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Naruto 615

Chapter 615: the things that are connected

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 30, 2012 13:33 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 615: the things that are connected\\
inserted text: neji leaves the battlefield…\\
sfx: sun\\
naru: I will never let you kill my friends!!\\
obi: you said the you would “never let me kill your friends”…\\
obi: now… look around yourself…\\
inserted text: the scene of death widens…!!\\
obi: and try to say it once again\\
obi: I telling you to try to say it once again!!\\
obi: realize the actual feeling of the body of your friends becoming colder and colder…\\
obi: the feeling of death!\\
hyuuga: neji is…\\
hyuuga: dead…!?\\
obi: and this will continue…\\
obi: and your trivial words will just become an ideal and a lie\\
obi: this is the results the dreams and hopes you talked about\\
obi: this is reality\\
obi: … naruto… what can you find in this reality!?\\
obi: here there isn’t your father nor your mother… and you master jiraya neither… and as long as you continue to oppose us, your friends will end up like this one after another…\\ and this will become a world where the people who recognize you don’t exist anymore…\\
kaka: obito…\\
obi: and what awaits you at the end…\\ is the thing that you know best and that you fear the most…\\
obi: loneliness!\\
hiya: sorry hizashi… neji is…\\
mada: you became like I was once in the past, obito…\\ another step and naruto will fall…\\
mada: and with him the heart of the alliance will be broken…\\
obi: is it really necassary to be into this reality?\\
sfx: su…\\
sfx: stop acting like a child and come to our side, naruto!\\
sfx: slap\\
hina: before dying… neji said that\\ “you don’t represent a single life… anymore”. Do you understand the meaning of…\\
hina: those words…?\\
hina: when you said that you will not let your friends die\\ those words are not just an ideal or a lie…!\\
hina: and I’m sure that neji was able to do what he did…\\
hina: because of those words…!\\
hina: it is not just you, naruto-kun… everyone bears those words, those feelings in their chests and so their lives are mutually connected\\
hina: … that’s why we are friends\\
hina: if everyone throws away those words and feeling\\
hina: what neji did would be in vain…\\
hina: and then your friends will be killed for real…!\\
hina: because they would disappear\\ … that’s how I feel\\
hina: that’s why…\\
hina: you have to stand together with me, naruto-kun…\\
hina: because to not going back on one’s words is\\ … my way of the ninja as well!\\
neji: naruto… hinata-sama would die for your sake…\\
neji: that’s why…\\
neji: your life is…\\
kura: not just one, you fool!\\
kura: don’t forget about me!!\\
naru: … I know\\
naru: I would never throw away\\ my bonds… my friends…!\\
naru: but…\\
naru: the truth is that neji is…\\
kura: I tired of listening to that shit!\\ say it once again and I will kick your ass and take your body for good this time!\\
kura: did you already forget!?\\
kura: your father and mother did the same thing as neji few moments after you were born!\\
kura: they even entrusted you with me, a sealed enemy, and with the future before dying\\
kura: in the moment you were born, your life was already connected with theirs!!\\
mada: he is glaring at naruto without moving, Huh…\\
mada: it seems that this is bothering you quite a lot, obito…\\
obi: this is enough…\\
mada: …!! Don’t be impatient…! If you use it, not only the juubi will be injured, but also you will…\\
obi: I don’t care about those insignificant things! The juubi’s skin is quite sturdy!\\
ninja: he is aiming at us!!\\
bee: charge complete!!\\
sfx: pan\\
omoi: be careful, bee-sama!\\
karui: go!!\\
sfx: kyuuun\\
sfx: zuuuuuu\\
bee: eat this!!\\
sfx: pushu\\
omoi: don’t be so reckless…!!\\
bee: there is no need to worry, to protect the alliance is my job and I had to hurry\\
naru: that’s right…\\
naru: it wasn’t just my mother and my father…\\
naru: yeah… until now…\\
naru:… thanks… hinata!\\
naru: my life isn’t just mine alone…!!\\
naru: … I can do this because you were on my side…\\
naru: and… neji…\\
naru: thanks to you as well…\\
hina: naruto-kun’s hand… is so big… and strong… and above all…\\
naru: let’s go hinata!!\\
hina: makes me feel safe…\\
hina: y-yes…!!\\
side text: don’t let go that hand that you grasped tightly…!!\\

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