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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 622

Chapter 622: it has reached

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 2, 2013 10:41 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 622: it has reached\\
inserted text: an encounter near the river…!!\\
mada: I’m asking you who you are!!\\
sfx: *step*\\
hashi: my name is hashirama…\\ and I have my reasons for not telling you my surname…\\
mada: hashirama… huh…\\
mada: behold now! I will reach the shore with the next one!!\\
hashi: … his way of throwing the stone…\\
hashi: just as I thought… that’s a shuriken technique…!\\
sfx: topun…\\
mada: you bastard, you are standing behind me on purpose, so I will lose my concentration!! Koraaah!!!\\
mada: I’m one of those sensitive people who are not able to pee when someone is standing behind them!!\\
sfx: shubi\\
hashu: s-sorry…\\
mada: …\\ well… there’s no need to become depressed to that extent…\\
mada: s-sorry… I was just making excuses…\\
hashi:_ … I didn’t know that…\\ … you suffered of such annoying subjective symptoms…\\
mada: you bastard, you have to decide to behave like a good guy or like a pissing bastard!!!\\
hashi: ahaha!! I already decided that I’m better than you in ducks and drakes!\\
sfx: sui X3\\
mada: like hell I would play ducks and drakes with a dickhead like you!!\\
hashi: s-sorry…\\
hashi: I didn’t want to make you angry…\\ you can throw me on the other side of the river if you want… come on throw me…\\
mada: you… you should become aware of your own annoying subjective symptoms as well!\\
mada: hashi: just… if you throw me… make me reach the other shore, ok…\\
mada: you are an eyesore!!! Just go away somewhere!!!\\
hashi: then…\\
mada: hey, wait a minute!!!\\
hashi: which way should I go?\\
hashi: you should be the one to decide clearly\\
sfx: puka\\puka\\
hashi: that’s…\\
mada: … are you…\\
mada: a shinobi?\\
hashi: … this place will become a battlefield soon\\
hashi: let’s go\\
hashi: this is the hagoromo’s clan’s crest…\\
hashi: I have to go…\\
hashi: see you…\\
hashi: hum…\\
sfx: pachi\\
sfx: *jump*\\
mada: I’m madara\\
mada: … and I don’t give my surname to strangers…\\
mada: that’s a rule among shibobies\\
hashi: so you are a shinobi too… after all\\
box: we had a different personality but… that time I strangely felt that we were somewhat close…\\
box: … we both had the sensation to have understood the reason why the other one came to the river*\\
TLN: here I’m assuming that the narrator is hashirama himself\\
hashi: kaufuma…\\
boy: u-uwaaaah\\
old guy: shinobi doesn’t cry!\\ they are born to die fighting!\\
old guy: we should be grateful that at least we were able to retrieve some parts of his body!\\
old: because our opponent this time was the uchiha clan, the ones who ate up the hagoromo clan\\ don’t show any mercy when you will fight against them!\\
hashi: kaufuma was just 7 years old!!\\ until… until when will this fight continue!?\\
hashi: until we will not have people who can be called enemies\\
old guy: the journey to a world without conflict is not a simple one!\\
hashi: until when even children will be made into sacrifices…!?\\
hashi: guh!!\\
sfx: za\\
old man: I will not tolerate any insult toward kaufuma’s death!!\\
old man: he fought like a shinobi becoming an adult and then he died!\\ he was not a child!!\\
tobi: are you alright… brother…?\\
sfx: *step*\\
tobi: … you should already know what happens… if you talk back to our father\\
hashi: I…\\
hashi: itama… tobirama…\\
hashi: I don’t want you to die of a dog’s death after all…!\\
hashi: to the hell with the senju clan of love and affection!!\\
hashi: to the hell with these “adult” shinobies!!\\
hashi: you adults are just ganging up on children and sending them to death!!\\
hashi: we are behaving just like the uchiha!!\\
old man: that’s a form of respect toward your opponent\\ even if an infant would hold a weapon, he should be considered as an enemy!\\
old man: and the love of a parent consists in making\\ his children into adults!\\
hashi: do we really need to die in order to become adults!?\\
hashi: we don’t even know what extent our hate will reach if we continue to kill each other like this!\\ it is even dangerous to tell our surnames to strangers!\\
hashi: I’m sure that this shinobi world is wrong!!\\
hashi: those like you will remain brats for the rest of their lives!!\\
tobi: father… today hashirama feels depressed as well\\ … please, forgive him…\\
sfx: *step*\\
old man: cool down your head a little, hashirama\\
tobi: the adults are a bunch of idiots\\
tobi: if they want to stop the fights\\ they should just arrange pacts with their enemies and stop fighting\\
itama: but… what will you do about the regret…\\ for the death of your relatives and friends!?\\
tobi: if you continue to talk like that, you will die too\\
tobi: you and the other adults are too much hot headed\\
tobi: from now on the shinobies should just suppress their feelings\\ create precise rules and follow them so they can avoid useless conflicts\\
hashi: I wonder if the real agreement…\\
hashi: an alliance would be really impossible…\\
tobi: eh?\\
tobi: the real agreement you say…?\\
box: the warring states era… the life expectancy of the shinobies and of the masses was around 30 years…\\
box: and the ones who heavily lowered that life expectancy were…\\
around itama: haa\\haa\\pant\\
hashi: itama!!\\
box: the great number of children who died in their infancy\\
mada: hey… long time no see…\\
mada: hum…\\
hashi: it’s hashirama\\
mada: … what’s wrong? you are already depressed this time\\
mada: did something happen?\\
hashi: what the hell are you talking about…? I never felt better in my life!\\
mada: … you liar… if something happened try to talk about it with me\\
hashi: nothing happened…\\
mada: come one… let’s talk…\\
hashi: no… everything is alright…\\
mada: no… you are too tense… I’m telling you that I will hear about everything you have to say, so…\\
hashi: I told you that nothing happened…\\
hashi: nothing I say…\\
mada: hurry up and spit it out!!!\\
hashi: my brother died…\\
hashi: when I come here…\\
hashi: I feel like the sadness in my heart flows away while I look at this river…\\
hashi: your name is madara, right…?\\ the same thing happens to you, right?\\
hashi: … do you have\\ brothers?\\
mada: yes… we are in five…\\
mada: I mean we were…\\
sfx: pon\\
mada: we are shinobies\\
mada: we don’t know when we will die\\
mada: in order to not kill each other…\\
mada: we should share a cup of sake together with our fellow enemies and become brothers\\ while looking at each other hearts without holding any secrets\\
mada: but that’s impossible…\\
mada: because you cannot see someone else’s heart…\\ without taking it from his chest first\\
mada: maybe we are just angry, but I’m not sure about it…\\
hashi: will we be able…\\
hashi: to really see each other’s hearts?\\
mada: I don’t know…\\
mada: but I always come here to meditate if such a thing is really possible \\ or not\\
sfx: ko\\
mada: and this time…\\ I finally decided that such a way could exist\\
mada: not only you… but I also\\ reached the other side\\
inserted text: their shared wish got through…\\

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