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Soul Eater 110

Chapter 110: the darkside of the moon VII

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 25, 2013 15:36 | Go to Soul Eater

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Chapter 110: the darkside of the moon VII
inserted text: the kishin appears\\
inserted text: stand up, shinbunsen! Face madness!!\\
side text: kid’s awakening, and…\\
shi: just like that!\\
shi: kid\\
ki: hiii\\ I’m trembling from seeing the birth of a new despot…\\
ki: you can become a “real shinigami” just like your father and manipulate the those human trash around you as much as you want\\
kid: haaaaaaah\\
maka: incredible…\\
maka: what kind of wavelength is this!?\\
kid: I…\\
kid: will not become like you!!\\
kid: look at me, father!!\\
shi: I was looking at kid for all this time\\ he will be alright!\\
shi: go!! Kid!!\\
kid: I’m my father’s son! A shinigami!!\\
kid: mot a kishin\\
kid: I will become a shinigami just like my father because I trust him\\
patty: the third line is connecting!?\\
ki: I also understand that you will become a real shinigami\\
ki: trash like you are too easy to understand!!\\
shi: te shinigami “real power”…\\
shi: if kids loves people, there will not be the need to rely on that power\\
shi: I leave the rest to you Excalibur, look over my children for me\\
shi: see you then~~\\
ex: I understand…\\
kid: so this is the shinigami’s power… w-what is this ability…? Are you able to understand it, liz…?\\
liz: t-this is madness?\\
maka: m-madness, what’s the meaning of this… is the shinigami like the kishin…?\\
kid: ah… yeah…! I understand now… inside of me a huge “madness for order” is just born inside of me…\\ this is…! This is not a madness that seals up my human emotions and makes me into a machines that only makes thing born and die!?\\
soul: I see! If the kishin has the madness of fear capable of covering the entire world…\\
soul: so it is natural for the shinigami to have a power on an equal level, right!?\\
b*s: and yet the shinigami didn’t use it, right?\\
kid: the fact that my father didn’t use this power means that he trusted people\\ he believed that even if the world was on the verge of being covered by the kishin’s madness the people would not yield to that madness\\
kid: differently from you, kishin\\
ki: who cares about that!!!!\\
ki: are you saying that the shinigami was different from me because he didn’t use the “madness of order”?\\
ki: as result of that those fool human trash began to dance in fear and give birth to this sick world\\
ki: you hate to be like me? use the “madness of order”!!\\
kid: I will believe in humans just like my father did!!\\
ki: you are better than before, but this is still not enough\\
ki: you are still below of that guy over there\\
ki: those left are all human trash\\
ki: in order to become a shinigami different from me you have to use the “madness of order”\\
b*s: it seems that you have an high consideration of me, kishin!!\\
ki: it is appropriate to say that you can be called a warrior that has exceeded that domain of humans\\
b*s: I’m thankful for those words, but\\ I’m a huma who will surpass god!!\\
b*s: of those that you call trash\\
soul: maka\\
ki: you again… you really irritate me…\\
ki: human trash like you cannot enter into this battle!!\\
kid: I’m a shinigami who was created just like a human!!\\
ki: you will reduced to pierces by the pressure!!\\
b*s: you bastard!!\\
b*s: dammit…\\
oni: hey soul! Put more spirit in it!!\\
oni: the black blood is not aching!!\\
soul: shut up! The manager cannot whisper to the musicians during the concert\\
maka: soul!\\
soul: I will activate the black blood inside of me to its limits\\ until now I left the black blood idle for a lot of time, but I’m alright now\\
soul: I will not lose myself in it anymore\\
soul: I don’t want to admit it but…\\
soul: this awful room and this stinking piano are part of myself as well…\\
ki: what…? The black blood within my body is aching…\\
ki: it is them again huh…\\
soul: this is my piano, kishin bastard!!\\
ki: I will begin to clean up things starting from you\\
kid: leave it to us!!\\
ki: die\\

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