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Break Blade 64

Chapter 64: infiltration in the capital 3

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 26, 2013 07:16 | Go to Break Blade

-> RTS Page for Break Blade 64

Chapter 64: infiltration in the capital 3\\
side text: rygart has been captured. What will frederika do for his saviour…?\\
fre: so, how did it go?\\
fre: was gram-san released?\\
old man: no…\\
old man: the immigration documents seemed to be real, but general ares wants to investigate the place were they were produced while continuing to have him in custody…\\
fre: general ares~~~~~\\
ry: this is bad…\\
ry: a day already passed…\\
ry: I have to get out of here immediately\\
ry: I have to contact hodr\\
ry: the frederika I met yesterday…\\ she is clearly another person from the one in binnoten….\\
ry: are they twins…? I never head about such a thing, but…\\
ry: then what about the other one in the capital…?\\
ry: if the frederika I met yesterday was the real princess, then…\\
ry: things will get bad…\\
guard: come out, gram aland\\
guard: walk\\
gurad: go in there\\
sfx: kacha kacha\\
ry: eh…?\\
fre: gram-san!!\\
ry: ah…!!\\
fre: let’s escape from here!\\
fre: 20 years ago they made a new vent\\
fre: and this vent became unused\\
ry: what is this place…?\\
fre: this is used as a subterranean waterway, but it is so old that you don’t find it even on the prints of the castle\\ I think that not even 5 people among the soldiers in the castle know about this place\\
ry: 5 people…\\ that’s really a few people…\\
fre: well they used it only as a waterway, you know…\\ ah!\\
fre: let’s pretend that you didn’t heard what I just said, ok?\\
ry: … if in the castle above…\\
ry: there is sigyn, then…\\
ry: … I can use the help of this two and…\\
fre: orlando and krishnat\\ in order to avenge my death father\\ I will consider as an enemy\\
fre: anyone who collaborates with these 2 countries\\
fre: gram-san?\\
ry: …\\ it’s nothing…\\
fre: we should be alright here\\
ry: t-t-\\
ry: thanks\\
ry: … but will you be alright?\\ you did such a thing…\\
fre: the truth is that because of the confusion due to the occupation even the people of assam can be hold in custody indefinitely if they don’t have the authorization from the courthouse…\\
fre: … I understand everyone’s dissatisfaction, but…\\
fre: Athens intends to give back the sovereignty to assam one day…\\
fre: zess-sama said that…\\
fre: ah… sorry\\
fre: I talked about something strange…\\
ry: … n-no…\\
fre: gram-san…\\
ry: thanks for helping me!\\
ry: yeah, that’s right, tell that to hodr for me\\
sol: yes!\\
ry: I be certain about it, but I got the impression that the frederika that helped me… didn’t lie… if the one in the capital is a fake one…\\
ry: then we got along with an incredible farce and we are screwed…\\
ry: … well then, as we decided\\ I will erase my presence for 3 days…\\
sol: are you going alone…?\\
ry: yeah…\\
ry: I have to absolutely meet…\\ with him…\\
box: the following day\\
?: what did you sat!?\\
?: you cannot find general zess!!?\\
??: y-yes, when we were marching he suddenly used his rekshias to shake us off…\\
?: kuh… general ares unit should be near there, contact them immediately!!\\
??: y-yes!!\\
?: … there are the footprints of a rekshias\\
fre: we only built two rekshians units, so…\\
fre: it’s zess-sama!\\
fre: at the end of this road there is…\\
fre: assam’s national military school that was abandoned…\\
side text: they meet again… what kind of words will they exchange…?\\

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