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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 644

Chapter 644: I know

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 2, 2013 09:35 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 644: I know\\
inserted text: for the first time the son and father’s fists meet!!\\
kurama: the fact that we can merge our chakra saved us! Just like I thought\\
kyu: yeah, I guess… we were originally a single entity after all…\\
kyu: furthermore these two are father and son\\
?: he intends to use those things to destroy us after confining us in this barrier!!\\
??: what should we do!!?\\
shika: the hokages’ barrier didn’t even make the bijuu sphere pass through…\\
shika: this barrier is red too…\\
shika: there is no doubt that it is a barrier on the level of that of the hokages…!!\\
shika: if it is impossible with our power to destroy a barrier of such a level… then…\\
shika: dammit! Nothing comes to my mind, dad!!\\
sasu: what are you going to do, naruto?\\
naru: for now…\\
naru: just let me concentrate…\\
naru: now I will tell you about something that kurama and I thought together…\\
naru: so tell me is such a thing is possible!!\\
mina: ok… tell me everything…!\\
mina: did he meet kushina already?\\
mina: … naruto has already grown so much…\\
mina: sorry…\\ naruto…\\
mina: until know… you must have gone through a lot of difficult things…!\\
naru: the difficult things begin now, dad!\\
lee: this is naruto’s…!\\
saku: didn’t this… disappear!?\\
katsu: I noticed it when we were healing everyone, but…\\ it seems that it only became smaller\\
cho: this is even stronger and bigger than before!!\\
bee: did you notice it, hacchan\\ I can feel both of the kyuubi\\
hachi: this is not just the kyuubi…\\
shika: are you going to protect us from that attack by using this chakra, naruto!?\\
saku: juugo…\\
juu: things are bad here, sasuke… let’s escape outside of the barrier\\
juu: you can use the snake reverse summoning\\
sasu: that’s my intention…\\
sasu: I will bring naruto and you together with me\\
naru: I didn’t give you my chakra yet!\\ come here!\\
sasu: heh… what would I do with that chakra?\\
naru: we don’t have time! Hurry up!!\\
hashi: he gave his chakra to all the ninja around here!\\ his quantity of chakra can rival mine!\\
hashi: no! this is not only the chakra of the kyuubi…\\
obi: that thing cannot hold against the combined explosion of 4 bijuu spheres from the juubi\\
obi: just disappear into nothingness\\
sfx: peri\\
obi: … this is…\\
?: what happened?\\
ino: we are outside the barrier\\
shino: it must have been the body flickering technique\\
kiba: was naruto able to do such a thing as well!?\\
hina: … this is not just naruto-kun’s chakra…\\
chou: this chakra protected us once again!!\\
shika: no… look carefully around you\\
ino: chouji look over there… we were…\\
hachi: we were teleported thanks to the fourth’s flying god technique!\\
tobi: … fourth…\\
tobi: you saved all the shinobies around here for a second time\\
mina: … the count of my failures is still higher…\\
mina: so I’m not finished yet\\
around him: haa\haa\\
juu: what did you do?\\
naru: I made my father teleport everyone from the alliance outside of the barrier\\
sasu: everyone with that technique?\\
mina: I can teleport anything that is directly in contact with me or my chakra\\
sasu: … how did you…\\
naru: everyone had kurama and mine chakra on them because I gave it to them earlier\\
naru: so I thought that if everyone was at once… hum…\\
mina: in direct contact…\\
naru: that’s right! in direct contact with my father’s chakra it would work, so…\\
naru: I fused kurama and my chakra together with that of my dad… and it went well!\\
tobi: you exploited the logic behind the shadow clone technique\\
tobi: even if you divide your chakra and be far from it\\ a little quantity still remains without being erased\\
body: original\\
tobi: and when the original body controls and moulds its chakra\\
tobi: the chakra that was dispersed causes a resonance and links everyone together\\
tobi: in other words, when you made your chakra come in contact with that of the fourth\\
tobi: the chakra remaining on the others of the alliance becomes connected with that of the fourth\\
box: naruto\\ fourth\\
tobi: is that right… naruto…\\
naru: eh!? … that’s how it worked?\\
tobi: … yeah, don’t worry about it…\\
naru: you know a lot of things about my shadow clones, second…!\\
tobi: I have created that technique!\\ it’s my technique!\\
mina: yeah… let’s try it\\
mina: if the kyuubi… no I mean, if kurama lends his power to us there is nothing that we can’t do\\
naru: perfect! Let’s put together the power of the four of us!!\\
kyu: the four of us…\\
kyu: to think that we would be treated like human beings… in what kind of environment did you grow up? Ku ku ku…\\
mina: naruto…\\
naru: eh!?\\
mina: there are a lot of things that I would like to say to you…\\
naru: men don’t need small talk!\\ I already know it!\\
naru: I have…\\
naru: already met my mum’s chakra…\\
kushi: I just want to teach you more…\\
kushi: more…! More! More and more things …\\
kushi: … I want to be with you for longer… I love you\\
kushi: … minato… I’m sorry… I was the only one…\\
mina: no… it’s ok…\\
mina: naruto…\\
mina: your father words are…\\
naru: the things you want to say are probably\\
naru: the same of my noisy mum!\\
naru: so I already know everything about it!\\
inserted text: their feelings are conveyed and connect them together…\\

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