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Break Blade 62

Chapter 62: infiltration

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 28, 2013 09:27 | Go to Break Blade

-> RTS Page for Break Blade 62

Sorry guys, I think I got wrong the name os the princess(es) until now, let's go with "Frederika" that is also a real name.

Chapter 62: infiltration\\
inserted text: the real “work” of the queen is…\\
guy: Delphine\\ you are going too much toward north-east! Do the due modification to the direction you are taking!\\
Ry: ok!\\
Guy: this is just one third\\ of that golem speed limit…\\
Guy: I cannot believe it…\\
Box: zess’ real intentions…?\\
hodr: … yeah… \\ that’s right!\\
hodr: I don’t think that zess will kill sygin…!\\
hodr: first of all… about that village’s massacre… I don’t believe that zess would permit such a thing…!\\
ry: … I think…\\
ry: that zess would do such a thing as he is now…\\
hodr: I didn’t expect that you would answer to me in such a way…!\\
hodr: do you know something? … talk…\\
ry: yeah… hodr…\\
ry: I came all the way to the capital in order to tell you that…\\
hodr: … I see…\\
ry: sorry… I didn’t tell you anything until now…\\
ry: however…\\
ry: I want to enquire about zess’ real intentions as well…\\
hodr: … so…\\
hord: can I send this letter addressed to zess to Arthemis…?\\
hord: … but I don’t think that zess would meet you face to face as he is now…\\
hord: first of all he will not accept the meeting place\\
ry: … no, if he reads that letter\\
ry: he will come\\
ry: … alone\\
hodr: … ok…\\
hodr: but I will send this letter 3 days after you go, ok…?\\
ry: 3 days…?\\
hodr: there is something…\\
hodr: I want you to do in those 3 days\\
hodr: I just want to take care of this country…\\
hodr: I cannot send soldiers to other country just because of my personal feelings after all…\\ … furthermore…\\
hodr: in order to rescue sygin information about tibugard’s are necessary\\
hodr: rygart…\\
hodr: I want you to ascertain the situation with your very eyes\\
hodr: that is if our power is really necessary in tibugard, assam’s capital…\\
sol: i-incredible… he passed over such big ravine… with just a jump…\\ so that is the under golem…\\
sol2: the fact that he is able to operate it so easily is a demonstration of rygart-dono’s incredible skills…!\\
sol: these are the documents that qualify you as an immigrate of tibugar\\
sol: from now on we will be here protecting the delphine\\
sol2: I will be your escort rygart-dono. I will follow you from a certain distance so that people don’t get suspicious!!\\
sol: it is an honour to meet you, rygart-dono!\\
ry: nice to meet you as well\\
hodr: I’m relying on you rygart, I want you to make sure of things with your very eyes…\\
map: assam capital, tibugar, temporary under the commonwealth of Athens’ rule\\
box: assam’s capital tibugar…\\
sol: princess!\\
sol: where are you, frederika -sama!!?\\
pede: heheheh\\ I can do anything if general ares is not around!\\
guy: frederika-sama~~…\\
pede: ah\\ sorry…\\
pede: see you\\
pede: ok\\
pede: tibugar’s commercial district is prosper as ever!\\
pede: hey granny\\
granny: !!\\ hey little girl!!\\
pede: long time no see, granny\\
granny: you show yourself here all of the sudden so…\\ they are probably worrying about where you disappeared to, right?\\
pede: yeah, just a little…\\
granny: you got thinner, right?\\ are you eating well?\\
pede: yeah…\\ I’m alright…\\
pede: more importantly, granny\\
pede: I took a month off…\\ so you fired me after all, right?\\
granny: you are like a daughter to me\\ would you work for me once again?\\
pede: granny\\
granny: then\\
granny: if you will be the salesgirl I will double my income today\\
pede: you only think about money!!\\
granny: hi hi hi\\
guy: oh\\ long time no see, miss\\
guy2: is she the daughter of the owner?\\
guy3: no, wasn’t she a student coming from the country?\\
guy4: how old is she?\\
granny: I will answer your questions if you buy an assam plum\\
guy: anyway, she was missing for a while\\ so I’m glad to see that she is alright\\
granny: yeah\\
granny: … well, talking about missing people…\\
granny: did they find our queen who went missing?\\ her name was something like… fre… frederi… what was is again?\\
guy: you even forgot the name of the queen of your country, could it be that you are getting senile, owner?\\
granny: heh\\
guy: … we probably it is just natural, she lived her entire life in a box and the king never let her be free to go anywhere\\
guy: according to the rumours she is extremely beautiful and he couldn’t make her well known\\
ry: I entered in Tibugar more easily…\\
ry: than I thought…\\
ry: … is sygin in that place…?\\
ry: … no… I don’t have to be impatient…\\
ry: I cannot do anything right now…\\
sfx: people talking(in the second and third frame as well)\\
ry: there are a lot of athens’ soldiers, but\\
ry: the people seem to be quite happy…?\\
ry: ah\\
ry: sorry…\\
sfx: sa\\
ry: a breath gun…!!\\
ry: … what the?\\
ry: isn’t that someone infiltrated from Krishna…?\\
ry: he began to move fast…!\\...?\\
ry: sorry\\
ry: who the hell is him…?\\
ry: what is he going to do…?\\
granny: little girl!?\\
pede: eh?\\
guy: you traitor!!!\\
guy: this is divine punishment!!!\\

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