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Soul Eater 106

Chapter 106: the dark side of the moon (part 3)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 25, 2013 15:36 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 106

Chapter 106: the dark side of the moon (part 3)\\
inserted text: it’s painful to bond with other people\\
side text: crona absorbed the kishin and now is making maka nad the other’s wavelength fall into madness…!!\\
b*s: wait! I will recover soul and tsubaki\\
maka: but even if we get them back we will not able to match our wavelengths!\\
crona: there’s no need to overdo things and try to engage with other people\\
b*s: who cares\\
b*s: soul menance!!\\
crona: it’s useless\\ useless useless\\
b*s: shit\\
crona: come on!\ come on!\ come on!\\
tsuba: black star!!\\
maka: are you alright?\\
b*s: I can easily see her attacks and it seems that they will not hit me, but…\\ her thorns grows endlessly so it will really painful to recover the two of them…\\
soul: damn!!\\
soul: why it is not producing any sound!!?\\
maka: soul and I went on a long road to come here and yet\\ to think that we would be pulled down so easily!!\\
crona: that’s right, those connections can be easily cut like this\\
crona: everyone is alone no matter if he is with the others!! And the order just forcibly binds them!\\
crona: this is just the natural state of things!!\\
b*s: she understood that she cannot hit me so she is aiming to maka\\ that’s quite a clever way of fighting\\
soul: maka\\
b*s: tch\\
crona: you fell for it!! I was aiming for you legs since the beginning\\ that happens because you involve your self with other people!! If you involve yourself with other people your legs get tangled down!!\\
tsuba: black star!!\\
b*s: uooooh\\
crona: so!? You should be already tired of this!!\\
crona: you are next maka!!\\
crona: this is the end!!\\
maka: papa!!\\
spi: geez, this happened because you went ahead without me\\
b*s: oooh, it’s the old man\\
spi: I understand the situation more or less\\
spi: maka! Use your papa\\
crona: it’s useless to try to change weapon\\
crona: you cannot engage each other anymore\\
maka: we cannot match our wavelength because of crona’s power, you know?\\
spi: I see the wavelength huh…\\ don’t worry there’s no problem\\
spi: you are my daughter after all\\
maka: it is not hot…?\\
maka: the wavelength are matching each other…?\\
soul: maka’s and my wavelength went in disarray so easily and yet…\\
crona: stop fucking with me!!\\
maka: it’s a little heavy but he has a power proportional to his weight\\
crona: impossible…\\
spi: let’s go maka!!\\
maka: soul defense!!\\
crona: guh\\
crona: why…!? Their soul’s wavelength shouldn’t match each other…\\
spi: it is not a matter of wavelength\\
crona: why!!?\\
crona: why!!?\\
crona: why!!? Why!!?\\
crona: this is a world where things don’t match each other and yet…\\
maka: witch hunt!!\\
crona: why!!? Why!!?\\
maka: demon hunt!!!\\
crona just why!!? My thorns should make the wavelengths not match!!\\
crona: then why!!? Why you are able to match them!!?\\
spi: because maka and I are daughter and father\\
crona: daughter and…\\
crona: father…?\\
spi: because we are father and daughter it doesn’t matter if our wavelengths do not match\\
spi: this is that kind of “bond” that you will not be able to cut mo matter how many times you try\\
crona: stop!!\\
crona: I… killed her\\ I don’t want to hear… that kind of talk\\
spi: what’s wrong with her?\\
maka: crona killed medusa\\
crona: the only irreplaceable being in my life… I cut my “bond” with her…\\
crona: that person was everything for me… she was my order…\\
crona: ha…\\
crona: hahahah…\\
maka: crona…?\\
??: I’m madness\\ itself!\\
crona: maaaaaaaaah\\
??: change with me\\
??: the moment order is born…\\ the moment order is destroyed… \\ madness is born\\
kid: wha-\\
kid: what the hell is this wavelength…?\\
crona: maaaaaaah\\
maka: crona!!\\
spi: what the…\\
maka: cro…\\
b*s: that’s…\\
inserted text: the kishin won over crona!!!\\

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