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Naruto 656

Chapter 656: change

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 3, 2013 09:01 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 656: change\\
Inserted text: the light reflected in his eyes…\\
Obi: naruto’s path, huh…\\
naru: raaah!!!\\
obi: maybe…\\
hashi: that’s the wood dragon that absorbs chakra from you!\\
hashi: with it your technique that absorbs chakra becomes useless!\\
hashi: haa\\
hashi: in other words you cannot move anymore\\
sfx: step\\
hashi: and you cannot absorb his attack no matter what!!\\
sfx: look\\
hashi: you came at a perfect time, fourth’s son!\\
hashi: finish him with your attack and use that chance to seal him!!\\
?: naruto threw his technique in that spot!\\ madara is there!!\\
sai: naruto this way! Let’s go!\\
naru: thanks sai!!\\
gaa: shukaku…\\ I want to borrow the power of your sand in order to seal madara\\
shu: a big scale desert funeral, huh?\\
gaa: yes… an extra large version of it\\
shu: wahahaha! Do you really think that I would do what you say\\ now that I not bounded to a jinchuuriki anymore?\\
gaa: that wasn’t an order… I’m just asking a favour\\
gaa: if you don’t want to do it then it’s fine…\\ I will ask someone else’s help\\
shu: uzumaki naruto, huh…\\
shu: it seems that he became quite a friend with that fucking fox bastard…\\
gaa: if you don’t want to help me, we will talk later\\ I’m going now\\
shu: keh! Do not annoy me with that way of talking…!\\
shu: they say that if the fox can transform 7 times, the tanuki can do it 8 times!\\
shu: I would never lose to that idiot fox*!\\
TLN: here there is a play of words between “baka” stupid, and “bake” transform. Literally it is “I am not a transforming (bake) tanuki that would lose to a stupid (baka) fox”\\
Shu: it’s not like I will listen to your request!\\
Shu: I will do it by my free will!\\ now guide me!\\
Gaa: this way\\
Shu: ok…\\
Son: wait\\
son: we will help too\\
naru: I want to help you…\\
naru: … take me to him, I will not help you just because of a fluke\\ I want to help naruto\\
gaa: you have my gratitude\\
son: ninja of the sand… are you one of naruto acquaintance?\\
gaa: yes…\\
gaa: he was my first friend\\
son: I see…!\\
son: … ok, let’s go!!\\
hashi: he wasn’t defeated by naruto’s technique\\
hashi: but with this we have totally stopped his movements…\\
hashi: we have just to wait for the shinobi who will seal him!\\
around hashi: haa\\haa\\
obi: cough!\\
obi: cough!\\
mina: a bijuu was remove from him, that means…\\
kyuu: the juubi’s jinchuuriki is different from the others…\\ he will not die even if the juubi is removed from him\\
kyuu: because the juubi’s shell… the gedou mazou still remains within him…\\ that thing has a lot of life force after all\\
mina: are you sure!?\\ why do you know that!?\\
kyuu: hey remember\\ who was able to scatter around the land the juubi’s chakra after dividing it into 9 parts?\\
mina: the rikudoku sennin…\\
kyuu: however nine bodies were removed from him\\ so he is so weak that he is half dead and he will not able to move for a few months\\
kyuu: even the old man was like that in the past\\
mina: I see…\\
mina: there’s no need to worry, kakashi\\
mina: the kyuubi’s inside of me said that…\\
kaka: I see…\\
obi: haa\\haa\\
kaka: I thought that you would compensate for what you have done until now, but…\\
kaka: if you cannot move we don’t have any other choice… just stay put there\\
kaka: sensei… watch over obito for me\\
mina: … ok\\
mina: what are you doing!?\\
obi: the same thing that… the man I was using…\\
obi: did when he betrayed me…\\
around him: haa\\haa\\
kaka: impossible…\\
obi: the thought that I would do the same thing…\\
obi: never came in my mind until now…\\
obi: it’s the gedou’s path… rinne tensei technique\\
kaka: … in exchange of that technique you will…\\
mina: it sounds like a technique that takes the user’s life\\
obi: I have the feeling that…\\ I am able to understand why nagato betrayed me…\\
obi: the spirits of the people linked together…\\ become a great power…\\
obi: both nagato and naruto were jiraiya’s disciples…\\
obi: you can say that… I was defeated by this man called jiraiya, after all…\\
obi: to the man who was your master… sensei…\\
obi: to the man who raised you into an hokage…\\
around him: haa\\haa\\
obi: and I am your disciple…\\ the one who gave up to become hokage… the shinobi who cut his spirit from the others…\\
obi: haa\\
obi: I cannot show my face to rin… on the other side…\\
kaka: … are you sure that you are fine with this…?\\
kaka: you can continue to live… and make new bounds with everyone…\\
obi: no… that’s too easy…\\
zetsu: I will help you this time!\\
mada: time for the change\\
mada: it’s my turn to attack now\\
hashi: there’s no need to act tough, the war has ended!\\
naru: sai!\\
sai: I know!\\
sai: fuuin justsu koshi tandan!! (Sealing Technique: Tiger Vision Staring Bullet)\\
mada: I have to thank you, naruto…\\
mada: you even removed the bijuus from obito…\\ you weakened him in my stead\\
zetsu: sorry obito… I existed just for this moment after all\\
obi: black zetsu…!\\
obi: guh…\\
kaka: w-what is that!?\\
sai: perfect! A little more!!\\
mada: rinne tensei no jutsu!!!\\
sfx: shuuu\\
around obi: pant\\haa\\haa\\
mada: I can finally fight for real!\\
sfx: bacha\\
mada: with this body!\\
mada: I can finally feel my blood gushing forth and dance in this fight with my flesh!!\\
sfx: heartbeats\\ heartbeats\\
inserted text: the most dreadful rebirth…!!!\\

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