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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 627

Chapter 627: sasuke’s answer

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 18, 2013 17:46 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 627: sasuke’s answer\\
inserted text: hashirama finished telling his story… what will sasuke do now…?\\
sasu: the shinobi are… those who endure…\\
sasu: in order… to reach their objectives…\\
hashi: my objective was to build the village\\
hashi: but it seems that madara found something else\\
hashi: that guy called orochimaru said this before\\ … I don’t know how madara was revived and how he intends to erase all the shinobies in this world, but…\\
sasu: the infinite tsukiyomi… it doesn’t matter which village you are part of, or your country, or your race…\\
sasu: he will just entrap everyone in a genjutsu\\ and manipulate them as he wishes\\
sasu: he wants to waste everything that my older brother… his little brother… and that you…\\ wanted to protect until now\\
sasu: my brother…\\
sasu: inherited your will hashirama… even if you didn’t tell it to him directly…\\
sasu: he endured even more than you\\
sasu: and he died while saying that he was proud to be a shinobi from konoha\\
sasu: he is the shinobi who understood you better than anyone\\
sasu: it’s quite ironic that he was a ninja from the uchiha clan\\
tobi: it wasn’t just your older brother\\
tobi: there was a man among my subordinates who was just like your brother. His name was uchiha kagami\\
sasu: … didn’t you hate the uchihas… second?\\
tobi: it is not like that…\\ I just was particularly careful of the clans that could be source of risk for the village\\
tobi: and it is certainly true that the uchiha clan was like that\\
tobi: … however originally… the uchiha are a clan with deep feelings of love\\
tobi: and for that reason, often people like your brother and uchiha kagami\\ people who would exceed the border of their clan and devote themselves to the village would appear\\
tobi: my brother thought that the village is a way to remove the borders between clans…\\
tobi: well… it is not like in reality things can go that smoothly after all\\
tobi: my brother, hashirama’s naïveté… and uchiha madara’s dangerousness…\\
tobi: to intermediate between those two, improve, protect and reinforce the village was my role as the second hokage\\
saru: uchiha kagami’s son was uchiha shinsui…\\
saru: you older brother’s friend\\
saru: considering me…\\ a lot of people inherited the first hokage’s will of fire\\
saru: but probably I was a shinobi even more naïve than him…\\
saru: I wasn’t able to inherit well the second hokage’s will to improve the village\\
saru: and for that reason danzou…\\ has to be burdened with the darkness of the village…\\
sasu: … I killed danzou because of my revenge…\\
sasu: at the end he… declared that he would even use unfair means in order to protect the village…\\
saru: it seems that all I did as hokage ended up in failures…\\ it is also my responsibility that we have this kind of situation outside right now…\\
mina: no… it is not the third’s fault…\\ you achieved a lot while devoting yourself to the village\\
mina: I was defeated during the kyuubi’s attack to the village\\
mina: you had great expectation in me as hokage… and I didn’t satisfy those expectations…\\
oro: you were chosen over me and yet…\\ you are all full of regrets\\
sui: orochimaru-sama… aren’t you sulking a little?\\
oro: heheh a little… I’m in front of the third after all\\
mina: if I was still alive I could have prevented the uchiha’s coup d’état…\\
oro: well then… sasuke-kun, what will you do now?\\
oro: will you destroy the village…\\
oro: or…\\
itachi: I... would always say “forgive me” and lie to you.\\
itachi: with these hands I kept you at a distance...\\
itachi: I didn’t... want you to get involved in this...\\
itachi: but now I think that...\\
itachi: maybe you could have been able to change our father and our mother... and the uchiha clan...\\
itachi: If I had properly faced you from the beginning... if I had told you the truth while sharing your point of view...\\
itachi: now that I have failed, even if I tell you everything, I would not be able to make you understand.\\
itachi: that’s why this time I will tell you the truth, even if it’s just a little.\\
itachi: even if you never forgive me...\\
itachi: no matter what you do from now on...\\
itachi: I will always love you.\\
sasu: I will go to the battlefield\\
sasu: I will not waste this village… and itachi’s efforts!\\
hashi: … it is decided then!\\
hashi: tobirama, made the due preparations to go outside!!\\
tobi: even if we use the hiraishin, right now we are bound by him…\\
tobi: what will you do, orochimaru?\\
saru: you said before that you would follow sasuke’s decision, right?\\
oro: that’s right, I will go together with him\\
sui: eh~~~~~!!?\\
sui: w-what about you juugo?\\
ju: I will go with him as well… it is role to protect sasuke after all\\
sui: the 4 strongest zombies and 3 monsters…\\
sui: if I follow them I will die without any doubt… I have to search for an opening and run away…\\
hashi: wow!!\\
hashi: this view brings back memories!!\\
sui: this is the right time!!\\
Karin: I knew you are here, sasuke!!!\\
Karin: I felt your chakra and thought that you were here so I turn back to make sure!!\\
Sui: I… guah!!\\
Sui: don’t have anything to do with that gebuh!!\\
Oro: oh… to think that my best experiments would be gathered here like this\\
Sasu: … Karin\\
Karin: you bastard, I will never forgive you…\\
Sasu: I’m sorry for what I did… Karin\\
Karin: y-you bastard…! Do you really think that I will forgive you with just those words, you… silly boy~~~~ <3\\
Sfx: tatata\\
Oro: you are weak again sasuke-kun like always, Karin\\
Karin: you know~~! Orochimaru-sama!!\\ sasuke~~~ pierced through me…*\\
TLN: and you seem to have liked it\\
Oro: he did the same with me… but now I’m collaborating with him… just right, you should collaborate as well\\
Hashi: who is she?\\
Tobi: from the chakra she seems from the uzumaki clan\\
Karin: n-no other choice then <3\\
Sui: to think that an idiot would join those 4 zombies and those 3 monsters…\\
Sui: even madara will be surprised!\\
Saru: orochimaru… why are you collaborating together with sasuke?\\
Sfx: su\\
Saru: you wanted to destroy the village, right?\\
Oro: I understood something when I was inside kabuto\\
Oro: even kabuto, who imitated my way of life and accumulated all sort of things, failed\\
Oro: I’m just interested in sasuke’s different way of living…\\
Oro: that boy, differently from kabuto, didn’t try to imitate me…\\
Sfx: step\\
hashi: hokages!\\ burn into your eyes the view of the village\\ from the stone faces that watch over it!!\\
tobi: haaa…\\
sfx: tan\\
sfx: step\\
sfx: tan\\
sfx: jump\\
sfx: jump\\
mina : I can finally meet my son\\
mina: I didn’t do much for naruto as a father…\\ but now I will bring him a big present\\
saru: well then! A long time passed since the last war…\\ we have brace ourselves!\\
tobi: madara… this time I will defeat you for sure!\\
hashi: maybe I’m a little imprudent here… but I’m looking forward to meet once again my close friend\\
hashi: there is a battle no matter the era… but everything will end with this war!!\\
hashi: let’s go!!!\\
inserted text: the strongest warriors take action!!!\\

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