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Naruto 611

Chapter 611: the arrival

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 1, 2012 14:07 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 611: the arrival\\
Inserted text: an attack with all his might!!!\\
Naru: come on, hit!!\\
sfx: pu\\
bee: eh!?\\
mada: there are two little flies above too…\\
bee: kuh…!!\\
kaka: one of the tails of the juubi…!?\\
kaka: naruto!!\\
obi: … naruto… you resemble me a lot…\\
naru: guah!!\\
obi: yeah… you are just younger than me\\
obi: … sooner or later you will…\\
natu: guuah!!\\
naru: sorry…!\\
naru: hacchan, bee!!\\
mada: another kagebushin, huh…\\
kaka: kuh!\\
bee: ouch…\\
sfx: za za\\
guy: uwaah!\\
guy: ouch!!\\
kaka: kuh\\
naru: ouch!!\\
kura: fuuh…\\
naru: kurama!! Why are you dissolving at a time like this!?\\
kura: it lasted around 8 minutes… it held up longer than before, but this is the limit\\
kura: for the time being I will accumulate chakra!\\
kura: in the meanwhile try to buy time by yourself\\
kura: if I’m out of chakra we cannot win against that thing!\\
naru: no choice then…\\
bee: it hurts motherfucker…\\
hacchi: bee let me rest a little too… I’m at my limit\\
guy: are you done… with the healing?\\
kaka: taking in and out something big as the hachibi has its toll after all…\\
kaka: he is already exhausted…\\
sfx: haa\\
sfx: pant\\
around kaka: haa\\haa\\
around guy: pant\\pant\\
around guy: haa\\haa\\
obi: it seems that the hachibi and the kyuubi have run out of chakra…\\
sfx: su\\
mada: … your speciality, the kage bunshin?\\ even if you use that high level forbidden technique you will just increase your incompetence…\\
naru: I’m not an incompetent!!\\
kaka: stop, naruto…! There is no need to divide equally your chakra among your kage bunshin more than this…\\
kaka: even if you use them as a diversion, you will not be able to land a decisive hit on him… and if you are defeated…\\
kaka: we lose this war…!\\
mada: it would not be anything more than a disorderly mob after all\\
naru: ah!?\\ d-disorderly…!?\\
mada: what did I say? Ah right “incompetent”\\
obi: he is just saying that it is useless to increment the number of heads around here\\ if they are all empty\\
obi: we are nothing more than powerless ninja after all\\
obi: you… no… anyone sooner or later…\\
obi: will become like me\\
naru: I will not become like you, bastard…!!\\ I already said it countless times…\\
naru: I will become the hokage!!\\
obi: you don’t have to worry… if everything goes well…\\
obi: there is no ninja technique that exceeds the the infinite tsukiyomi\\
obi: … I will make you hokage into that technique…\\
obi: so…\\
obi: this world can vanish\\
obi: tch\\
kaka: this is…\\
kaka: he missed…?\\ on purpose…?\\
ino: kakashi! Guy! Sorry to keep you waiting!\\
hina: are you alright, naruto-kun!?\\
ino: the mind body switch technique that precisely hit the target thanks to the byakugan’s support was repelled in just 2 seconds…!\\
guy: in any case you made that monster miss its target\\ good job!\\
naru: yeah…!\\
kiba: naruto, you don’t need to act cool in front of hinata!\\
aburame: insect jamming technique!!!\\
mist: hiding mist technique!!\\
cho: we are finally here, naruto!\\
shika: … good, in this way they shouldn’t be able to perceive us that easily\\
karui: bee-sama!! You seem to be doing better than I thought!\\
omoi: bee-sama!! Do you have any serious injury!!?\\
lee: guy-sensei could it be that you used the hirudora!!?\\
sai: sorry to be late, captain kakashi\\
naru: sakura-chan, for first…!\\
saku: yeah, I know!\\
sfx: gukun\\gukun\\
shikaku: the perception water sphere is not able to remain in its original form…\\
shikaku: inoichi! Ao! Confirm the current situation!\\
ino: yes!!\\
ao: ok!!\\
darui: the first battalion has arrived!!\\
kuro: the second battalion has arrived!!\\
random guy from nara’s clan: the 3rd battalion has arrived!!\\
shika: the 4th battalion has arrived!!\\
mifune: the 5th battalion has arrived!!\\
shizu: the medical team is here too!!\\
c: the perception team has arrived!!\\
mada: do you intend to hide, huh..\\
sand: futon windcutter technique!!\\
naru: this is not a “disorderly mob”…!!\\
naru: the people here are… the shinobi alliance’s army’s…\\
naru: technique…!!\\
naru: … this is the super hyper highest and most powerful ninja technique in all history!\\
naru: it’s a technique that exceeds to the infinite tsukiyomi… remember it!!\\
inserted text: the gathering of hope…!!\\

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