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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 603

Chapter 603: Rehab

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 26, 2012 22:42 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 603: Rehab\\
inserted text: inside the darkness\\
sfx: pant\\
obito: how much time… passed since I came here?\\
sfx around him: pant\\
obito: I have the feeling that ages passed since I got here\\
zetsu: don’t worry, you don’t have to pay any rent\\
tobi: we were created from the mazou, so we are fine even if we don’t eat…\\
tobi: so you don’t have to worry about food…\\ or to pee…\\ or to go to take a shit\\
obi: I told you… to not consider me like one of you!\\ I just have something I don’t even understand stuck on one half of my body\\
zetsu: thanks to that you can live without drinking or eating just like us\\ you should at least say thanks\\
zetsu: and we are the ones who don’t want to be considered the same as you\\ the thing attached to you is nothing more than an artificial body without emotions!\\
tobi: we are artificial humans… and we have emotions!!\\
tobi: even if we cannot go to take a shit\\
tobi: plus we are able to understand jokes better than you!\\ we even have a larger vocabulary than you and we are smarter than you!\\
obi: shut up!\\ … in that case try to prove that you are better than me!\\
zetsu: we are…\\
tobi: guarding…\\
both: you!!\\
obito: don’t talk in that manner!! It annoys me!!\\
zetsu: we will help you in your rehab\\ because madara commanded us to be sure that you are healed so he can use you once he wakes up…\\
obito: keh!\\
obito: … don’t just stay there sleeping while these insincere wood dolls guards me!\\
obi: I will get away from this place and reunite with rin and kakashi for sure!!\\
tobi: that’s impossible… there isn’t an exit here…\\
tobi: after we brought you here under madara’s order,\\ he sealed the entrance with an enormous rock…\\
zetsu: anyway since a little ago you were saying “rin rin rin” in your sleep,\\ could it be that there are a lot of bells outside?\\
tobi: and sometimes you said “baka baka baka baka”\\
tobi: he said something like… “bakakashi”\\
zetsu: ah! That’s right, sometimes he said something like that\\
tobi: what is this bakakashi?\\
zetsu: well… let’s try to ask him directly\\
obi: I never said something like that…\\
tobi: hum~~ can we ask you a question?\\
obi: what!?\\
tobi: you know, how do you fell when nature is calling!\\ … in other words how does it feel when you have to go to take a shit? For example…\\
obi: wasn’t your question about bakakashi!!?\\
obi: and why are you so interested in taking shits!!?\\
zetsu: there is no reason to be so mad…\\ anyway we will ask you about rin and bakakashi later!\\
obi: I especially hate you… spiral guy!\\
obi: more importantly where did the other white guy go?\\
zetsu: he went outside to gather intelligence…\\
obi: what!!?\\
obi: so you guys can get outside!!\\
zetsu: we are able to do that because we can move inside of the ground\\
obi: what the hell are you talking about…?\\
obi: oh man… I’m secluded in this place…\\ talking with guys who say things that don’t make any sense at all…\\
tobi: sorry about that thing about taking shits\\
obi: I wasn’t talking about that! I was talking about what madara told me!\\
zetsu: madara talks about things that a kid will not be ever capable to understand\\
obi: he was talking about cutting apart the relations between the causes and the effects…\\
zetsu: well, if I have to explain it simply\\
zetsu: I would say that he wants to run away into a dream full of only good things, where all the bad things of this world are threw away \\
zetsu: for the very reason it is a dream things go how you want…\\ and even the dead people can be in it\\
obi: inside a dream…?\\
tobi: eh… yeah…\\ he will create a enormous dream world with a genjutsu and everyone will go there!\\
tobi: more that going there, it will be like he will send them there forcibly… and for the rest of their life\\
obi: with a genjutsu…?\\
obi: … that talk is so stupid that it doesn’t make any sense\\
tobi: if you have as much power as madara’s you can do anything…\\ but now he is quite weakened and he cannot do anything… that’s why he is doing several preparations\\
obi: I see… anyway I don’t have care\\
obi: because I will…\\
obi: get out of here for sure!\\
obi: guh…\\
obi: kuh…!\\
sfx: pant\\pant\\
sfx: pant X3\\
11 sfx: gura\\gura\\
sfx: puta…\\
on the three: kakashi\\
sfx: pant\\pant\\
sfx: *hide*\\
rin: you don’t need to act strong and hide your wounds\\
rin: because I'm watching you\\
obi: … I’m getting more and more familiar with these limbs…\\
obi: a little more…\\
obi: just a little more and I will meet you… rin… kakashi…!!\\
sfx: zuuu\\
zetsu: I just returned from the outside!!\\
sfx: zuuu\\
zetsu: those guys you were talking about, rin and kakashi are in danger!!\\
obi: what did you say!?\\
zetsu: they are alone and surrounded by ninjas from the hidden mist!!\\
obi: guah!!\\
sfx: *jump*\\
tobi: with that body you are still not able to break that rock\\
obi: I have to go to…\\ help rin and kakashi…!\\
sfx: zuuu\\
tobi: you should wear my body\\
obi: you guys… are madara’s subordinates… is this really fine with you?\\
zetsu: you are… a good boy\\
tobi: you want to help rin and kakashi, right?\\
obi: thank you guys!!\\
inserted text: obito goes toward the battlefield!!!\\ next issue opening in colour!!!\\

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