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Break Blade 63

Chapter 63: infiltration in the capital 2

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 30, 2013 08:08 | Go to Break Blade

-> RTS Page for Break Blade 63

It is a real pity that e just get 25 pages every 2 months, things are getting interesting.

Chapter 63: infiltration in the capital 2\\
inserted text: a bullet directed toward Frederika!\\
guy: stop moving!!!\\
ry: stop!\\
guy: what!?\\
guy: kuh…\\
guy: this guy…!?\\
guy: you will the first one to go to hell!!!\\
ry: s-shit…\\
fre: stop!!\\
fre: drop down your gun…\\
fre: and release that man…\\
fre: that’s my line!!\\
guy: you are the one who should drop the gun!\\
fre: no, you better drop it…\\
fre: to avoid a bullet aimed from point blank range to the torso is a lot more difficult than avoiding one aimed to the head. And you shot me at the head instead of shooting me at the torso…\\
fre: that makes clearly understand if you are someone with skills or just an amateur…\\
fre: you missed\\
fre: in other words you are the latter\\
fre: I will not miss\\
fre: and you will die\\
guy: … heh…\\
guy: if you don’t drop the gun, I will blow this guy’s head immediately!!\\
guy: you puppet of Athens and traitor, Frederika!!!\\
sfx: gu\\
ry: fre…\\ … derika…?\\
fre: I don’t know who you are, but…\\
fre: thanks for saving me…\\
ry: shouldn’t she be in binnouten…?\\
sol: frederika-sama\\
?: the imperial guards…\\
??: and there are also the soldiers from Athens…?\\
???: did he say frederika…?\\
fre: ah…\\
gen: return to the castle\\ frederika\\
fre: yes…\\
fre: ah!\\
fre: general!!\\
fre: this person saved me\\
ry: general…!\\
ry: is this frederika…? What the hell is happening?\\
ry: … in any case I have to deceive him skilfully\\ and report to hord what I found out about frederika…\\
gen: I’m really grateful that you saved our princess\\
gen: would you tell me your name and profession?\\
ry: …\\ Gram… Gram Aland\\
ry: I came to tibugar in order to find\\ … a job\\
gen: arrest this guy\\
fre: eh!?\\
sol: yes!!\\
fre: general ares!?\\
fre: what’s wrong? this person saved my life!!\\
sol: put your hands behind your back\\
fre: release this person… gram-san immediately!!\\
ares: frederika\\
ares: this guy is with the military\\
ares: I can understand that by looking into his eyes\\
ry: … you are wrong…\\
fre: eyes…? are you telling me that’s only a sensation?\\
fre: that’s really old-fashioned…!!\\
fre: if you continue like this and do something rude toward gram-san…\\
fre: probably I will begin to hate you, general ares…\\
ares: I don’t care if you hate me\\
ares: it is my job to protect you and tibugar\\
ares: this guy is suspicious\\
ares: he has the eyes of someone accustomed to see people die\\
ares: maybe he is someone who wants to exact revenge on you!\\
are: take him!\\
fre: ah…\\
ry: … t-this is bad…\\ I have to do something…\\
ry: let’s go!\\
fre: wait… general!!\\
fre: granny…\\
fre: sorry…\\ I deceived you…\\
granny: n-no…\\ I should apologize for all the rude things I said to you…\\
granny: little girl… no…\\
granny: your highness…\\
fre: … I will not\\ interfere with your job a anymore…\\
fre: w-well then…\\
granny: p-princess, just one thing…\\
granny: t-this man is obviously a ruffian that had to be killed…\\
granny: but…\\
granny: he is a person from assam…\\
granny: I just want you to not forget that…\\
fre: even if I can sympathize a little with this man…\\ like everyone here…\\
anyone who…\\ collaborates with orlando or krishnat…\\
fre: is my late father’s enemy\\ and even if he is from assam…\\
fre: he is my enemy\\
fre: farewell\\
fre: granny…\\
fre: … for the time being\\ I will stay put in the castle…\\
ares: “for the time being”… huh\\
ares: could you at least give us an answer that makes us relax a little more…\\
official: geez\\ this is why I didn’t like the princess pretending to be part of the “common people”\\
ares: … do you have a family?\\
official: ah, my son was born last month… hahahah\\
ares: if you say that someone who was never in the outside world and nevertheless was able to build such relationships with other people alone, without relying on her social standing and blood relations…\\ was pretending, then…\\
ares: you are pretending to have a family as well\\
??: hello there, general zess \\
zess: … I hope that you weren’t rough with her…\\ stenna…\\
ste: of course, zess-sama\\
ste: maybe you are a little surprised by her attire, but this is a hobby I have as her temporary jailer\\
sta: but I am on the verge of succumbing to the urge to\\ violate this white beautiful skin with my whip and dye it in deep red\\
ste: you don’t have to worry, I’m satisfied by just taking care of her…\\
sfx: kin\\
sy: zess\\
sy: is this what you wished for…?\\
sy: even the massacre committed in that village…?\\
cleo: massacre…!?\\
zess: there’s no need for you to talk\\
zess: you just have to be quiet until the day of your execution\\
zess: come to my office later\\
zess: I have to talk with you, stenna\\
zess: that’s all\\
cleo: zees-sama…\\
sy: it seems that our positions are exchanged now…\\
sy: cleo…\\
zess: let’s go cleo\\
cleo: I’m sorry…\\ sygin-sama…\\
side text: even sygin’s words didn’t reach him, and zess continues on his own road…\\

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