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Soul Eater 103

Chapter 103: second battle on the moon(part 3)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 21, 2012 10:59 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 103

Chapter 103: second battle on the moon(part 3)\\
side text: the clowns were defeated, what remains is…!!\\
tezca: thanks to the witches’ help the clowns were annihilated…\\
tezca: the only objective remaining is the kishin, asura…\\
shi: everything is a seed that I planted…\\
ex: hum…\\
ex: hum…\\
ex: the order will begin to go into chaos soon…\\
shi: the death room is a separate universe that reflects the state of the order in the world…\\
shi: it promptly reacts to the madness in the world\\
ex: but the effects will show up not only here, but also in the world outside soon too…\\
shi: he woke up\\
shi: the kishin\\
??: in the depths of this place there is the kishin…\\
?: yes\\
maka: it’s coming…\\
sid: did you feel it, akane!!?\\
aka: yes\\
index: kuku\\
index: it is coming at last, huh…\\
sid: he is getting closer…\\
sid: from the other side of this darkness…\\
aka: an intense soul reaction is…\\
aka: 30 meters from here…\\ and I’m sure that it is getting closer…\\
aka: 20 meters\\
aka: 15 meters…\\
aka: 10 meters…\\
aka: 5 meters…\\
aka: t-three meters!?\\
aka: 2 meters!?\\
aka: what’s the meaning of this!!? We should be already able to see him!!\\
kid: m-maka…\\ is something wrong with my soul perception…?\\
maka: n-no… it is the same for me…\\ I feel the kinshin soul reaction near close by, and yet…\\
maka: he is not here…\\
gop: what!?\\ what’s happening!?\\
aka: one meter…\\
aka: sid sensei…\\
aka: zero…\\
guy: aaaaaaaaaaah\\
ex: those with a weak mind are the first who are losing it\\
stein: preserve a strong mind! Otherwise it will posses you and wither you away!!\\
aka: guh!!\\
sid: my second* arm is melting…\\ and it is entering from the inside of my mouth…!!\\
TLN: here it says “ni” with the kanji of “two”. I don’t know if the if referring to the fact that this is the second arm they gave him after noah’s incident or is a clue about the name of previous owner of that arm\\
sid: aaaaaaaaah\\
imp: he is not taking the madness from the putside\\
imp: but from the outside…!!\\
maka: guh…\\
maka: come one!!\\
maka: soul!!\\
soul: soul contemplation melody!!\\
maka: this melody it is our only shelter for now\\
sid: t-the kishin!!\\
sid: is this… an hallucination too…!?\\
noah: are you the kishin!!?\\
moah: I came here after a long journey just to obtain you!!\\
noah: such a shock wave with just a swing of his arm, huh!\\
noah: I want you even more now, asura!!\\
gop: noah-sama!!\\
noah: don’t call my name with that pathetic voice!\\
sid: it is useless! Their level is too different\\
gop: it is not useless!!\\
noah: go ants!!\\
index: no matter how many of them you smash this book will not wither because it is a treasure made of knowledge! \\
index: and if I use the “brew” then…!\\
index: as you can see by knowing and pulling out all the possible information, it powers up!!\\
noah: aaaaaah\\
index: and then from now on the “brew” speciality will manifest! But putting in practical use all the obtained knowledge, new knowledge is created!!\\
gop: noah-sama!!\\
noah: the strongest fusion!\\
noah: the greatest distillator, the “brew”\\
gop: noah-sama’s squared shoulders are a lot more sharper than before!!\\
noah: don’t struggle!\\
noah: ahaha! This is good!! The moment I can obtain you has finally come!\\
sid: to be able to do that to the kishin…\\ so this is the power of the “brew”, huh…\\
aka: it went better than I expected\\
index: that’s right! I have the feeling that they would be good if they become one!! The kishin and the “brew” into one thing! Finally a knowledge that gives me a good feeling! I attained a good idea!!\\
asura: why are you poking me…?\\
asura: do you desire madness…?\\
asura: isn’t it already there…?\\
asura: the bottom of the madness… it’s not here…\\
noah: what the hell are you talking about!? Shut up\\
asura: it is in the inside… the bottom… in the inside of the order that gave birth to me\\
crona: mad blood\\
asura: and yet you still want to overtake that? If you are able to do it, I mean…\\
inserted text: crona who holds the madness of the black blood is here too…!!\\

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