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Naruto 650

Chapter 650: to sleep

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 13, 2013 08:23 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 650: to sleep \\
inserted text: the chance of victory is … now!!\\
?: don’t falter!! Let’s go…!!\\
hashi: let’s cut down that tree!!\\
minu: we samurai shouldn’t lower our concentration as well!!\\
sfx: kacha\\
tobi: I will exploit your connection to naruto’s chakra, fourth\\
tobi: I will use my body flickering technique to support everyone\\ even if differently from you, helping all of them together would be impossible for me\\
saru: orochimaru…\\
saru: will you just remain as a spectator?\\
oro: … I don’t have any interest in this war\\
oro: however… obito’s so called dream basically consists in throwing away this experimental laboratory so dear to me…\\
oro: I cannot approve such a thing after all\\
saru: then help us\\
sfx: zuooo\\
sfx: kon\\
oro: ok\\
oro: let’s try to remember for a little…\\
?: uwah\\
sfx: zunyuun\\
sfx: tan\\
oro: our nostalgic relationship as master-student\\
obi: I should change the form of my attack a little\\
?: what?\\
tobi: I will make those who are in danger escape with my body flickering technique*\\
TLN: it says body flickering when it should be the flying thunder god\\
tobi: attack him without fears!!\\
tsu: two people with the 100 men seal activated…\\
tsu: should be able to summon one tenth of katsuyu real body from the shikkotsu forest!\\
tsu: we will make everyone from the alliance use katsuyu as foothold!\\ that will become a healing area where they can recuperate\\
tsu: let’s go sakura!\\
saku: yes!!\\
the two of them: summoning technique!!\\
tsu: ino! Inform everyone!\\
ino: yes!\\
?: t-this is!?\\
??: with this… we can fight even if it will suck our chakra!\\
sfz: za\\
naru: dammit! He is fast after all!!\\
naru: but I am becoming able to sense him better and better!\\
naru: there!!\\
tobi: you should go to sleep soon\\
tobi: I will bring you together with me in my dream… you don’t have any time left…\\
kaka: obito… you probably wanted to make sure of something…\\
kaka: that is if an heart that would not be broken no matter what happens and an unchanged will of fire… do really exist!\\
sfx: *grab*\\
naru: kuh!\\
sasu: gukuh…\\
kaka: you have thrown away those things already…\\
kaka: but while you were fighting with naruto and listening to his words\\
sfx: suri\\suri\\
kaka: inside of your heart, you probably could not totally negate that such things really exist after all…\\
kaka: and no matter how many times you check and search for them you still continue to think that they do not exist…\\
kaka: and in that interstice…\\
kaka: you want that…\\
??: guwah!!\\
???: uwah!\\
?: uh\\
sasu: … uh…\\
kaka: naruto gives you that answer\\
naru: kuh…\\
sfx: zu\\
aroun naru: haa\\ haa\\
obi: why you don’t yield…!?\\
obi: why are you still fighting?\\
obi: for the sake of your comrades or maybe for the sake of this world?\\
obi: now listen… one day you will be betrayed by your comrades and sooner or later the love in this world will be changed in hatred\\
obi: you should know this already\\
obi: in the past the people of the village and sasuke betrayed you…\\
sfx: haa\\
obi: furthermore jiraya’s love only gave you hate\\
obi: you are just like me\\ the sufferings you are accumulating within you will change you one day\\
obi: and then even stronger sufferings will strike at you\\
obi: by knowing that, are you still able to say that you will not change!?\\
obi: you don’t know when your comrades will betray you once again\\
obi: you don’t know when those in the alliance will fight each other once again\\ and you don’t even know if you will be able to defeat me…\\
obi: there shouldn’t be any more meaning in fighting for this world\\ as it will end in few minutes anyway\\
obi: then why are you still fighting!?\\
sfx: suuuu\\
naru: because that’s my ninja way\\
naru: I never go back on my word\\ that’s my ninja way\\
sasu: let’s put an end to this with the next attack\\
naru: yeah!\\
naru: I will go to sleep tomorrow, and dream what I decide!!!\\
inserted text: become the fangs that will seize you future…!!\\

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