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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 620

Chapter 620: senju hashirama

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 16, 2013 10:15 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 620: senju hashirama\\
Inserted text: sasuke presses on…!!\\
Hashi: what is…\\ a village and shinobi… huh…?\\
Sasu: itachi…\\ my brother, didn’t mind to be used by the village and put his life at risk in order to protect it\\
Sasu: he died by embracing his pride in being a shinobi from konoha\\
Sasu: what is this village…\\
sasu … for which he killed his brethren\\and even died in order to protect it?\\
sasu: who are the shinobies who created this situation…\\ who are the shinobies who thought that this was right?\\
sasu: I want to hear your words… and once I know the truth,\\
sasu: I want to find the answer by myself\\
sasu: if I have to exact my revenge from konoha…\\
sasu: or…\\
sasu: orochimaru…\\
oro: what is it?\\
sasu: you tried to destroy konoha once…\\
sasu: at first I believed you when you said that you wanted to do it on a whim, but…\\ now I understand that I was wrong…\\
sasu: what is… the truth?\\
tobi: revenge toward konoha you say!?\\
tobi: you brat, you are possessed by the uchiha’s evil…\\
tobi: in that case I will…\\
sfx: piku\\
saru: nidaime-sama!!\\
hashi: tobirama…\\
sfx: pasha\\pashi\\
sfx: baki\\baki\\
sfx: baki\\
sfx: baki\\
sui: t-this is his aura of dignity~~~!!!!\\
hashi: put your fingers at rest…\\
tobi: ok… don’t make your chakra go wild like that\\ … brother\\
sfx: suuu…\\
hashi: gahahahaha!!\\
hashi: sorry about that!!\\
mina: i-incredible…\\
sfx: pira\\pira\\
saru: hashirama-sama , you never change\\
tobi: … heh…\\
hashi: but I have to say sasuke… you brother \\
hashi: was more of a shinobi than me\\
hashi: … it’s fine to talk about the village, but it will take a lot of time, you know\\
oro: tell to this boy want he wants to know as fast as possible, please\\ we don’t have much time\\
saru: you don’t have much time?\\
oro: we are in the middle of a war\\
oro: uchiha madara was revived and now we wants to eliminate all the ninjas from this world\\
hashi: a war, no matter the era, huh…\\
tobi: it’s true that I can feel a powerful chakra…\\ coming from the 2 o’clock…\\
mina: this is naruto and the kyuubi’s chakra\\
sfx: suu\\
mina: I see… so you did it, naruto…!\\
mina: and now, the two of you are fighting together!\\
tobi: … it seems that they are not lying\\ … I can feel madara’s chakra!\\
saru: in that case I will go on the battlefield!!\\
oro: you are under the control of my edo tensei, and you are restricted from performing such an action…\\
oro: if you go on the battlefield, we will not finish to talk\\
saru: we will talk later!\\
saru: do you understand the gravity of the fact that uchiha madara was revived!?\\
oro: I’m accompanying this boy\\
oro: it can even happen that I will use you to destroy konoha, if sasuke-kun agrees with it\\
oro: in a moment like this…\\
saru: nuuuh…!\\
sfx: puru\\puru\\
saru: this technique…!!\\
tobi: orochimaru or whatever, it seems that you are misunderstanding something here…\\
tobi: the fact that you improved your edo tensei more than the other time will back fire at you\\
sfx: pita\\
tobi: this time you resurrected us in this world with a power close to our original strength…\\
tobi: as if I would be bonded by your edo tensei\\
tobi: I was the one who originally created this technique…\\
tobi: … brother, in the current situation we don’t have any other choice\\
tobi: I’m going now!\\
sfx: piku\\piku\\piku\\
hashi: sarutobi… you raised an excellent shinobi\\
sfx: piku\\piku \\
tobi: … I cannot move…!\\
oro: it was an honour to be taught by someone referred as…\\
oro: the god of shinobi\\
tobi: … kuh!\\
hashi: gahahaha!! He adsorbed my own cells and increased the power of the his technique’s binding\\
hashi: tobirama… you senses have a little dulled after all this time\\
tobi: this guy… if I concentrate my perception on him…\\
tobi: his body is almost all made of my brother’s cells…\\
hashi: well then…\\
oro: the first hokage, hashirama… he is different from the others…\\ he can unfasten my binding any time he wants…\\ I must not lower my guard…\\
hashi: don’t worry, orochimaru\\
hashi: let’s solve this young boy’s doubts while I’m still into your bidding\\
hashi: I don’t know what the uchiha boy will decide\\ after hearing what I have to say, but\\
hashi: I’m sure that if I ignore this kid now\\ he will become the next madara\\
hashi: and in that case even if the war will end\\ there will be no meaning in out victory\\
tobi: haa…\\
tobi: do what you want, brother…\\
hashi: well then…\\
hashi: from when should I begin my talk…?\\
hashi: that’s right…\\
hashi: first, in order to talk about the village and the shinobies I have to start from…\\
kurama: guruuuuh\\
sfx: su\\
hashi: mokuton\\ mokuryuu no jutsu!! (wood release- wood dragon technique)\\
kura: buooooh\\
hashi: mokuton- mokujin no jutsu!!(wood release- wood person technique)\\
hashi: the uchiha and the senju\\
sfx: baki\\
inserted text: the time to unfold history has come…!!\\

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