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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 647

Chapter 647: regrets

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 21, 2013 00:37 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 647: regrets\\
inserted text: the flower that pricks to the moon\\
mizu: w-what the hell is that?\\
tsu: katsuyu!\\
katsy: yes! I will explain everything!\\
sai: are you alright, sakura?\\
saku: yes…\\
saku: the five kages will be here soon…\\
?: shikamaru!!\\
cho: shikamaru!!\\
shika: haa\\pant\\
kiba hey! He looks like a mess!\\
saku: katsuyu-sama! Let’s commence the remote treatment immediately!\\
katsu: that’s impossible\\
saku: w-what!?\\
katsu: It absorbed all the chakra from my clones…\\ that were with the others and they died\\
saku: that cannot be…\\
katsu: in other words…\\
katsu: everyone ended up just like my clones\\
shika: I’m sorry… dad…\\
shaika: it seems that I will… meet you soon…\\
cho: shikamaru…!!\\
shika: sorry... mom…\\
saku: if we have to die anyway…\\
saku: it is better to fight and die… that just doing nothing!\\
saku: this…\\
saku: this is just…\\
saku: dying even before starting to fight…!!\\
obi: the shinobi are finished… there is no future for them\\ I will not kill you if you don’t resist me\\
naru: g-guh\\
obi: furthermore, as long as you continue to oppose me, your friends will die one after another\\
obi: and this will become a world were there is no one who acknowledges you anymore…\\
obi: if you don’t want to have regrets\\
obi: you should stop opposing me\\
?: are you saying that…\\ you will spare us if we don’t oppose you… anymore…?\\
obi: … yes… you don’t have to be scared of death, and you don’t have to endure anything anymore…\\
obi: … once you will be in the dream…\\
hashi: don’t give up!!\\
hashi: once you will fall into his genjutsu you will be practically dead!!\\
saru: this big tree seems to be closely connected with obito…\\
saru: it’s like a part of his limbs that absorb chakra… we cannot get near him carelessly\\
oro: you are showing quite a weak attitude around here\\
sfx: su\\
oro: this is not like you…\\
oro: sarutobi-sensei\\
sui: sorry to keep you waiting! Juugo\\ sasuke\\
saru: orochimaru… you are late!\\ so… what about the five kages?\\
oro:… I have healed them… they should be here soon unless they are too scared to come\\
saru: heh… you sarcasm never changes\\
ju: they are finally here…\\
sui: however… not that I see it up close, it is a very big ass tree\\ how much time will it take to cut it down?\\
kar: who cares!\\ more importantly…\\
kar: I have immediately to get near sasuke, hug him and lick him~~!!\\
sui: you have to heal the members of the ninja alliance… right?\\
kar: y-yeah! I already know that, no need to tell me such a thing, you bastard!?\\
oro: it looks like he is sulking\\
hashi: what’s the meaning of this…?\\
hashi: so… when will that thing open…?\\
mada: the hacchibi and the kyuubi’s jinchuuriki are still living\\
mada: … do you understand that?\\
hashi: … in order to blooming… and complete the technique…\\
hashi: … it needs the chakra of the hachibi and the kyuubi, huh…\\
sfx: puri\\
sfx: zuuu\\
mada: however it’s not a big problem even if it doesn’t have the chakra of those two\\ in other words it can bloom either ways\\
mada: the only thing that changes is the time it takes to bloom\\
mada: I would say that the time limit is roughly 15 minutes…\\
mada: and in that time in order to stop obito and take his place\\
mada: I will use your power as sage\\
hashi: this is bad… I have to communicate what the original heard to everyone in the alliance…!\\
hashi: is there any member of the yamanaka clan here!?\\
ino: y-yes!\\
hashi: are you able to use the mind body switch technique!?\\
ino: ah, yes!\\
hashi: I need you help! Connect me to everyone!\\
hashi: I want to explain something about that tree and the infinite tsukiyomi!!\\
tsu: this feeling…\\
tsu: grandfather!!\\
hasho: ooh! Tsuna!?\\
oono: this voice, this is hashirama-dono!\\
ino: the five kages are inside of the range of my technique too!\\
hashi: ah wait! We will talk about the past later!\\
hashi: more importantly there is something that I have to say to you as well!\\
hashi: focus and listen!!\\
obi: hum… I should absorb a little more of chakra…\\
obi: it is taking too much time for the flower to bloom\\
sfx: su\\
?: then…! We…\\
?: are nothing more than nourishment for that tree!!\\
?: did the shinobi… exist only for that!?\\
?: … then… what should we do now!?\\
?: it’s already a desperate situation considering that we just have 15 minutes left… furthermore we cannot even get near it…!\\
hashi: on the other hand, if we don’t do anything the result will be the same…\\
hashi: we have to cut down that tree… \\
hashi: or defeat the technique user in this time limit\\
hashi: but…\\
hashi: I already told you\\
hashi: to not give up!!\\
?: you say that, but you are a edo tensei…\\
?: you are someone from the past who already died…\\
?: and we are still alive…\\
sfx: zuuu\\
?: this is…\\ the end…\\
sfx: zuza\\
?: if such a thing was bound to happen then since the beginning we…\\
obi: that’s right… just remain put…\\
obi: I will take you with me in a world were you don’t have to regret anything\\
naru: buguh…\\
naru: guh…\\
sasu: is this all you have got… naruto?\\
sasu: I will fight\\
sfx: sun\\
sasu: let’s go juugo\\
juu: yeah…\\
saku: … this is…\\
ino: I can feel it… this is… naruto’s heart…
ino: … it is being transmitted through… my technique…\\
naru: that time…\\
naru: I should have said something to him…\\
naru: I thought about it several times\\
saku: … his heart… is entering inside me…\\
naru: that’s why…\\
?: this is…\\
kiba: this is… that time…\\
naru: I…\\
naru: I don’t want to regret things anymore…\\
naru: I’m glad of what I have done until now!!!\\
naru: yeah… all the things we have done until now…\\
naru: will not be for naught!!\\
inserted text: his resolve to move forward…!!\\

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