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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 602

Chapter 602: still alive

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 20, 2012 08:55 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 602: still alive\\
obito: those eyes…!\\ old man, could it be… that you are an uchiha…?\\
madara: maybe… who knows…\\
obito: did you save me…? no… but…\\
obito: you said that this is the interstice between this world and the other…\\
inserted text: what happened that day…?\\
obito: what kind of place is this…? It is so dark that I cannot see anything…\\
obito: moreover… old man…\\ who are you…?\\
obito: heh!\\ could it be that you are the god of death…?\\
obito: I mean that god of death that takes you to the heaven or to the hell…\\
sfx: blink\\
obi: no!! I don’t want to die again~~~!!\\
obi: someone help me~~~!!\\
obi: I saw your sickle there~~!!\\
obi: you are the god of death I’m sure of it~~ the god of death specialized in taking people from the uchiha clan~~~!!\\
obi: My…!! I my motto until now was to help the old people!!\\
obi: it is also true that I did a lot of bad things and always broke the rules… but I think that we are even more or less!!\\ Please do anything but don’t take me to hell!!\\
obi: ouch…\\
madara: if you are able to feel pain…\\ it means that you are still alive\\
madara: however… you can say that what saved you was nothing more than a miracle\\
madara: a big part of your body wasn’t crushed under the rocks\\ … It seems like you just slipped through them…\\
obi: and… where did you find me?\\
obi: you collapsed in the underground passageway I built…\\ … on the side of a crumbled rock\\
madara: … but even if that happened, almost half of your body was crushed…\\
madara: for the time being I performed a first aid treatment on you, but…\\
obi: so you saved me old man…\\
obi: thanks\\
madara: it is too soon to thank me…\\
madara: I intend to make you return the favour for sure\\
madara: you said that you motto is to help the old people, right?\\
obi: yeah… more or less…\\... then… what should I do?\\
obi: …\\ do you want me… to clean your toilet or something like that…?\\
madara: … I don’t need that…\\
obi: sorry but I cannot stay here forever!\\
obi: Now that I know that I’m still alive, I have to go back to konoha!\\
obi: we are still in the middle of a war\\
obi: also I finally activated the sharingan in my eyes…\\ … I can protect my friends even more!\\
madara: protect your friends even more, huh…\\
obi: what’s wrong with that…?\\
madara: with that body… you cannot be a ninja anymore…\\
obi: no, I don’t accept it!! I finally…\\ obtained this eye!\\
obi: now I have the confidence that our combined attacks will work even better\\
obi: this time I will become a ninja who can protect his friends for good and…\\
madara: look at the reality\\
madara: this world never goes as you want\\
madara: the more you live and the more you realizze that…\\ reality is only filled with suffering, pain and emptiness…\\
obi: … what’s wrong with this old man…?\\
madara: listen well… in this world\\ in any place bathed with light there are necessarily shadows \\
madara: as there is the notion of winner,\\
madara: in the same way the notion of loser exits\\
madara: a selfish will that wants to preserve peace will cause war\\
madara: and hatred is born because you want to protect love\\
madara: these things are in a cause-effect relationship that you cannot cut\\
madara: at least in general…\\
obi: I activated his switch…\\
obi: if things continue like this, the old man will go on talking forever…\\
obi: so…\\
obi: where is this place exactly?\\
madara: the only reason why you were helped is because you were hurt, after all…\\
madara: … am I wrong?\\
obi: shut up with that shit!!\\
obi: I don’t want to stay in this place for a long time\\ hurry up and…\\
obi: guh…\\
madara: you can go out if you want…\\
madara: if are able to move, I mean\\
obi: wait\\
obi: this is strange\\
sfx: pant\\pant\\
obi: why is that old man with the sharingan alone in this kind of place?\\
sfx: step\\step\\
obi: let’s try to think about it well… if he is some old man from konoha I should know him\\
obi: but if I never saw him, that means\\
obi: that thiso old man is not a ninja from konoha\\
obi: in other words...\\
obi: old man… you are a missing nin\\
sfx: step\\step\\
obi: who are you!?\\
sfx: tonk\\
madara: I’m… the ghost of the uchiha clan\\
madara: uchiha madara\\
obi: m-madara…!?\\
obi: madara, you mean…\\
obi: the founder of my clan, that uchiha madara…!?\\
obi: that’s strange because madara died a lot of time ago!!\\
obi: of what age are you talking about!?\\
madara: If I say to you… that I’m a god of death, would you be more inclined to believe me?\\
madara: … yeah, in a certain sense I’m probably a god of death…\\
madara: and this reality itself… is hell\\
madara: It is true that I’m someone who barely escaped death and if I don’t constantly absorb the chakra from this demonic statue behind me\\
madara: I will die in matter of seconds…\\
obi: I’m going back!!\\
sfx: tosa\\
obi: guah!\\
madara: you’d better stop… there is no exit here…\\
madara: and above that, we cannot get out of this place\\
madara: … with our bodies in such conditions\\
obi: guh…\\
sfx: zuuu\\
madara: if you move, hashirama’s synthetic body that I attached to you with great pain will come off…\\
madara: do you want to die?\\
sfx: michi\\
madara: there are a lot of things I want you do to from now on… together with me\\
madara: it took a while to save you… so don’t try to die too fast\\
obi: what do you want!?\\
obi: what do you believe an old fart like you can obtain by seizing a brat like me!?\\
madara: … to cut off all the cause-effects in this world\\
madara: a world where there are only winners\\ a world where there is only peace\\ a world where there is only love\\
madara: I just want to create such a world\\
obi: … like I would care… about those things…!\\
obi: the only thing I want… is to go back where everyone is!\\
madara: I already told you that things in this world don’t go as you want\\
madara: you will understand that too sooner or later…\\
madara: if you just want to die, I’m fine with it, but…\\ in exchange I will take that sharingan with me\\
obi: … why do you want my eye!?\\
obi: you already have your sharingan right!!\\
madara: no… I entrusted my original eyes to another person\\
madara: this eye is nothing more than something I transplanted after that\\... it would be a good idea to have a little more of stock\\
madara: I still don’t have the right eye…\\
madara: the sharingan manifest their real power when they are in a complete pair \\
obi: … then…\\
obi: I will become even stronger if I will be reunited with kakashi!\\
obi: and this time we will protect rin together for sure!\\
obi: I will not remain here for long…\\ wait for me… kakashi… rin!\\
obi: I’m still alive!!\\
inserted text: his determination doesn’t vanish…!!!\\

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