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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 646

Chapter 646: shinju(the divine fruit)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 15, 2013 02:59 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 646: shinju(the divine tree)\\
sfx: nori\\nori\\nori\\
tobi: I should remove the barrier for the time being…\\
sfx: zuuu\\
inserted text: destruction…!!\\
naru: kuh!\\ guaah!\\
mina: t-this is…!\\
?: guaaah!!\\
?: ah!!\\
?: guaaa…\\ aah…\\
?: this thing…! It instantly absorbs your chakra!!!\\ we will die if we don’t run away!!\\
??: help me!!\\
?: t-this is impossible…\\
?: it is coming after anyone who is still alive…!\\
bee: why there are so many of them after me, motherfucker!!\\
hachi: this is… the shinju\\
hachi: the juubi’s last form!!!\\
hachi: it understood that you have a lot more of chakra in comparison to the others\\
hachi: with this all the chakra naruto gave to the others was for nigh!!\\
hashi: muh!\\ w-what the hell is this!!?\\
mada: originally the chakra was this shinju itself!\\
mada: all the chakra that is here… and even your enormous chakra\\
hashi: … what?\\
mada: originally it was the humans who stole the chakra from the shinju…\\
mada: this thing is only getting it back…\\
hashi: what are you talking about!?\\
mada: the beginning of this story is hidden in the mist of the endless flow of time…\\
mada: hashirama… do you know why the shinobi were born?\\
mada: in the past, when the people still didn’t have the notion of chakra…\\
mada: even in that time, people were fighting against each other\\
mada: the shinju never took part in those conflicts\\ and for all that time it was worshiped by the people as the divine pillar\\
mada: and then, one day the shinju fruit that matures once every 1000 years appeared on the tree\\
mada: we don’t know what is the meaning of such an event, but…\\ it was passed down that no one should ever put his hands on the fruit\\
mada: but there was a princess who picked up the fruit and ate it…\\ in order to use this chance to obtain the shinju’s power and win the war\\
mada: her name was ootsutsuki kaguya\\
mada: after that kaguya… obtained the power of a god\\
mada: and stopped the war alone\\
mada: … she was the first in history who had chakra…\\
mada: and her son was born by having chakra in his body\\
mada: however the shinju who lost its chakra, began to move in order to regain it and went out of control\\
mada: that’s the juubi\\
mada: the one who stopped it was kaguya’s son\\
mada: … his name was ootsutsuki hagoromo… the forefather of the shinobies who founded the ninja sect that spread the teachings on the chakra…\\
mada: the man called the rikudou sennin\\
hashi: why do you know such things…!?\\
mada: it was written on the uchiha’s tablet\\
mada: the people obtained the forbidden fruit in order to stop the conflicts, but…\\
mada: do I really have to explain how things went after that?\\
mada: yes… nothing changed\\
mada: instead the conflict became even more gruesome\\
mada: when I knew such a thing… I was in despair…\\
mada: there is no real dream in this world!\\
mada: since the time the humans obtained that fruit\\
mada: the humans decided…\\ to curse and hate each other even more!\\
mada: don’t you think that the shinobi themselves are the symbol of such foolishness!?\\
mada: in that case it’s better to…\\
mada: use once again the power of this fruit… and create a great genjutsu…\\
mada: you are not able to see it…\\
mada: the dream that lies even farther than this\\
hashi: so this is the “dream that lies further” that you were talking about!?\\
mada: … yeah\\
mada: … but it is a little different…\\
mada: when the bud of the shinju will open\\
mada: the eye inside of the flower will be reflected on the heavens\\
mada: and the infinite tsukiyomi will be completed\\
mada: and\\
mada: to one who will accomplish such a thing…\\
mada: will be me\\
naru: uwaaah!!\\
mina: naruto!!!\\
tobi: suiton suidanha (water release: water bullet wave)\\
tobi: dammit! There are too many of them\\
tobi: in this way I cannot do anything even if I am able to perceive naruto!\\
tobi: fourth… can you teleport directly to naruto’s position!?\\
mina: it’s impossible! The previous flying thunder god and this ivy have totally consumed my chakra…\\
tobi: tch…\\
sfx: suuu\\
naru: old man…\\
saru: sorry, I was late!\\
tobi: saru!\\
sfx: pasha\\ dashi\\
sfx: jump\\
sfx: tan\\tan\\
tobi: ok! Let’s teleport now\\
juu: … it finally settled down, huh…!?\\
?: this is… too much…\\
?: we cannot…\\
saku: kuh…\\
sai: are you alright, sakura-san?\\
bee: haa\\ pant\\
obi: now… remain stay still…\\
obi: you endured… far too much\\
inseted text: the flower of despair that pierces through the full moon is about to bloom…!!!\\

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