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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 643

Chapter 643: bumping fists…!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 26, 2013 09:38 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 643: bumping fists…!!\\
Kyu: minato…\\
Sfx: su\\
Kyu: you wanted that you son would finish the things you couldn’t, right?\\
Kyu: that’s the reason why you sealed my remaining half in that brat…\\
Kyu: because you believed that he could work together with it\\
Inserted text: another one…\\
Mina: kyuubi…\\
kyu: if what I’m saying it’s true, you shouldn’t regret what you have done\\
kyu: it’s not your fault that kushina died…\\ there is nothing wrong in making your child into a jinchuuriki…\\
kyu: the one who wants to change the world that… \\
kyu: became like this now, is no one other than your son\\
kyu: … he is not the infant of that time anymore\\ you know, tomorrow is…\\
kura: naruto, I have something to say to you… listen\\
naru: just as I thought!\\
obi: to think that the juubi’s jinchuuriki had such a weak point…\\
sfx: mukuh\\
obi: in the moment I made the juubi enter into me… I cannot make things slip through me anymore, huh…\\
obi: this is troublesome…\\
naru: the hermit techniques work on him!!\\
sasu: … the hermit’s power…\\
naru: gamakichi’s attack was a hermit art that used the natural energy\\
naru: now that I think about it, when I tried to perceive the juubi’s power, it was natural energy itself\\
naru: probably you can oppose against power of the nature with the power of nature itself…\\ but I don’t really understand the logic behind that\\
naru: in any case I glad that I have learnt the sage arts…!!\\
naru: ok… next I will go with the frog kumite!!\\
sfx: fuwa\\
tobi: … he immediately understood why I was using the thunder god technique, plus…\\ he can use the hermit’s power\\
sfx: step\\
tobi: it’s like I’m fighting together with my brother\\
sfx: poh\\
tobi: it’s true that it worked but… he is being more cautious about his back after the healed it\\
tobi: if I carelessly teleport behind him, I could end up erased…\\
obi: I should do a little of cleaning before the preparations for the eternal tsukiyomi…\\
sfx: su\\
tobi: there is nothing worth of value…\\ in this reality anymore\\
obi: this world is already dying\\
sfx: suuu\\
??: hey… this is bad…\\
??: is he going to fire 4 of them… at the same time…!?\\
kuro: even if everyone from the alliance uses the earth release: enclosing wall, we will not make it in time…!\\
kuro: there are too many of those things…!\\
shika: what should we do…!? Think!\\
tobi: I can teleport only one of them with the flying god technique…!\\
tobi: even if the fourth an I teleport two of them we cannot do anything about the other two!\\
tobi: what about my brother…!?\\
hashi: madara! Can you wait for a minute!?\\
hashi: your comrade is…\\
mada: we are edo tensei, there’s no need to worry about that!!\\
mada: let’s continue!!\\
hashi: don’t give up everyone, I’m here too!!\\ it will be sufficient to change the trajectory of the sphere!!\\
hashi: hokages, work together and repel them to the open sea!!\\
hashi: everyone, I leave the earth release wall to you!\\
hashi: I will guide them to the sea with the nativity of a world of trees technique!\\
sfx: boh\\
obi: I will not allow that\\
obi: musekiyoujin!! (six red suns formation)\\
??: it’s a barrier!!\\
?: h-hey…\\
???: with this… we are…\\
hashi: … you trapped everyone in a barrier so that we would not be able to repel the bijuu sphere outside, huh…\\
obi: this is the end of the war\\
tobi: we don’t have any other choice than teleporting those things outside of the barrier\\ can you teleport two of them… fourth…!?\\
mina: I cannot do a marking, so I can deal with only one of them…\\
mina: we have only one choice…\\
mina: that is…\\
obi: you want to teleport the entire tree outside the barrier, right?\\
obi: … like I would let you do such a thing…\\ you cannot save anyone\\
naru: dad… I have I plan but I’m not sure if it will work…\\
naru: bump your fist with mine\\
sfx: su\\
sfx: ton\\
kura: hey, my other half, are you doing well?\\
kura: do you have a little of chakra to spare?\\
kyu: it feels strange… to have a favour asked by your own self…\\
obi: naruto… ha cannot do anything…\\
obi: he wasn’t able to protect your mother…\\
obi: and even his subordinates…\\
obi: do you know what day is tomorrow?\\
obi: it’s minato and kushina’s death anniversary\\
obi: the day both of your parents died\\
obi: once you die… it is the end for you in this world…\\
sfx: waku\\waku\\
obi: … listen now\\
naru: you are right…\\ in that case…\\ tomorrow is my birthday\\
naru: now listen to me… it has not finished yet…\\
naru: because I’m still in this world!!!\\
naru: let’s go dad!!!\\
mina: … our naruto really grew up big and strong…\\
mina: kushina\\
mina: ok!!\\
inserted text: the strongest father-son combo!!\\

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