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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Soul Eater 108

Chapter 108: the dark side of the moon (part V)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 25, 2013 15:36 | Go to Soul Eater

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Chapter 108: the dark side of the moon (part V)
inserted text: a healthy soul,\dwells in a healthy mind\ and healthy body.\\
ex: the birth of a shinigami\\
ex: “I already handed out even my fear to him already” huh…\\
ex: it wasn’t such a good plan to give all of your fear to just a fragment of yourself\\
shi: fear and order… I built such order together with him…\\ however order and madness are probably two faces of this destiny\\
shi: I have no right to say that medusa, the witch that we cornered was evil, afer using my own son in an experiment…\\
shi: it’s all my responsibility…\\ and yet I don’t have any other choice than forcing this problem on kid and the others…\\
ex: the old warrior goes away without dying…\\
ex: well, you will die anyway, right!!\\
shi: don’t worry I will make sure to see…\\
shi: who will become the new shinigami at the end\\
asura: well then my foolish little brother, let’s decide who will become the true shinigami here\\
stein: an incredible madness is swirling around…\\
mary: will those boys be alright…?\\
spi: k-\\
spi: kid…\\
kid: what… did you just say…?\\
kid: …\\ I am your little brother…?\\
asura: you can say that we are both fragments born from the shinigami\\
patty: well they resemble each other, right?\\
liz: are you sure…?\\
kid: i-impossible…\\
kid: stop saying such stupid things!!\\
kid: I’m disgusted!!\\
kid: such a bastard like you cannot be my father’s son!\\
asura: the shinigami, in order to become the absolute god of order, he threw away his fear and transformed it into me\\
asura: that despotic behaviour gave birth to this world full of madness that you so much hate\\
kid: are you saying that this is all the result of the seed that my father scattered!?\\
kid: I cannot believe such a thing!!\\
b*s: let’s go maja!\\
maka: yeah!\\
kid: then why I do now fear even if I’m my father’s son!?\\ if I’m his son after he threw away his fear, then I shouldn’t know fear at all!\\
asura: so you don’t understand\\
asura: that’s why you were created so immature\\
asura: you were made so immature on purpose in order for you to know and learn fear…\\
asura: I’m sure that you enjoyed being the favourite son of you father\\
kid: such a bulshit\\ are you saying that my father left to me these incomplete lines on sanzu on purpose too…\\
asura: my master was worried that you would became like your older brother after all…\\
maka: kid is different from you!!\\
asura: humans!! This mad world can also be considered a normal world because it was built according to the shinigami’s personal wishes\\
asura: I’m sure that to the shinigami you are nothing more than puppets!!\\
b*s: like I care\\
asura: not bad for a human\\
b*s: are you saying that humans are weaker than gods!!?\\
b*s: who are you using as a reference to say that!!?\\
b*s: eeeh!?\\
asura: why do you have so much power and yet you blindly believe in the shinigami?\\
asura: that’s why humans are such fools\\
b*s: kid and the shinigami are my friends\\
b*s: will I really don’t like you!!\\
b*s: you are probably the clown of fear!!\\ then why don’t you know other people’s fear!?\\ why you are only able to give fear to the others!?\\
asura: that’s what is a god\\ he doesn’t need to know trash like humans\\
b*s: I searched for “power” and swore to bear on my shoulder the segrets of those who were destroyed by that “power”!!\\
b*s: that’s why I don’t like you!!\\
asura: your shinigami is just like me\\
asura: if a person lives or dies depends on the whims of that shinigami\\
b*s: you are wrong!! I don’t have the proof but you are wrong!!\\
tsu: black star!!\\
maka: let him go!!\\
asura: aaahahaha\\ so scary\\
asu: I will blow you away!!\\
kid: this is bad…!!\\
maka: lasers!?\\
asura: vraja!!\\
b*s: agaaah\\
tsu: black star!!\\
kid: is he… alright…?\\
kid: what…?\\
asura: hoooh… this is scary… really scary…\\
asura: to think that there would be a human capable of doing such a thing…\\
b*s: there is nothing that a god can do and that I can’t do!!!\\
b*s: I’m the only one who cannot do the things that I cannot do!!\\
liz: in other words you can do anything\\
b*s: cough\\
kid: are you alright!?\\
b*s: you guys! You want me to defeat him all by myself? I’m fine with it but…\\
maka: s-sorry I tried to follow your speed but…\\
kid: so it was my father who created the kishin… I aimed to become a shinigami, but now I wonder what it is the meaning of it…\\
b*s: kid!\\
b*s: you came here and began to think about those boring things\\ even three teams are not enough to defeat the kishin if they work alone!\\
kid: …\\ yeah I know\\
shido: death scythe!\\
shido: what about crona?\\
spi: shido!\\
spi: what incredible battle… will maka be alright…?\\
asura: good… you are growing pale…\\
asura: you will be crushed by fear just like it happened to me\\
maka: black star attacked him with all that and it didn’t work…\\
kid: in addition to his normal powers, the blood in his body is the black blood that medusa injected into him…\\
kid: we cannot defeat it with any ordinary method\\
oni: soul! It is ready\\
oni: didn’t you hear ìme?\\
oni: we don’t have other choice than interfering with the kishin’s black blood by using at full throttle our own black blood\\
soul: yeah, that was my intention\\
oni: come now\\ this is not a gig that can wait

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