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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 625

Chapter 625: the real dream

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 1, 2013 12:54 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 625: the real dream\\
inserted text: hashirama is facing a dilemma…!!\\
guy: to kill his young brother or to commit suicide!?\\
guy: stop uttering these bullshit, you…\\
sfx: su\\
tobi: what he is saying is unreasonable!\\
tobi: what will you do, brother!?\\ … will you kill me?\\
tobi: or will you die because of his nonsense?\\
tobi: this is ridiculous, don’t let his words affect you!\\
hashi: thanks madara\\
hashi: you are a person with deep emotions after all\\
box: madara gave me possibility to choose… the possibility to not kill my young brother…\\
box: he understood what there is in the heart of a man with a younger brother as well…\\
hashi: listen, tobirama… be sure to engrave my last words in your heart…\\
hashi: the words I give you in exchange of my life…\\ and you ,my clansmen listen as well\\
hashi: don’t kill madara after my death no matter what\\
hashi: after this, don’t allow any conflict between the senju and the uchiha anymore\\
hashi: made your fathers and your grandsons who are still not born take the same oath\\
hashi: farewell\\
sfx: drip\\
sfx: drip\\
mada: it’s alright…\\
mada: I was able to see… your naked heart\\
box: it was like a dream… the uchiha and the senju became allies\\
box: there was no need of a great number of sacrifices anymore… nor the death of a all those children…\\
box: then we began to build our village…\\
box: after that we allied ourselves with the fire country and began to built a nation of peace with a structure in which both the country and the village would be in equal position\\
box: it was just like a dream…\\
hashi: do you remember…\\ what we were talking about here when we were kids?\\
mada: yeah…\\
mada: I thought that we were just dreaming with our eyes open…\\ even if there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t achieve, I…\\
hashi: from now on our dream will become reality\\
hashi: the head of the shadow ninjas who protect the fire country…\\ his name will be hokage\\
hashi: what do you think about it?\\
mada: what the hell is that?\\
hashi: there was a request from the country of fire to decide a representative of the village\\
hashi: I would like that you become the head of the village…\\ the hokage\\
hashi: you don’t have brothers anymore, but…\\ I want you to think about all the shinobi in this village as your brothers\\
hashi: I would like that you watch over all of them…\\
mada: but I wasn’t even able to protect my uchiha brothers…\\
hashi: you don’t have the time to feel shy\\
hashi: I’m not just talking about the uchiha and the senju\\ I heard that the sarutobi clan and the shimura clan want to join us\\
mada: impossible… is that true?\\
hashi: and there are even other clans…\\ the village is becoming bigger and bigger with the passing of the days!\\
hashi: we should decide the name of the village soon\\
hashi: do you have any suggestion?\\
mada: the hidden village… of konoha\\ … what do you think about that?\\
hashi: … it is too simple…\\
hashi: it doesn’t have any twist in it…\\ you just said it on the spur of the moment…\\
mada: yeah, like the word “hokage” is any different!!\\
mada: rather, you still didn’t get rid of your habit of feel depressed all of the sudden!!\\
box: we felt like that after a long time we returned to be good friends just like we were in the past\\
mada: this hokage has the role to remain in the village all the time and protect everyone, right?\\
hashi: yeah, but it’s not just that\\ from now on the hokage will be very busy with setting up all the things in the village…\\
hashi: that’s why your face will be engraved on this rock\\
hashi: as a symbol of your protection on the village!\\
mada: … you are joking, right…?\\
hashi: your face is a little too much menancing, so we will change it a little!\\
tobi: so you were here…\\
tobi: why are you wasting your time here! The daimyos from the fire country should be here for our meeting soon!\\
mada: … tobirama, huh…\\
tobi: hokage, you say!?\\
tobi: why are you deciding such a thing by your own!?\\
tobi: it is fine to recommend madara as a candidate to become the head of the village\\ … but the decision must be taken after hearing the fire country and the village’s people’s thoughts and discussing with their leaders !\\
tobi: things are different from when our father was alive!\\
hashi: … however…\\
tobi: furthermore… uchiha madara will never be chosen as head of the village\\
tobi: everyone already knows it… you are the leading figure who created the village…\\ even… the uchiha are saying such a thing\\
tobi: and brother… you already know the rumours going around the uchiha, right?\\
tobi: the power of their eyes get stronger according to the strength of their hate\\ … that’s the sharingan\\
tobi: they are a bunch of people capable of perpetrate any crime\\ … right now the village doesn’t need…\\
hashi: stop talking like that, tobirama!\\
sfx: mih\\
sfx: step\\
hashi: it seems that someone was here\\
hashi: tobirama… you should have detected him\\
tobi: no… I’m not moulding my chakra right now…\\
tobi: don’t try to change the subject, brother!\\
sfx: para\\
tobi: from now on we will apply a democratic administration…\\
tobi: do you have any objection?\\
hashi: no… it’s fine\\
mada: this is the stone monument passed down in the uchiha clan for generations…\\ we never showed it to people of other clans once\\
mada: it is a special reading material that needs a particular eye power in order to decipher it\\
mada: right now, with my ocular power it reads like this\\
mada: “the single divinity polarized in “yin” and “yang” in order to search for stability”\\ if the two opposing forces works together, they will obtain the whole creation!\\
mada: that’s a truth that applies to everything\\
mada: in other words… it states that with the cooperation of those antithetic powers\\ real happiness can be achieved…\\
mada: however…\\
mada: there is another way to obtain such a thing\\
mada: hashirama… do you really think that I don’t know anything about it…?\\
hashi: leave tobirama to me…\\
hashi: things will not work without you…\\ … let’s work together as hokage and his right hand, as brothers!\\
hashi: sooner or later the people will realize the good things in you as well…\\
hashi: and then as second hokage you…\\
mada: probably after you, that tobirama will become hokage\\
mada: and if it happens, the uchiha will sooner of later be erased…\\
mada: I understood such a thing and told to the other people of my clan to leave the village, but…\\ it seems that no one wants to follow me\\
mada: I couldn’t protect my little brother…\\
mada: I couldn’t keep the promise to protect my clan instead of my brother…\\ and I don’t even have the trust of my own clansmen I want to protect…\\
hashi: it is not like that…!\\ everyone will immediately…\\
mada: that time… maybe you should have chosen to “kill your brother”…\\
mada: you say that I’m like a brother to you…\\
mada: but if you have to choose between me and the village, who will you cut down?\\
mada: … I believe that I understand a lot of things about you\\
mada: to talk further is useless…\\ I will leave the village\\
mada: I found a different path\\
mada: I could see it because we saw each other naked heart…\\
mada: collaboration is nothing more than a quiet war\\
hashi: it is not like that! I will never allow it!\\
sfx: *step*\\
mada: in what way do you become able to seize reality, hashirama…?\\ let’s stop to talk about these menial things…\\
mada: it is better to look at this world as just a side attraction…\\
hashi: are you listening to me, madara!?\\
mada: you are the only one who can fight equally with me\\
mada: I will enjoy fighting with you…\\
mada: while I will proceed on the road that will bring me to my real dream\\
inserted text: madara reaches his evil mental state…!!\\

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