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Soul Eater 101

Chapter 101: second battle on the moon (part one)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 19, 2012 08:16 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 101

Chapter 101: second battle on the moon (part one)\\
side text: the kishin’s dreadful madness…!!\\
inserted text: the madness overflows from the internal part of the moon full of it…\\ if this continues supply is not cut… the clowns nightmare will continue endlessly\\
kid: the witches will come to the moon for sure!!\\
clown: geh geh geh geh geh geh\\
maka: next!!\\
b*s: what the hell? This is not even a warm up for the battle against the kishin!\\
zuba: incredible! So this is the power of the current generation of shinbunsen students…\\
stein: no, it is just that those kids are nothing more than monsters\\
tsuba: they will be resurrected no matter how many times we kill them\\
b*s: it is fine as long as we are playing around. But kid and the others will probably be here soon\\
voice: we are breaking in the enemy’s fire range!\\
voice: with this speed, we will not be able to evade their attacks!!\\
kid: advance like this!!\\
getsu: to think that they would come here one again to die\\
getsu: they are coming straight ahead without evading! In that case I will just shoot them down!!\\
clown: I will help too!!\\
clown: takemi kabutsu(beautiful bamboo’s extreme cylinder)
clown: I will not let go through!!
girl: we have an high energy reaction in from of us!!\\
kid: all amrs!! Brace yourself for the impact\\
patty: kyuuh\\
liz: kuh!!\\
kid: well then witches!! This is the extent of our good faith!!\\
kid: appear in front of us!!\\
girl: the enemy’s attack hit us directly!!\\
girl: our ship suffered heavy damages!!\\
girl: the magic airship will fall!!\\
kid: will they…\\ not come after all…?\\
kid: no!! I will believe in them!!\\
mabaa: nyamu\\
kid: mabaa-dono!!\\
kim: sorry! The jamming here on the moon is really stronf and even mabaa-sama needed time to create the gate to come here\\ hey, aren’t we already late?\\
cat: heh\\
cat: it is not like I trust you people from shinbunsen now!!\\
kid: you came after all, nabaa-dono…\\
free: oh! Incredible!!\\ we arrived here in an instant\\
kilik: hey a big guy appeared from nowhere!\\
azuka: great!! They are here, senpai!!\\
mary: I’m so gland\\
liz: hey hey! It is not the time to take things easy here!!\\
liz: we will fall down!!\\
inserted text: uwaaaaaah!!\\
free: as it should be expected from her… her magic power is on a total different league from my space magic…\\
mabaa: nyamu\\
kid: this a barrier that governs space!!\\
kim: great, it seems that everyone is alright…\\
eruka: let’s begin the plan immediately\\
eruka: team A will unfold the soul protector…\\ while team B will calculate the position of our target, the clowns\\
cat: but we will do it just for this time\\
eruka: then mabaa-sama and free will transfer the soul protector there\\
mabaa: nyamu\\
kim: tanunkun rakunkun ponpon ponkitaku…\\
eru: kaerokke furoeru… gekoeru furogge…\\
free: uruffu irubusu urufu urubusu\\
mabaa: nyamu\\
cat: soul protector!!\\
eru: magic calculation!!\\
clown: the ship fell… but there are the witches with them!!\\
clown: so even women are after my body now!!\\
getsu: what are you talking about?\\
stein: they are here!\\
white face guy: incredible!\\
spirit: with this story itself will change!\\
eru: I found the coordinates!!\\
eru: free! Mabaa-sama!!\\
mabaa: forwarding protection!!\\
witch: they are tearing off the soul protector from us!?\\
clown: what is this?\\
cat: create soul protector bullets steadily!\\
maka: kid brought the witches with him to help us!\\
soul: perfert! This is it!!\\
clown: the madness was repelled!?\\
clown: gugiiiih\\
getsu: they cannot be resurrected!\\
getsu: what’s the meaning of this!!?\\
mid: time for our counter attack!!\\

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