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Break Blade 59

Chapter 59: a chance meeting

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 29, 2012 09:03 | Go to Break Blade

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Chapter 59: a chance meeting\\
ry: so…\\
ry: is it really true what that girl called pederika said?\\
sig: I’m can’t tell if it is the truth or not, but…\\
sig: her clothes, that golem… and that hairpin made of raw quartz she showed me\\ … I sure that she is part of a royal family\\
ry: wow… is that thing so expensive?\\
sig: no… normal people should not be able to understand its value…\\ because it is an object obtained refining super hard quarts for more than 100 years…\\
ry: the only daughter of the king of assam… huh…\\
ry: assam…\\ it brings back memories…\\
ry: so…\\
ry: that girl asked you to borrow your bike, but…\\ will you give it to her?\\
sig: I think that I don’t have any other choice…\\ probably there isn’t a quartz bike that is more efficient than that in this village’s public office… if what she says is the truth, she should go to the royal city as soon as possible\\
sig: we will have to walk by foot to your village, but…\\
ry: you will not go back to the royal city?\\
sig: ah…\\
sig: … no…\\
sig: I will…\\
sig: not go back…\\ to the royal city…\\
sig: I-I…\\
sig: want to…\\
sig: see the place where you are born and grew up…\\
ry: what are you saying?\\
ry: my home doesn’t matter if the situation in assam is dangerous, right?\\ and in any case you are the queen, a necessary figure in Krishnat. You should go back to the royal city together with that girl\\
sig: no…\\
sig: … no…!!\\
ry: eh…!?\\
sig: what’s wrong…? This is not like you…\\
ry: … hey\\ sygin…\\
ry: … I want you to go back to the royal city because there is something I want you to tell Hord no matter what…\\
ry: that girl said it, right?\\
ry: zess became general…\\
ry: hord could not understand…\\ zess’ determination…\\
ry: it is useless to try to talk with zess now…\\
ry: the fact that zess became general… means that his brother, lokis the chief secretary, acknowledged him…\\
ry: do you know what this means…?\\
ry: no one can stop zess as he is now\\
ry: if hord would think that zess is an old friend and adopt an overly optimistic attitude\\ then krishnat would be defeated…\\
ry: … to be honest…\\I intended to bring with me to the grave…\\
ry: the things that I will say to you from now on…\\
ry: it is something that only zess and I know…\\
ry: he didn’t tell this thing to you and hord… and maybe not even to his wife…\\ there is a reason because zess becomes unstoppable if it is for the sake of his brother…!\\
sig: … I didn’t know…\\ such a thing…\\
ry: yeah…\\
sig: … I understand…\\ Let’s go back to the royal city!\\
sig: … but…\\
sig: you will be the one who will go back ahead to the royal city with that girl, rygart…!\\
sig: I think that you should tell hord that story directly…!\\
ry: eh… ah…\\
ry: maybe you are right…\\ ok…!\\
sig: I will…\\ go back later…\\
ped: so, you will lend me your bike\\
ped: thanks\\
ped: be careful\\
ped: laila-san…\\
ped: Regats-san I’m in your hands\\
ry: y-yes\\
sig: for the time being, until you don’t go back to the royal city, use fake names\\
ry: don’t worry…\\
sfx: kui kui\\
sig: be careful!\\
ry: y-\\yeah\\
ry: let’s meet in the royal city\\
right most country: orlando\\
on the south: kishnat kingdom\capital: royal city binnoten
on the left: assam\\
the two small kingdom north west: kadoman\bergen\\
the big one: Athens\ capital: Elios\\
box: at the same time\ east part of assam\ in the neighbourhood of the great canyon\\
golem: we found her!!\\
??: follow her!!\\
??: surround her!!\\
??: wah…\\
??: hey\\
??: kyaah\\ stop~~\\
??: ah\\
??: it’s useless to cover the golem head with the hands, right!?\\
golem: kuh…!\\ what incredible speed\\
?: this is bad she is getting away!!\\
?: no there is a dead end there!!\\
?: we can get her!!\\
?: perfect!! Kill her no matter what!!\\
?: if we are able to kill her…\\
?: assam will be free!!\\
girl: waah!!!\\
girl: ehh~~?\\
girl: impossible~~\\
girl: ah~~ they are catching up\\
girl: 5 units? Maybe 6?\\
girl: w-w-what should I do~~~?\\
girl: I don’t have any other choice…\\
girl: to fight, huh?\\
ped: will I be able to do it…?\\ I…\\
ped: should be a genius after all…!!\\
inderted text: this girl, could it be…?\\

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