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Naruto 629

Chapter 629: wind hole

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 12, 2013 09:28 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 629: wind hole\\
inserted text: heaven and earth go berserk…!!\\
mada: it seems that we finally made a little of cleaning…\\
?: uuh…\\
??: kuh…\\
???: aaah…\\
chou: naruto protected us once again…\\
hina: … naruto-kun…!\\
juu: uuuuuh….\\
naru: it doesn't work…\\
around naru: haa\haa\\
juu: guooooh\\
juu: oooh!!!!!\\
sfx: nyoki\\nyoki\\
naru: kuh…\\
?: it’s disappearing…\\
mada: even if you act tough, this seems to be your limit\\ I’m looking forward to the ones who will come next… so what about leaving the stage soon?\\
hina: everyone!!\\
hina: let’s put our strength together!!\\
saku: in the meantime you only think about recovering!!\\
sfx: buuuu\\
naru: … everyone…\\
kaka: raikiri!!\\
sfx: pita\\
obi: heh… you still harbour doubts in your heart… just as I thought\\
obi: you had more than enough occasions to kill me already\\
obi: to think that someone like you would show pity to his enemy during a war…\\
obi: are you feeling guilty…?\\
obi: are you feeling guilty because…\\
obi: you couldn’t protect rin… because you couldn’t keep the promise you made me…?\\
obi: are you trying to make me have a change of heart?\\
kaka: … obito…\\
kaka: would you stop this?\\
kaka: … your former dream was to become hokage…\\
kaka: right now naruto… has the same dream\\
kaka: naruto’s words are the same words you said in the past…\\
kaka: you are unconsciously overlapping the figure of your past self to that of naruto…\\ ... you are curious about naruto’s words because they are similar to the ones you said in the past\\
kaka: aren’t you just wishing to negate your own old self?\\
kaka: it’s not like you are not able to understand naruto’s feelings\\
kaka: you can still go back…\\
kaka: to your older self once again…\\
obi: kukuku…\\
obi: ahahaha!!\\
obi: it’s for the very reason that I understand what is inside of naruto’s heart…\\
obi: for the very reason that I’m listening everything he says… that I want to negate all those things\\
kaka: obito…\\
obi: and there is another thing I have to say to you…\\
obi: it’s ridiculous for you to have a guilty conscience toward me\\
obi: if you think that the only reason because I caused this war it is just because of you and rin\\ then you are wrong\\
sfx: piku\\ piku\\
obi: I know about… everything\\
obi: rin impaled herself on your raikiri by her own free will\\
obi: she choose death herself\\
obi: at that time rin was captured by the hidden mist and made into the sanbi’s jinchuuriki\\
obi: the fact the you were able to rescue her and were able to bring her along with you was only part of their plan\\
obi: they pretended to purse you so that you would urge toward konoha\\
obi: then, once rin would go back to konoha, they would make the sanbi inside her go berserk\\
obi: they wanted that the sanbi to attack konoha\\
obi: rin understood such a thing\\
obi: and used the raikiri pointed against the enemies who were pretending to pursue you in order to commit suicide\\
obi: she decided to die by the hands of the man she loved\\
obi: in order to protect konoha\\
rin: kakashi kill me immediately!\\
rin: they are using me…!\\
rin: if things continue like this konoha will probably be attacked!\\
kaka: I promised to obito that I would protect you!\\
kaka: I cannot do such a thing no matter what! There must be some other way…\\
obi: no matter what you say\\
obi: you are just an fake who couldn’t protect rin\\
obi: inside of me rin is not someone who had to die… in order words the rin that died is a fake to me as well\\
sfx: zuuu\\
obi: rin is rin because she is alive\\
obi: the things that caused all of these situations are the shinobi system… the villages\\
sfx: buboh\\
obi: and the shinobi themselves…\\
obi: the only thing that brings me to despair\\
obi: is this world itself… this fake world\\
kaka: naruto said that\\
kaka: it hurts the most when your friends aren’t in your heart…\\
sfx: step\\
kaka: I passed down to him the same words you told me in the past…\\
kaka: if you were the same as in the past, you would feel and say the same things as naruto…\\ and even now I think that…\\
obi: look at me!! there is nothing in my heart now!!\\
obi: the only thing I’m able to feel is pain!!\\
obi: there’s no need to feel guilty, kakashi\\
obi: this wind hole was opened by this infernal world!!\\
inserted text: a deep and empty hole…\\

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