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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 642

Chapter 642: the entrance to break through

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 14, 2013 09:37 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 642: the entrance to break through\\
inserted text: their combined attack where they put all their strength into directly hit their opponent…!!!\\
kichi: did they finally do it!?\\
naru: okay…!!\\
sfx: suuu\\suuu\\
tobi: he was directly hit before he could guard with those black things\\... this time it must have worked for sure!\\
sfx: zupo\\zupo\\
sfx: suuu…\\
tobi: … it seems that it is not working after all\\
mina: we cannot be touched by those black spheres made of transformed chakra… and even if we hit him, our attacks don’t work…\\ he is fast both in attack and defence…\\
sasu: this is getting bothersome\\
naru: he is even more incredibly perfect than what I can imagine in my dreams!\\
mina: … to think that he could attain a power that you can see only in your own dreams…\\
sfx: jump\\
tobi: … this is strange…\\
tobi: even if your arm and shoulder has been pluck…\\ the dust that should restore it should come to gather around you soon, but…\\
obi: I have obtained the power of the ancestors of all ninjas\\ the common sense you used until now is not valid against me\\
tobi: impossible…\\
tobi: your technique…\\
mina: what are you talking about?\\
tobi: fourth… do not suffer any more sever wounds…\\even if you have an edo tensei body\\
tobi: this guy… probably he is using a technique based on the yin yang release that nullifies all the ninja techniques…!\\
tobi: in other words even if you have an edo tensei body, if he defeats you…\\
tobi: you will not be resurrected…\\
tobi: and just die…!\\
tobi: … and you can also consider that your right arm will never be healed…\\
mina: … in other words I have to fight carefully from now on…\\
naru: sasuke…\\
sasu: what is it?\\
sfx: step\\
naru: let’s try once again what we did earlier but on a great scale… can you do that?\\
sasu: don’t underestimate the uchihas\\
naru: ok!!\\
naru: I will increase the level of the kurama mode and transform into a bijuu!!\\
naru: eh?\\
tobi: what meaning there is in throw a challenge if you end up like this…?\\
tobi: both the father and son are two airheads…\\ you don’t finish to amaze me\\
mina: s-sorry\\
naru: kurama, can you give me a little more of chakra here!?\\
kura: wait a little more to transform into the kyuubi!\\
kura: if you want to change in the bijuu mode as soon as possible remain in you normal state for a little bit\\
kichi: mizu ame teppou!!! (Starch syrup gun)\\
tobi: was that from the frog of the myouboku mountain?\\
naru: gamachiki, what are you doing all of the sudden?\\ the best way to fight him is to use a diversion or a combined attack…\\
kichi: sorry but the summoning time will finish soon!\\ and I thought to retaliate before that!!\\
sfx: puh\\
naru: your thoughts are more than enough, thanks\\
naru: now you can go back to rest!\\
kichi: sorry!\\
tobi: eh?\\
tobi that’s…\\
sfx: puchi\\
mina: obito, you were supposed to become an hokage\\
mina: why are you doing such a thing…!?\\
sfx: suuu\\
naru: I have to do it now that I have the time…!!\\
obi: so you are going to do me a sermon after we have arrived to this point, huh…\\
obi: you are quite late for that… sensei\\
obi: you are always too late… in the most crucial moments\\
tobi: what is minato-sensei doing!?\\
tobi: I’m asking you what the yellow flash is doing right now!\\
tobi: I’m glad that my master was and hokage\\
tobi: thanks to that I gave up becoming an hokage myself\\
tobi: … in this occasion it doesn’t matter who you are…\\
mina: but why are you attacking kohoha?\\
tobi: if I have to name some reasons, I would say that I did it for because of a fluke… or because of my plan…\\
tobi: because of war… because of peace…\\
mina: … it is true that if that time I noticed that he was obito…\\
mina: I would have been able to stop him…!\\
mina: and then…\\
mina: kushina would have not died…!\\
mina: and maybe I would not have been forced to make naruto into the kyuubi’s jinchuuriki…!\\
mina: I…\\
mina: if just I noticed that it was obito…!!\\
mina: maybe things would not end up like this for the ninja world…!!\\
obi: you didn’t notice that it was me even if you were my teacher\\ you are like that… after all\\
obi: pathetic…\\
obi: you died as an hokage hero, but you are exposing the living disgrace you are in front of your own son\\
tobi: that’s right…\\
sfx: zuuu\\
tobi: even an hokage is a pathetic existence if compared to me now\\
tobi: he is not just an airhead…\\
tobi: … he has noticed it\\
sfx: su\\
naru: someone like you who wasn’t even able to become and hokage cannot make fun of them…\\
mina: … naruto, you…?\\
naru: and more importantly…\\
naru: you cannot make fun of my father who become an hokage himself!!!\\
sasu: it’s working!?\\
sasu: what’s the meaning of this?\\
tobi: the right answer was that after all…\\
tobi: even if the ninja techniques don’t work…\\
tobi: it seems that sage techniques attacks work…!!\\
tobi: the sage technique attack of the frog from the myouboku mountain…\\
tobi: wasn’t erased\\
naru: you bastard!!\\
mina: he even has the same techniques as jiraiya-sensei…!?\\
kyuu: you have raised a brat with a lot of love for him parents… minato\\
kyuu: he was also able to persuade my other half\\
inserted text: what is this shadow…!?\\
side text: in the next issue, what will happen to naruto and the others who have discovered the techniques that work against obito…!?

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