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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 616

Chapter 616: those who dance in the shadow

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 21, 2013 18:24 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 616: those who dance in the shadow\\
inserted text: what is gazing at this man under this calm moon…?\\
inserted text: the men and women who will decide\\ which flowers will dance in this world in war…\\
inserted text: what are they gazing at…?\\
juu: … heh\\
sui: … what the hell… is this chakra?\\
oro: even if all the people here are not perception type… they are feeling this chakra\\
oro: … this chakra is…\\
sasu: … let’s go\\
sasu: hurry up and show us the way, orochimaru\\
sfx: step\\
oro: it seems that you are a little worried about him…\\
oro: about naruto-kun I mean…\\
a: this is… the kyuubi’s…\\
a: no… naruto’s chakra, huh…\\
kurama: you learnt how to transform my chakra and to give it to the others well…\\ naruto\\
naru: I understood the basis…\\ I’m relying on you kurama!\\
kurama: that nara guy… he analysed my ability to hand over chakra quite nicely…\\
kurama: I made you wait a lot…\\ there are no problems if you create a few clones too\\
hina: i-incredible to think that naruto-kun has such a chakra…\\
naru: kagebushin no jutsu!!\\
shika: you are late naruto\\
naru: sorry!\\
sfx: kobo\\kobo\\
big sfx: ya\\
naru: chouji!! Ino\\
sfx: step\\
ino: o-ok!\\
sfx: jump\\
sfx: pachi\\pachi\\
chou: what… the hell is this…? my calories are…\\
sfx: jump\\
kiba: hey! Chouji! You are getting fat again!!\\
sfx: pa\\pachi\\pachi\\pa\\pachi\\pachi\\
mada: that naruto brat…\\ is he giving around the kyuubi’s chakra?\\
hina: hake kuushou!!( Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm)\\
??: uoooh!!\\
hina: … my strength… is swelling up…!\\
??: that’s wasn’t a normal vacuum palm…!\\
mada: that girl received naruto’s chakra and became quite strong, huh…\\
cho: baika no jutsu!!(multi size technique)\\
cho: shikamaru! ino!\\ are you ready!?\\
ino: yes!!\\
ino: mind and body transfer…\\
shika: shadow imitation\\
shika: yeah!!\\
shikaku: … everyone understood the battle plan, huh… everyone must memorize his role!\\
shikaku: for first we will go with the inoshikachou combo!\\
shika: what if the plan doesn’t go well?\\
shikaku: you will be alive and you will take the command… shikamaru\\
inoichi: the headquarter will disappear from now on\\
shikaku: heh…\\
shikaku: as father and son we faced each other only when we were killing time playing shogi…\\
shikaku: I didn’t teach you anything…\\
shika: you did more than enough\\
shika: because I grew up…\\
shika: by looking at your back\\
shika: heh…\\
inoichi: ino…\\
inoichi: your are yamanaka clan’s purple flower crest…\\
inoichi: you grew up according to the lespedeza’s language of flowers\\
inoichi: …\\ “a love that always looks forward”…\\
inoichi: right…?\\
inoichi: and it is not only that… \\
inoichi: what your father is particularly proud of is…\\
inoichi: your feeling towards…\\
inoichi: your friends…\\
inoichi: you…\\
inoichi: showed me a beautiful lespedeza in bloom…\\
inoichi: well then! We are running out of time…\\
inochi: is there something left that you want to say, shikaku…?\\
shikaku: yeah… there is something that I want you to tell your mother, shikamaru\\
shikaku: ah!\\
shikaku: before that, be sure not let your mother find out about the thing that is inside of the wooden box in the left shelf of the storage room…\\
shika: yeah, I understand…\\
shika: don’t worry…\\
inoichi: this is the last thing I have to say…\\
inoichi: we will be forever inside of you\\
shikaku: don’t forget that!\\
obi: don’t underestimate us!\\
sfx: zuuu\\
ino&shika: technique!!!\\
sfx near ino: ban\\
sfx near shika: guyn\\
obi: tch…! Again!\\
ino: I’m in!!!\\
cho: uwah!!\\
cho: damn you!!\\
naru: you were faster than me… nice one, ino!\\
sfx: zuooo\\
sfx: pita\\pita\\
juubi: giiiiiiih!!!\\
shika: nuguuuuuh!!\\
mada: they come one after another, huh…\\
mada: this time is nara’s binding technique\\
sfx: pitaX 5\\
nara: don’t underestimate…\\
nara: the nara clan!!\\
sfx: pita X4\\
shika: perfect!\\
shika: we stopped its movements!\\ you can let it go, ino!\\
ino: uh…\\
kiba: are you alright!?\\
ino: y-yeah…\\
obi: kuh…\\
sfx: puru\\puru\\
lee: neji~~~~!!\\
guy: stop crying… lee…!!\\
sfx: jump\\
lee: uwah~~~~\\
sfx: jump\\
ten: lee…\\
guy: lee… as long as we don’t forget about neji\\
guy: neji’s bond inside of us will live on…!\\
obi: …\\ you are teaching him a good thing…\\
obi: it was those bond that create what I am now\\
obi: you should know that it is a strong curse…!!\\
kaka: naruto…\\ once I told you that…\\
kaka: “I won’t let my friend die”…\\
kaka: you know… that’s a warning that I also told to myself \\
kaka: … until now I couldn’t protect a lot of my friends\\
kaka: that’s the reason why this time I say that I will protect my friends…\\
kaka: little by little you will come to realize that sometimes you cannot protect your friends\\
kaka: and you… will face those wounds for the rest of your life…\\
naru: that’s why we are those who endure…\\ the ninja*\\
TLN: the kanji for ninja, that is “shinobu” can both mean: to hide oneself and to endure\\
Naru: I will not forget that\\
Sfx: ton\\
Naru: … in the first place those various wounds\\ mean that my friends are still alive here…\\
Naru: a friend created in a dream world where you cannot be hurt is not real…\\
Naru: that would only mean that he has disappeared for real…\\
Naru: I don’t care if this is a curse or not\\
Naru: the real neji will remain here inside of me!!\\
Inserted text: this is what means to be a “shinobi”…!!\\

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