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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Naruto 635

Chapter 635: a new breeze

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 24, 2013 08:21 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 635: a new breeze\\
inserted text: on the other side orochimaru is…\\
sui: geh… there is a big slug here…\\
sui: how much salt do we need in order to defeat it?\\
oro: that’s just a part of katsuyu, that was summoned from the shikkotsu forest…\\ even that is extremely small\\
sui: heh~~\\
karin: we should think about the five kages instead of that slug!\\
karin: orochimaru-sama, don’t be swayed by every single stupid thing suigetsu says and let’s hurry up and finish our busyness here!\\
oro: are you that unhappy that I brought here with me, far from sasuke-kun?\\
karin: yeah… I mean it’s not like that\\ let’s hurry up… suigetsu this is all your fault!!\\
sui: why are you blaming me!?\\ anyone who sees a slug would want to put some salt on it!!\\
oro: first thing is tsunade…\\
oro: let’s go\\
sfx: jump\\
katsu: tsunade-sama!\\
sfx: land\\land\\
Karin: eh…? Was the hokage an old hag?\\
Sui: ugeh… I don’t think that such a long torso is natural… after all…\\
Oro: it seems that you acted reckless this time, tsunade\\
Tsu: … orochimaru…?\\
Sfx: pukuh\\
oro: katsuyu… I came here in order to treat the five kages…\\
oro: I’m not an enemy\\
katsu: I don’t have any reason to trust you!\\ furthermore you are supposed to be dead!!\\
katsu: if you dare to act in a suspicious way, this time I will kill you once for all with my acid…\\
tsu: cough\\cough\\
katsu: ok, I will thrust you…\\
katsu: you are quite understanding, differently from manda…\\
oro: well then… for first…\\
oro: where are the other kages?\\
katsu: they are healing inside of my other replica bodies\\
katsu: they are all seriously wounded… and they barely…\\
oro: however… katsuyu… why the healing is going so slow even if you are here?\\
katsu: I work together with tusnade-sama’s strength of hundred power and use its chakra…\\
katsu: right now tusnade-sama is really weak…\\
katsu: and we are not able to activate enough of my power\\
oro: … so that’s how things worked between the two of you…\\
oro: … well now that I think about it, this is the first time that I see tsunade so weakened…\\
katsu: right now we are concentrating on healing…\\ while keeping the summoning active in some way.\\
katsu: for that reason I wasn’t able to connect tsunade-sama’s body well…\\
oro: suigetsu… take tsunade’s lower body and connect it with the upper body\\
sui: eh~~~\\
sui: but she can do more things if her body is split\\
sui: ugeh… it’s all wet because of the slug’s saliva and they are twisting around her body, this feels so sick~~!\\
Karin: you shouldn’t complain!!\\ your body is so strange that it feels even more sick!\\
Oro: Karin…\\ make her bite you and in order to heal her\\
Karin: eh~~~~!\\
Karin: I don’t like to be bitten by anyone but sasuke…\\
Sui: ah!! You just admitted that you like sasuke!!\\
Karin: ah!!\\
Karin: i-it’s not like that…!! You bastard… I don’t like sasuke!!\\ he tried to kill me… I hate him… you are wrong!!\\
Sui: what the hell are you saying!?\\
Sui: heh… you were full of bite marks even before coming with sasuke!!\\
Karin: shut up!! Now only sasuke can bite me!!\\
Sui: don’t try to talk back, you are just like one of those things used to make casts for dentures!!\\
Sui: and in any case how does that body of yours work!?\\ you are the strangest one here!!\\
Karin: what the hell did you say~~~!?\\
Oro: hurry up and do as I told\\
Oro: you are both strange, stop fighting\\
Sfx: beeeh\\
Oro: otherwise I will bind you with my snakes\\ enter in you from the mouth and take possession of your bodies\\
Karin: you are the strangest here!\\
Sui: an pervert with a strange body*!!\\
TLN: strange body is written “hentai” in Japanese just like pervert\\
Karin: it feels like that I will be the one who gets old if she sucks too much…\\
katsu: you are fine now, tsunade-sama!\\
oro: you should thank me a little tsunade\\
tsu: you betrayed the village… why are you doing this after all this time?\\
oro: right now I expanded my interests in several ways\\
oro: … in the past I thought that I wanted to become the breeze that makes pinwheels turn around\\
oro: but now I came to know the fun of looking forward for another breeze that is blowing before I could even notice it…\\ I don’t want to be sealed before I fully enjoy that breeze\\
tsu: you say things that don’t make any sense, like always…\\
tsu: but\\
tsu: it seems that you changed a bit…\\
oro: people… change\\ … and… before that you have to die once or twice…\\
oro: but he left us while thing were still unchanged…\\
tsu: … orochimaru… if you would have changed faster than this then there would not be any need for jiraiya to die…\\
oro: maybe that happened because jiraiya changed…\\
oro: just like we sannin were like that\\ the things in this world cannot always go as we want…\\
oro: we cannot remain a large slab of rock for all of our life…\\ sooner or we would bend\\
oro: that’s probably the reason why I want to see sasuke-kun’s fate\\
oro: While I will fully enjoy… his breeze\\
tsu: ok… you are my gratitude for healing me\\
tsu: then… do you know how the war is going?\\
oro: sure… that’s why I’m acting like this…\\ and collaborating with you\\
katsu: I will report about the war situation\\
tsu: how do you know such a thing!?\\
oro: then we will go\\
sfx: step\\
oro: be sure to focus on healing the other kages\\
sfx: step\\
sfx: land\\
sai: can ask you something… sakura?\\
sfx: su\\
naru: there are the bijuus inside of that big thing!\\
naru: once it will be exhausted stop the black flames!\\ kurama and I will drag out the bijuus from it!!\\
sasu: no\\
sasu: it will burn to ashes like this\\
?: good!!\\
?: just a little more\\
naru: hey! Sasuke!\\
sasu: … I will put an end to all the wrong things of the current ninja system!\\
sasu: and then a new…\\
sfx: bochi\\
sasu: tsk!\\
sasu: he detached the part that was burning!\\
kichi: kuh!\\
sai: I don’t know him well so I can look at him with a cool mind\\
sai: I cannot truth sasuke as a real comrade\\
sai: what do you really think, sakura?\\
saku: you don’t have to worry… sasuke-kun has returned to us…\\ and I’m happy about it…\\
saku: I believe in him too\\
sai: maybe there are no lies in your words…\\
sai but…\\
sai: I’m already able to understand when… your smiling face is a lie\\
ino: what’s wrong, shikamaru?\\
shika: nothing…\\
katsu: … in other words I guess that this is quite a complicated situation\\
tsu: I see…\\
tsu: then…\\
tsu: we should hurry up as well!!\\
gaara: I will carry everyone with my sand\\ you should save up your chakra\\
a: you stopped your story halfway\\ I want to hear it in details!\\
chi: you can hear it while we move\\
sui: hurry up and let’s go!\\
inserted text: pierce!!\\

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