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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 623

Chapter 623: a clean view

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 8, 2013 19:02 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 623: a clean view\\
inserted text: the future they are gazing at\\
box: there was another foolish boy who… held the same thoughts as me in this era of conflicts\\
box: more than being surprised I only thought that madara was something akin to a divine revelation\\
mada: … even if I don’t look at your naked heart I’m able to understand something… you know…\\
hashi: … what?\\
box: that you hairstyle and clothes suck\\
box: … it wasn’t like we had the same thoughts about everything, but…\\
box: after that we began to meet often\\
box: while we still didn’t know our surnames…\\
box: we did things like competing with our ninja moves and talk about the future\\
mada: you are good with taijutsu and sparring\\ to think that you would be on the same level as me\\
hashi: no… it’s not like that…\\
hashi: I’m still standing\\
mada: eh?\\
hashi: ouch!!\\
sfx: koro\\
mada: what were you saying?\\
hashi: however I’m not able to image concretely how the world could change\\ if we don’t have a clear vision of the future then…\\
sfx: *gulp*\\*gulp*\\
mada: first we have to become stronger without throwing away our way of thinking\\ even if someone weak barks, nothing changes\\
hashi: I agree…\\
hashi: anyway if we master a lot of techniques and become stronger\\ the adults will become unable to ignore our words…\\
mada: we have to overcome both the techniques we are not good at and our weak points…\\ … well I’m already stronger than the adults around me, you know…\\
mada: fuuuu~~~…\\
hashi: so it really stopped…\\
mada: I told you to not stand behind me!!!\\
hashi: I found one of your weak points…\\
mada: I’m going to throw you in the river where I just pissed!!!\\
box: each time we hanged out together we were always getting along well\\
hashi: madara… I thought about an amazing technique!\\
hashi: let’s master it together!!\\
mada: wow…\\ what kind of technique?\\
hashi: the taijutsu’a secret move super katon genjutsu break great shuriken double drop technique!!!\\
mada: well… I cannot image it…\\
hashi: if I explain it in detail then…\\
mada: shut up! Today we will compete in climbing that vertical cliff!\\
madsa: you get depressed on every single thing!\\ that’s your weak point\\
hashi: yahaha, I’m going first~~~!!\\
mada: !!\\ ah! You bastard!!\\
mada: you only pretended to be depressed!\\
??: haa\\pant\\haa\\
around them: haa\\pant\\haa\\haa\\
hashi: … I… win…\\
mada: yeah… right…\\
mada: just because you started first!\\
??: haa\\haa\\
hashi: … we can get a good view of the forest from here\\
mada: yeah… we can see a lot far\\
mada: I’m sure that I will not lose to you when it comes to eyesight\\ … do you want to have a match?\\
hashi: what the hell are you talking about all of the sudden?\\ you seem to have a great pride in your eyes\\
mada: you can bet on it!\\ I have the sha…\\
hashi: what’s wrong?\\
mada: no… it’s nothing… after all\\
hashi: what? … you became quiet all of the sudden\\
mada: … if it was really something my brothers would have not died\\
mada: I couldn’t watch over them…\\ and yet…\\
mada: and yet…\\
hashi: don’t you have any other brother left?\\
mada: no… I still have my little brother\\
mada: I will protect him no matter what happens!!\\
hashi: let’s create out village here!!\\
hashi: in that village the children will not have to kill each other!!\\
hashi: let’s make a school well those children can train in order grow up and become strong!\\
hashi: a place where they can be chosen for missions where they can match together their personal abilities and strengths!\\
hashi: we will divide them among seniors who can surely complete that level of requests\\ it will be a village where the children will not be sent to violent battlefields anymore!\\
mada: heh… you are the only one out there who can say such stupid things\\
hashi: what do you think about that?\\
mada: yeah, if we build such a village, I will be able to watch over for my brother… \\
mada: from this place because of this clean view, I sure about it…!\\
mada: heheh…\\
hashi: that place would become kohoha in the future\\
hashi: from that moment I had the determination\\
hashi: the determination to endure in order to see that future\\
hashi: we both reached the other side\\
mada: that’s a good stone to play ducks and drakes…\\ I leave it with you until next time we meet!\\
tobi: brother…\\
tobi: we have to talk\\
dad: there are a young boy you are meeting a lot recently…\\
hashi: why do you know such a thing…?\\
tobi: I was following you because our father commanded me to do so… I’m better than you in perception after all\\ lately you were going out alone excessively so I thought that there was something behind it…\\
dad: I made some research on that boy\\
dad: he is part of the uchiha clan\\
dad: he has a level of skills on the par of the adults of our clan\\
dad: it seems that he is a young boy with innate talent\\
hashi: so that’s how it was after all…\\
dad: you don’t seem that surprised…\\ did the both of you already know the names of you clans?\\
hashi: no… I didn’t know\\
hashi: and probably he doesn’t as well…\\
dad: … I think that you already know what this means\\ I didn’t say anything to the other members of our clan…\\
dad: in order to not let you be branded as a spy…\\ next time meet that boy you have to tail him\\
dad: this is a mission in order to obtain information on the uchiha clan\\
dad: and if he notices you…\\
dad: kill him\\
hashi: i-is he really part of the uchiha clan?\\
dad: yes…\\ if he discovered that you are a senju… he could pretend to let his guard down in order to steal information from us\\
dad: don’t trust him\\
hashi: … no he is not that kind of guy\\
dad: you cannot possibly know what is going inside of that his head \\
dad: if he is deceiving you, a great crisis could befall on all the senju\\
dad: tobirama and I will come with you just in case…\\
dad: do you understand!?\\
mada: let’s begin immediately\\... for first let’s go with the usual ducks and drakes throw\\
hashi: yeah…\\
sfx: suu\\
sfx: pasha\\
ssx: pasha\\
mada: hashirama… I’m sorry…\\ I cannot stay here today… I have an important thing to do\\
hashi: I-I see…\\
hashi: in that case… I’m going back as well\\
on the stone: run away\\ leave immediately\\
sfx: *jump*\\
sfx: *jump*\\
dad: that speed! He is running away!\\ hashirama you fool, so you informed him!!\\
dad: let’s go, tobirama!!\\
tobi: yes!!\\
??: we thought about the same thing, huh…\\
??: senju butsuma\\
izuna: and that’s tobirama, huh\\
sfx: *jump*\\
butsu: … so it seems\\ uchiha tajima\\
sfx: *jump*\\
tobi: you are izuna, huh\\
inserted text: senju Vs uchiha… a desperate clash!?\\

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