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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Naruto 624

Chapter 624: even

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 27, 2013 18:09 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 624: even\\
Inserted text: the clash!!\\
Box: by a mere coincidence the uchihas thought about doing the same thing\\ it was the exactly same situation on both sides…\\
Box: both senju butsuma and uchiha tajima understood that they were entering in a fight where the both of them almost held the same fighting power\\
box: the shinobi are trained so that their spirit doesn’t go in disarray on the battlefield\\ it is that instant in which your heart goes in disarray that an opening is created… and that opening makes the difference between life and death\\
hashi&mada: stop!!\\
box: however the two adults understood that…\\
box: if one of the two children would be killed in front of them\\
box: the spirit of the father of that child would go in disarray for an instant\\
box: in other words…\\
box: the fight would be decided in favour of the one who would take the initiative\\
mada: I will not forgive anyone who tries to hurt my little brother!\\
mada: what we were talking about… was just a pipe dream\\
mada: after all…\\
mada: that will not reach anywhere…\\
hashi: … madara…\\
hashi: … you…!?\\
mada: it was for a little while, but it was fun\\
mada: … hashirama\\
taji: 3 Vs 3 huh\\ … are you ready to fight, madara?\\
mada: no… hashirama is stronger than me\\
mada: if we fight like this we will be defeated\\
izuna: there is a kid stronger… than you…?\\
taji: … I see… I didn’t image that he was so capable…\\
taji: let’s go\\
sfx: step\\
mada: see you\\
hashi: madara, you…!\\
hashi: are you really giving up…!?\\ you finally agreed with me…\\
mada: you are a senju… I would like that things are different\\
mada: but my brothers were killed by the senju…\\
mada: that’s why\\
mada: maybe there is no need that we see each other’s naked heart\\
mada: … from now on we will probably meet on the battlefield\\
hashi: senju hashirama…\\
mada: I am… uchiha madara\\
izu: look father! Madara’s eyes…!\\
toji: heheh…we didn’t obtain any information on the senju but…\\ it seems that we obtained something good instead…\\
butsu: … sharingan…\\
butsu: did he just activate them for the first time…?\\
box: at that time… I still didn’t know what the activation of the sharingan…
box: really meant\\
box: he totally erased the fact…\\
box: that we were friends\\
box: and from that moment we fought\\
box: and we continued fighting every single day…\\
box: without even noticing, we both became the leaders of our respective clans…\\
box: and we found ourselves in the farthest place where to realize our dream\\
tobi: hiraishin gin!!! (cut of the flying thunder god)\\
mada: izuna!!\\
izu: cough\\
hashi: haa\\haa\\
hashi: madara… you cannot win against me…\\ anymore…\\
box: at that time I still didn’t give up on my dream…\\
hashi: let’s finish this…\\
hashi: if the two strongest shinobi clans, the uchiha and the senju form an alliance… we will never find a country or other shinobi clans that can compare to us…\\ and sooner or later the war will just quiet down\\
hashi: come on…\\
izu: … stop brother\\ … don't’ let them deceive you…\\
sfx: grab\\
box: it was clear to anyone that the uchiha clan was losing the war\\
box: and after that, even people who sough for asylum among the senju began to appear\\
box: and around that time madara changed as well…\\
box: he obtained the eternal mangekyou sharingan\\
mada: my brother died because of the wounds he suffered in our previous fight…\\
mada: and left me with a power in order to protect the uchiha!\\
hashi: we are supposed to negotiate for a cease-fire agreement!\\
hashi: … if you really want to protect the uchiha, you should stop fighting\\
mada: hashirama! You are still talking like a kid!\\
mada: we will never be able to see our naked heart!\\
hashi: at the end of a fight that lasted for an entire day…\\
hashi: madara was for the first time in his life with the back hitting the ground\\
around mada: haa\\haa\\
tobi: this is the end… madara\\
mada: pant\\haa\\
hashi: .. wait tobirama\\
tobi: why, brother!?\\ this is our chance, right…!?\\
hashi: I will not allow you to lay a finger on him…\\
mada: heh… I would prefer that you hurry up and do it… hashirama…\\
mada: I would be satisfied\\ … if I’m killed by you\\
hashi: it is useless to act cool\\ if I kill you, the chieftain… the young uchihas who look up at you will go out of control again\\
mada: there are not people like that in the uchiha… anymore\\
hashi: no… I’m sure that there are some…\\
hashi: what about playing ducks and drakes like we did in the past?\\ together…\\
mada: … I’m telling you that it is useless…\\ I’m not in the same situation as you anymore…\\
mada: I don’t have any… brother left…\\
mada: furthermore I cannot believe in you anymore…\\
hashi: what should I do…\\
hashi: in order to earn your trust?\\
mada: in order to finally see our naked hearts…\\
mada: you should kill your young brother… or commit suicide\\
mada: in that case… we will be even…\\ if you do one of the two, then I can trust your clan\\
inserted text: the reason of “love”…!!\\

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