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Soul Eater 104

Chapter 104: the dark side of the moon 1

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 22, 2012 08:59 | Go to Soul Eater

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Chapter 104: the dark side of the moon 1\\
side text: the mad blood draws near\\
noah: ah?\\
crona: I will dye you in black with my blood\\
noah: uoh!!\\
sid: what…\\
index: w-what is this!!?\\
crona: just dissolve\\
index: guuah!?\\
akane: it’s becoming smaller!?\\
sid: w-what did you do!?\\
sid: did you swallow them…?\\
sfx: guge\\
gopher: noah-sama!!\\
crona: I don’t need him\\
gopher: noah-sama get an hold of yourself!!\\
crona: my madnees is only mine\\
crona: and the kishin’s madness is also mine\\
crona: O will destroy the world\\
soul: what’s wrong, maka?\\
maka: the kishin’s soul wavelength were suppressed!?\\ this wavelength…\\
maka: crona!!\\
sid: crona… you… the kishin…\\ are you alright!?\\
crona: don’t touch me… there is no need to hurry…\\
crona: the same thing will happen to you all soon\\
sid: what do you mean!!?\\
crona: you don’t understand…?\\
crona: well you are not like me after all\\
??: the madness… calmed down…?\\
soul: no… \\ something is amiss don’ lower your guard\\
kid: maka… what the hell is happening…\\
b*s: did something happen!?\\
b*s: hey, is crona alright?\\
maka: wait… I’m not able to understand as well\\
kid: look!!\\
kid: the mouth of the moon!!\\
kiri: what the hell is that!!?\\
maka: cronaaa!!\\
moon: bigiahahahahahahah\\
maka: kuuah!!\\
??: uwaaah!!\\
moon: ahahahahahahahahahah\\
stein: what incredible wavelength!!\\
stein: so this is crona’s wavelength!!\\
moon: ahahahahahahahahahah\\
??: waah!!\\
kid: this is bad!! The sould wavelength is crushing the weak people by using the scream!!\\
kid: the moon will be filled with that scream soon!! Those who are not able to withstand it must retreat on the earth’s surface immediately!!\\
moon: ahahahahahahahahahah\\
ox: retreat you say, but the airship was destroyed!!\\
kid: gen-san, in your case you are able to repair it in 30 seconds, right?\\
gen: that’s impossible!!\\
kiri: under the moon there is the sea, so if we jump down we should be somewhat safe, right?\\
jack: do you understand how high this place is?\\ to think that you even went to school…\\
eruka: free, can you do something about this?\\ mabaa-sama went back, and I’m at my limit\\
free: eh? Are you talking about my magic!?\\
kid: space magic!!?\\
moon: ahahahahahahahahahah\\
free: I’m not good when it comes to controlling it, so we I don’t know where we could end up to, but it is possible to teleport you!!\\
free: yeah, I can do it\\
??: uwaaaah!!\\
kid: anything will do it! Just hurry up and teleport us\\
maka: obviously we will remain here\\
maka: hurry up and bring them with you!\\
free: don’t renly too much on it!!\\
moon: ahahahahahahahahahah\\
free: wolf urubus\\
free: wolf urubus\\
zuba: kid-dono!!\\
ale: we will remain here as well\\
kid: sorry but I don’t have to confidence to be able to protect you from now on\\
ox: kid!\\
kiri: hey, we are disappearing too\\
kid: from now on this will be a battle between order and madness… a battle among gods were fear and bravery will be at stake!\\
kid: there is no need to worry\\
kid: just wait for us for a little while on the surface\\
moon: ahahahahahahahahahah\\
free: let’s go!!\\
free: teleport!!\\
kid: heh… so they are gone…\\
liz: even if there that scream, now I hear a strange silence\\
kid: yeah…\\
kid: you are right\\
kid: i-it…\\ it really quiet here…\\
kid: I can see the moon so far in the sky…\\
kid: hey you idiot!!!!\\ why you brought me on the surface too!!!!?\\
free: I told you to not trust it too much!!\\
stein: I was teleported as well…\\
kid: bring me back immediately you fucked up dog!!\\
free: it will be not my fault if I teleport you even farther from the moon\\
free: and by the way you should be thankful that I took you to a safe place…\\
kid: … muunh…\\
kid: we are going back, liz, patty!\\
kid: I will sentence you to death once I will be back!!\\
free: if you want to kill me then try it, I’m immortal after all\\
kid: guuh…\\
kid: you idiot\\
kid: don’t die on me before I come back, everyone!\\
spirit: s-stein?\\
b*s: even kid…\\
ragnarok: ahahahahahahah\\
crona: so you came here\\
crona: maka…\\
maka: that soul…\\
maka: so you really absorbed the kishin\\
crona: wy madness grew so much that it is able to synchronize with the kishin…\\ I’m finally able to resonate with the kishin…\\
crona: I cannot go back anymore…\\
crona: my black blood cannot be stopped…\\
b*s: what will you do, maka?\\ if it was just asura I would just kick his ass without any problems, but…\\
maka: I don’t know…\\ I don’t know, but…\\
maka: I have the feeling that if we continue to talk like this, we will not reach anything\\
spirit: it is alright\\ it would be tasteless for a parent to interfere with his children’s fights\\
maka: well that fight will influence the entire world\\
maka: so I feel a little of pressure…\\
spirit: if they would ask me who to choose between the world and my own daughter…\\ papa would choose maka without hesitation\\
maka: black star, tsubaki-chan… would you help me?\\
b*s: you can bet on it, there are a lot of different things inside crona as well, so even if it is 3 versus one, there should not be any problems\\
maka: you too soul\\
soul: there not even the need to say\\
soul: I will follow you whenever you go\\
maka: crona!!\\
maka: just like medusa struck you she shattered your personality\\
maka: will strike you until you don’t regain your old self!!\\
inserted text: next issue soul eater will be on the cover and have colour pages!!\\

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