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Naruto 608

Chapter 608: kakashi’s determination!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 8, 2012 17:55 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 608: kakashi’s determination!!\\
inserted text: kakashi VS obito!!\\
kaka: doton: doryuuheki!!(Earth-Style Wall)\\
sfx: suuu\\
sfx: gah\\
sfx: gah\\
kaka: kuh…\\
kaka: why…!?\\
obi: what about shutting up your mouth?\\
obi: you are just trash who only knows how to lie\\
kaka: guh!\\
around kaka: pant\\pant\\
obi: I think that the “white fang” is a real hero…\\
obi: … it is true that those who break rules and laws are branded as trash in the ninja’s world …\\
obi: but you know…\\
obi: those who don’t care about their comrades are even worse than trash\\
obi: probably because… you left rin die…\\
kaka: it is true that I’m trash…\\
around him: pant\\pant\\
kaka: but obito… for me you have been…\\
kaka: kamui\\
sfx in the eye: zuuu\\
sfx: pant\\
kaka: an hero for all this time…\\
kaka: then why…\\
naru: you bastard!!\\
sfx: buwaaaah\\
guy: that wooden thing!\\ it’s sucking out the kyuubi’s chakra!\\
naru: dammit…\\
obi: … you have the same eye as me…\\
obi: I expected that you would come out…\\
kaka: … obito\\
kaka: why did you become like this…?\\
sfx around him: pant\\
kaka: is this in some way…\\
kaka: related to rin…?\\
obi: I will protect my comrades!!\\
kaka: guah!!\\
kaka: let’s go to save rin immediately!\\
obi: yeah!!\\
sfx: kacha\\
kaka: gaah!!\\
around kaka: pant\\pant\\pant\\
obi: I already told you that trash should not talk…\\ die…\\
kaka: I couldn’t keep the promise I made to you\\
kaka: you are right… I’m trash\\
around kaka: pant\\pant\\
above obi: *surprise*\\
around kaka: pant\\pant\\
kaka: but you are… an hero of konoha…\\ … there is no need for you to become trash like me…\\
obi: heheheh… this is reality…\\
obi: no matter if you are the one who is entrusted with something or entrust something to someone else…\\
obi: … all the ninjas who live long in this world become trash\\
obi: and we are a good example of that, kakashi\\
naru: kakashi-sensei…\\
hachi: guh… I cannot move…\\
madara: the branches get in your way as well, right?\\
madara: this world will end soon…\\ and for this short while I will entertain myself with the two of you…\\
madara: for first let’s put in order the battlefield\\
obi: no one can escape from the circle that creates the trash in this world\\
obi: that’s why I will create this world anew!\\
naru: you two really piss me off… I cannot complain about that…\\
naru: that’ why in exchange of the pleasure I get from hearing your wise words, I will just tell one thing to you\\
sfx: fu\\
naru: I’m not trash!!!!\\
naru: and I will never become trash!!\\
naru: I…\\
naru: will not allow that…\\
naru: I will never allow you to kill my comrades!!!\\
kaka: I will\\
kaka: never let my comrades get killed!\\
kaka: sorry, naruto…\\
kaka: I was the one who taught you obito’s words… and yet, once again…\\
kaka: I was on the verge of loosing myself\\
around him: pant\\ pant\\ pant\\
sfx: sa\\
guy: hirudora!!!(Daytime Tiger)\\
kaka: chidori!!!\\
hacchi: … so you weren’t just bluffing…\\
around guy: pant X4\\
kaka: obito…\\ the will you had in the past, even now…\\
kaka: is here next to me!\\
kaka: now the only thing I can do is to protect naruto!\\
around kaka: pant\\pant\\
inserted text: the comeback!!\\

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