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Naruto 618

Chapter 618: those who know everything

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 1, 2013 17:00 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 618: those who know everything\\
inserted text: what is this place…!?\\
oro: It seems that this place is still intact\\
sui: it’s all rundown…\\
sui: probably it is like this because is on the outskirts of the village…\\
sfx: step\\step\\
sfx: step\\step\\
sasu: which is it?\\
oro: hum… which one…\\
oro: there\\
sui: something makes me uncomfortable here…\\ if you found it let’s hurry up and go away\\
oro: you are right, let’s go…\\
oro: to the place where all the secrets rest\\
sfx: step\\
sasu: eh!?\\
sfx: jump\\
sfx: flip\\
sasu: … this place…\\
sasu: changed a lot as too\\
sui: what’s wrong with sasuke…?\\
oro: the same thing happened to me before I was going to crush konoha…\\
sui: what?\\
oro: even if he and the village changed\\ it doesn’t change the fact that this is his hometown\\
oro: you need the time to check once again your determination\\
oro: by being immersed in your own emotions and tracing once again the path that brought you here\\
sui: heh~~\\ then are you alright about that?\\
sui: I’m talking about your determination to destroy konoha while being immersed in your own emotions\\
sui: … you know, if you think about it, we probably are the top members among your subordinates\\ and now… we are in the middle of konoha…\\
sui: while all the strong people in the village are away because of the war.\\ isn’t this a chance for you?\\
oro: heh… maybe you are right…\\
oro: but you are wrong about something\\
oro: you are not snakes anymore\\
sui: wow… the entrance stone is opened with a technique…\\
oro: there are no traces of the uchiha’s principal shire either…\\
sasu: it is not important what happened to the outside… the important place is underground\\
sasu: let’s go\\
oro: let’s begin then…\\
sfx: flip\\
sfx: grab\\
oro: don’t stay to close to me…\\
sfx: grab\\
sfx: pita\\
oro: guaaauuuh!!\\
box: in order to do the thing what is written on the scroll, for first we need the mask of the shinigami\\
box: the mask is located in the uzumaki clan’s mask hall in the outskirts of konoha\\
box: and then we will call upon the shinigami of the shiki fuujin by making it possess me\\
box: if we cut the stomach of the shinigami the shiki fuujin will be released\\
box: but then it will be necessary for me to become a human sacrifice\\
sfx: suu\\
box: with that I can retrieve my hands that are sealed inside of the shinigami’s stomach\\
oro: gibuh!!\\
sfx: suuu\\
oro: they are back…!\\
oro: then once I have the power of both my hands again, I will be able to use the edo tensei… that’s right…\\
box: for those 4…\\
box: obviously you know what is necessary in order to do that\\
sui: aaah~~~!! You want to make us into edo tensei’s sacrifices~~~!!\\
oro: heheh… that would be fine, but…\\
oro: you are more useful than that…\\
oro: right now you cannot see them with your eyes, but…\\
oro: juugo, sasuke, suigetsu… make the preparations!!\\
juu: ok\\
sfx: suuu\\
sfx: zuuuuX3\\sfx shuuu…\\
oro: juugo, you will give the cursed sage powers to sasuke…\\
oro: once you do that, the zetsus that tobi put on sasuke in order to watch him\\ should resonate with that chakra and appear\\
zetsu: shit… why!?\\
around oro: pant\\pant\\
oro: I know really well that you experiments made by hashirama’s cells…\\and I also know a method for detect you\\
oro: so it were 6 of you after all… it seems tobi was really careful…\\
oro: when I got back my chakra from kabuto\\
oro: the information he stored went inside of me as well…\\
oro: he discovered that 6 zetsus were put on sasuke\\
oro: suigetsu, juugo, I leave the two remaining bodies to you…\\
oro: I have the DNA of those four… I like storing things too…\\
sui: ok, orochimaru-sama!!\\
juu: understood\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
sfx: bushuuu\\
oro: edo tensei technique!!\\
sfx: suuu…\\
zetsu: uwaaaah!!\\
hashi: guaaah!!\\
oro: well then, come!!\\
sfx: dofuh\\
sfx: su\\
fsx: zuuuu\\
oro: those who know everything…\\
oro: the hokages of the previous generations\\
inserted text: the witnesses of history…!!\\

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