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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Naruto 606

Chapter 606: Dream world

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 19, 2012 20:35 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 606: Dream world\\
Inserted text: after the tragedy\\
Sfx: splash\\
Sfx: paki\\
Sfx: splash\\
Sfx: splash\\
Mada: the longer you live…\\
Mada: the more you realize that reality drifts only into suffering pain and emptiness…\\
Mada: listen now, everything in this world goes like this\\
Mada: where there is light, you will eventually find shadow\\
Mada: these are things connected by fate that you cannot naturally…\\
Sfx: splash\\
Mada: cut apart…\\
sfx: splash\\
sfx: suuu\\
sfx: splash\\
sfx: splash\\
zetsu: he will run away into a dream where all the bad things in the real world are thrown away and where there are only the good things!\\
inserted text: drifting in sadness…\\
sfx: pita\\
sfx: suu\\
sfx: suka\\
sfx: *gulp*\\
sfx: pita\\
obi: because it is a dream everything goes as you want…\\
obi: and even the dead can live once again\\
sfx: splash\\
sfx: *drip*X2\\
mada: a world where there are only winners\\
mada: a world where there is only peace\\
mada: a world where there is only love\\
mada: I will create a world where there are only those things\\
sfx: *drip*X2\\
obi: rin…\\
obi: once again…\\
obi: I will create a world where you can be once again \\
sfx: suu\\
obi: I…\\
obi: will cut the fate…\\
obi: apart\\
sfx: suuu\\
obi: I came back because of that\\
mada: heh…\\
mada: I hope no one saw you\\
zetsu: the only one who saw him was me\\
zetsu: obito… slaughtered all the enemies, so everything is fine\\
zetsu: it seems that the only one he didn’t want to kill was kakashi\\
zetsu: but kakashi didn’t see anything…\\
zetsu: when the reinforcement from konoha came\\ they where surprised and the only thing they could say was “who killed the enemy!?”\\
mada: … did you still have some lingering affections toward one of you former commanders…?\\
obi: no… it was just that I didn’t care what would happen to him\\ I don’t care if he lives or dies in this world…\\
obi: kakashi will be in the world I will create from now on…\\
obi: and rin too\\
obi: teach me the way to create the dream world, please\\
obi: madara…\\
sfx near madara: *snicker*\\
mada: I don’t need you thanks anymore…\\
mada: come here\\
mada: from today onward you will be the saviour of this world\\
mada: look into my eye\\
mada: you are inside of my genjutsu\\
mada: it is still like blank paper, but if I project my will here I can create anything… and even control everything\\
mada: as long as I am connected to the demonic statue and borrow its power, I can do anything no matter how wide or minute\\
mada: like this for example…\\
mada: in this genjutsu I can create a world as I image\\
mada: the plan consists in bringing all the people out there in this genjutsu…\\
mada: the dream world consists in a large scale application of this technique where you use the moon instead of your eyes…\\
mada: to explain everything to you… first I have to tell you about the rikudou sennin and the juubi\\
tobi: did you see the eyes of that guy with red hairs!?\\
obi: they are madara’s rinnegan, huh…\\
tobi: that’s madara’s real eyes…\\ they there transplanted in that boy without him realizing when he was still a child~~\\
zetsu: nagato comes from one senju family line \\ he is the only person capable to summon the heretical demonic statue besides madara\\
mada: after I obtained senju hashirama’s cells in our fight\\ I transplanted them on my opened wounds, but nothing happened at the beginning \\
mada: then, when I was on the verge of dying because I reached the end of my lifespan…\\ I activated the rinnegan\\
mada: at the same time the seal was released…\\
mada: and I was able to summon…\\ the juubi’s empty shell from its sealing stone…\\
obi: the juubi’s empty shell…?\\
mada: that’s what I call “heretical demonic statue”\\ and the sealing stone is no other than the moon itself\\
mada: immediately after that I made the demonic statue’s body into a catalyst\\
mada: and this is what I obtained by cultivating hashirama’s cell\\
mada: in other words these artificial humans can be considered as hashirama’s clones…\\
mada: even if they are quite below the quality of the original\\
mada: you cannot active the rinnegan unless you don’t posses both the power of the uchiha and the senju\\
mada: furthermore, you cannot manipulate the demonic statue well\\
mada: you have the senju cells attached to the right half of your body…\\
mada: probably you will be able to control the demonic statue even without activating the rinnegan\\
obi: first we have to tame nagato just as madara said\\
sfx: *step*\\
obi: we have to gather the scattered parts of the juubi\\ and use nagato’s rinne tensei on madara…\\
mada: obito… I will teach you the forbidden techniques of the uchiha and the techniques of the six paths…\\
mada: plus the yin yang release techniques…\\
sfx: zuuu\\
mada: I’m putting a part of my will into this one… think of half of it like it is myself\\
mada: this is quite inferior to the original too…\\
mada: use these guys I created with the yin yang release as your pawns\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
mada: I made those black rods out of my own will\\
mada: use them when you want to use the six paths techniques\\
around madara: pant\\ uff\\pant\\pant\\ pant\\
mada: … now… go…\\
sfx around him: pant X 3\\
mada: until… I will not return to life…\\ you will be…\\
naga: who’s there?\\
obi: uchiha madara\\
inserted text: the beginning is revealed…!!\\

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