\\
narvi: I'm really mad!!\\
black: that's impossible\\ I'm sure of it\\
ry: it was freaking annoying that we had to make a detour because of that fallen bridge, but now we are pretty far west\\
ry: is the national border close to here?(even the colour of the terrain is different)\\
sig: you are right\\
sig: if we go a little further west we can find a town on the border\\ we should rest there for the night\\
ry: that's great!!\\
ry: I won’t need to eat canned food anymore!\\
sig: I should have brought with me some tools to cook rice as well...\\
ry: eh?\\ if we had them it would be good to make our own meals,\\ but are you able to cook?\\
ry: when you were a student you ate in the cafeteria\\ in the royal city you had a personal cook\\ it isn’t like you are able to cook, right!?\\
sig: ...\\ if I just had a book...\\
ry: it’s not like you can cook meals from books, are you alright?\\
sig: we’re going now, so make sure to get on the bike, ok?\\
ry: by the way\\
sig: yes?\\
ry: shouldn't we get two separate rooms once we get to the inn?\\
sig: I'm just escorting you, so you are the one who must decide\\
sig: I don't have any problem with whatever you choose\\
rid: ...\\ I-I see... it will be a waste of money... I'm fine with even sleeping in a sleeping bag...\\
ry: what?\\
ry: what's wrong?\\
sig: ...! a golem's footprints?\\
sig: it is not from Krishna, Artemis or Orlando...\\
ry: I see...\
ry: so that means...\\
42: inserted text: a chance meeting...!\\

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