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Break Blade 61

Chapter 61: mutual love

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 28, 2013 09:31 | Go to Break Blade

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Chapter 61: mutual love\\
inserted text: he thinks about his country, his people\\ and … his friend\\
narvi: welcome to the royal city, rygart-kun!\\
ry: l-let me go\\ put me down\\
narvi: this is a special way to celebrate our new meeting again\\ you should be grateful! (ku ku ku)\\
nile: narvi seems to be quite in good mood today\\
loggin: … eh, r-really…?\\
box: Krishna kingdom, royal city of binnoten\\
hodr: I heard the story\\
hord: perederika-sama\\
hodr: in other words this is a request to dispatch the troops of kishna kingdom, right?\\
hodr: in order to release your home country as the queen of assam…\\ by fighting together with the royalist faction remained inside of the assam kingdom’s territory and defeat the troops stationed by Athens there…\\
pede: exactly\\
hodr: I understand, however\\ this is an extremely important problem for our country\\
hodr: I ask you to wait, as I think I should reach a conclusion on the matter after consulting with my retainers\\
pede: yes\\
hodr: pederika-sama, you should be tired because of your long journey alone\\ you can eat here, and after that you will be guided to your guest room\\
hodr: well then, excuse me\\
pede: your majesty\\
pede: now in assam\\
pede: the people who grief about their own country are unjustly being sent to prison because of Athens’ occupation\\ please, lend us your strength\\
hodr: I know that assam was unjustly occupied by Athens\\ however even in our country people are imprisoned when they commit a political offence\\
hodr: well then, excuse me now\\
hodr: well then, what are you conclusions…?\\
hodr: except for captain narvi…\\
hodr: almost everyone is against dispatching troops in assam\\
narvi: wait, please!!\\
narvi: your majesty, this is an incredible chance for us!!\\
narvi: let’s make Athens retreat from assam! In this way we will restore the balance on our continent!!\\ queen pederika is also in our hands! They will not be able to oppose to the conditions we will ask after the war!\\
narvi: why are you so nervous about dispatching these troops!?\\
baldr: narvi-kun… your outlook is valid only if you consider that Krishna will triumph on everything…\\
??: narvi-kun, could it be that you are still being strongly influenced by general True’s death?\\
??: you tend to lose a little of you composure when Athens is involved…\
narvi: wha…!?\\
narvi: it is not like that!!\\
hodr: what do you think about this…\\
hodr: … rygart?\\
ry: well~~~\\
ry: I’m not part of the army anymore\\ … so I would like to abstain…\\
ry: … sigyn said that she was sure that girl is a queen…\\
hodr…\\ rygart, about sigyn…\\
ry: yes?\\
hodr: did something happen between you and sigyn?\\
ry: …?\\ they already told you that she will remain in that government office for a whole day and then return to the capital tomorrow together with the national border guards, right?\\
hodr: yeah, I know about that\\
ry: …? Then what are you talking about?\\
hodr: well you know…\\ it wasn't about that…\\
hodr: you know… the reason because she came with you and such…\\
ry: season…? She said that he had some spare time because she was on a vacation and she wanted to accompany me\\
hodr: no.. that’s not it…\\
hodr: didn’t she… you know… tell you something…?\\
ry: ah? … ah that’s right!!\\ she told me something strange…\\
ry: she told me that she wanted to see my dirty house…\\ she was curious about that\\
hodr: rygart…!\\
ry: eh?\\
hodr: this is the first time in my life I’m considering about hitting someone…\\
ry: eh?\\
hodr: can I punch you…?\\
??: … your majesty…?\\
hodr: ah…\\
hidr: well…\\
guard: you majesty!!!\\
guard: sigyn-sama is…\\
guard: sigyn-sama went missing…\\
guard: the village suffered an organized attack\\
guard: and there is an high probability that sigyn-sama was kidnapped by Athens’ army\\
owl: kuuh\\
rygart: hodr\\
ry: hit me!\\
hodr: why?\\
ry: you told me that you wanted to hit me right?\\
hodr: … and what will became of after I hit you\\
ry: maybe you will feel better\\
ry: I was the one who should have remained in the village…\\
hodr: I have to hit you after all\\ rygart\\
hodr: according to the reports they killed the 147 townspeople who were trying to escape in around 2 hours… that’s the kind of people we are talking about, they would do anything in order to accomplish their objective…\\ if you were there, we would just have another corpse to count…\\
hodr: sygin was right when she sent you here first…\\
hodr: I hit you now because…\\
hodr: you didn’t notice her feelings\\
hodr: didn’t notice…?\\
hodr: or maybe you pretended to not notice her feelings, right? … well it doesn’t matter\\
hodr: you did that because you are an “un-sorcerer”, right?\\
hodr: because your children will be “un-sorcerers” as well, right?\\ because they would be people who wouldn’t not even be good as farmers and could not live a normal life, right…?\\
hodr: I… believe that I can understand how you feel…\\
hodr: but I’m not that presumptuous to say that I understand everything about it…\\ you are the only one who can understand your sufferings…\\
hodr: but I want you to understand at least this…\\
hodr: she is the one who thinks about you the most…\\
hodr: even more than me…\\
hodr: this is the first time I hit someone, but…\\
hodr: I feel pain as well…\\
box: this is probably…\\
box: jealousy…\\
hodr: soon…\\
hodr: a special envoy from Athens should come\\ you should attend as well\\
hodr: let’s save\\ her…\\ together…\\
??: this is a message from his excellency general zess, supreme commander of commonwealth of Athens eastern army\\
??: to kishna kingdom’s ninth generation king, his excellency hodr\\
??: first!\\ hand over the woman who call herself pederika, who is assumed to be the queen of assam, to Athens army without conditions!!\\
??: second!\\ dismantle krishna’s royal army!!\\
??: if in 20 days starting from today 16th May 790\\
??: such conditions will not be satisfied…\\
??: without any margin for negotiation…\\
??: the queen of Krishna who is in our custody!\\
??: sygin Erster…\\
??: will be executed\\
??: in assam capital, Tibugar\\
ry: … zess…\\
ry: it’s my turn to hits you…!\\

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