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Break Blade 65

Chapter 65: antinomy

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 10, 2013 02:06 | Go to Break Blade

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Chapter 65: antinomy\\
fre: at the end of this road there is…\\
fre: assam’s national military academy…\\
?: what should we do…? We are getting really far for the rear of the main unit, but…\\
fre: you will return to the main unit and report to general ares\\
fre: I will follow zess-sama\\
?: b-but…\\ general ares said that you must not absolutely move alone…\\
fre: well, I could do it anyway right?\\ it’s not like you can do anything considering that I’m inside a rekshas!!\\
?: uh…\\
fre: sorry\\
fre: I’m really worried about zess-sama\\ I leave the report to you!!\\
?: …\\ o-ok\\
?: try to not do reckless things, please…\\
?: such incredible speed…\\ to think that she was able to control that unit in such a short time…\\
fre: zess-sama is the link between assam and Athens…\\
fre: anyone who troubles him…\\ is my “enemy”…\\
ry: this place really became desolate…\\
ry: assam’s military academy…\\
ry: … but\\
ry: this brings back memories, right…\\ zess…\\
zess: it was just a foolish school …\\
zess: both the students and the teachers,\\ everyone was so foolish…\\
ry: but you enjoyed your time there\\ surely more than enjoy your present life…\\
zess: I don’t have much time\\ what’s your business with me?\\
ry: …\\ I lied to you…\\
ry: even it I said that I would bring that secret with me to the grave…\\
zess: so you told that to hodr, huh…\\
ry: … yeah…\\
ry: zess…\\ the reason because you came to this school was…\\
ry: to assassinate hodr…\\
ry: it was your brother… the secretary general lokis’ order…\\
ry: … however you couldn’t accomplish your mission after you came to know hodr!\\
zess: you are wrong! I couldn’t do that because you always got in my way!!\\
ry: you would have done it if you really wanted…\\
zess: that’s not important\\ anymore\\
ry: to me it is really important!\\ we wrote together a letter of appeal to secretary general lokis to solve that situation, right…?\\
zess: heh\\
zess: “Krishnat’s second prince hodr is a fool, so it is more profitable for Athens if he lives and seats on the royal throne” … huh… \\
zess: but after hodr broke his shell, we have the current situation\\
zess: in just a few years he rebuilt krishnat domestic affairs, in the moment he understood that there would be a war he sealed the national borders and he was able to avoid the rout of kushina’s army that wasn’t accustomed to a war…\\
zess: furthermore, rygart… you killed bolkius… and krishnat won…\\
zess: and what happened to Athens instead…?\\
zess: if we lose the next war, Athens will collapse both from the outside and from the inside\\
ry: zess…!!\\ there is no need for a war!\\
zess: the war can be avoided if you surrender to our conditions\\ and there will be no need to kill sigyn…\\
ry: … it’s impossible that hodr would abandon his people just for sigyn’s safety…\\
ry: zess, are you…\\
ry: really going to kill sigyn…!?\\
zess: … if the situation doesn’t change…\\
zess: … I will do it,\\ myself!\\
zess: I lied to my brother\\
zess: I hid him hodr’s wit and intelligence, I knew that he wasn’t an idiot…\\
zess: if at that time I would have done things like my brother said, then…\\
ry: stop this madness zess!!\\
ry: no matter how much you are loyal to your brother…\\
ry: general secretary lokis’ left arm will not heal…!!\\
zess: … yeah, you are right…\\
zess: because of the poison I gave him…\\ my brother lost the control of his left arm’s nerves …\\
zess: my brother was a genius not only when it came to academics but also at piloting golems…\\ I snatched away his bright future from its very roots\\
ry: it wasn’t you…\\
ry: but your mother\\
zess: I’m born from that woman, and I’m a criminal just like her\\ I don’t know if I misunderstood something because of my social standing as an illegitimate son of a mistress, but…\\
zess: just the thought that in this body flows the same blood of that woman\\ makes me want to take it out from my body…!!\\
zess: … this time… I\\
zess: will become my brother’s left arm…\\
ry: … stop this and become independent from your brother already…\\
ry: this is foolish!\\
zess: for the first time we our opinions coincide, rygart…\\
zess: yeah… you are right\\ this is foolish\\
ry: stop!!\\
ry: did you forget what place is this!?\\
zess: I have forgotten such a thing a long time ago!!!\\
zess: just like you said that my loyalty to my brother is foolish…\\
zess: your precious memories of this place…\\ are foolish to me\\
zess: rygart…\\
zess: I will kill sigyn\\
zess: in order to part from you all…\\
zess: get on that golem hidden over there\\ rygart\\
zess: everything has already changed\\ we cannot return to the past\\
zess: I will end everything here\\
ry: … zess…\\
ry: I will… fucking punch you!!\\
inserted text: their feelings are far from each other…\\

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