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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Soul Eater 112

Chapter 112: the dark side of the moon IX

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 5, 2013 08:46 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 112

Chapter 112: the dark side of the moon IX\\
inserted text: fight, for tomorrow’s hope.\\
inserted text: the final battle, the last one standing is the kishin himself, asura!!!!!!!\ the harsh four players fight against the most terrible and strongest enemy clad in madness, how will the situation evolve…!!?\\
inserted text: thanks to the kishin hunt maka is headed inside the kishin!!\\
ki: do you want to enter inside of me by your own volition!? What will you do against this fear!?\\
maka: your fear united the scattered souls of a human, a shinigami, a witch, and another guy I don’t really know who he is!!\\
maka: even a god should have heard the saying “Many a little makes a mickle”!! that’s something those who you call trash say\\
maka: now the time has come to make you understand that!!\\
sfx: dope\\
soul: this is… the thing I ran away from…\ the piano…\ the people…\people…\people…\\
music sheet: the piano is the thing that connects me to the people\\
soul: I will continue to use the piano\\
soul: and it will help me knowing the people\\
?: soul\\
?: soul\\
soul: what am I thinking right now?\\
maka: a black blood sea… what is this place…?\\
soul: this seems like the inside of the kishin\\
soul: are you able to feel crona’s wavelength?\\
maka: yeah…\\
maka: I’m trying…\\
ki: mental fear
soul: guh…\\
maka: we are not alone!\\
maka: I can feel everyone’s courage…\\
maka: these are the souls od those the kishin calls trash, garbage, scum and fools…\\
maka: and the remarkably strong scums are black star and kid’s souls, huh…\\
maka: let’s go\\ crona is inside of here\\
b*s: ha… ha ha she went inside, huh…\\
b*s: did you hear it, kid? Maka’s terrible piano\\
kid: ha ha ha… yeah…\\
kid: yeah it was so bad that it disgusted me\\
ki: stop clinging to me\\
ki: you can laugh in a situation like this!? You really too scary\\
cro: fear… madness… darkness…\\
cro: my soul was eaten by this darkness…\\
cro: the soul eater…\\
cro: I wanted to escape from all this\\
cro: but it was useless\\
cro: that’s why I wanted to make this fear mine\\
cro: and then I didn’t think that I could conquer this fear…\\
cro: I betrayed my friends, killed my mother…\\
cro: stole everything from the people\\
cro: I proceeded toward the worst possible things all by myself\\
cro: I just wanted to prove that I wasn’t the worst thing on earth…\\
cro: this is just a sorry excuse\\
cro: it doesn’t have any sense\\
cro: it is really\\
cro: something that doesn’t have sense…\\
cro: how many times… how many times will this repeat…?\\
cro: for eternity… at the end I cannot escape from this darkness… even if there is nothing after this…\\
cro: I still retain this form…\\
cro: the other things that were eaten by the kishin mixed among each other and losed they forms…\\
cro: and yet I’m stillclinging to this body…\\
cro: this is so shameless\\
cro: medusa-sama is already dead…\\
cro: shouldn’t it be good if I die as well and everything ends like this…? I don’t have any other ties…\\
cro: I should throw away this body and put an end to my pathetic self alone\\
cro: the truth is that I don’t have that intention\\
cro: I cannot put an end to myself alone, because there are still things I’m clinging to\\
cro: isn’t this ironic this tenacity…?\\
cro: I resemble my mother after all\\
cro: even I am draw back…\\
cro: from my dreadful tenacity for a purpose…\\
cro: I want to meet her, once again…\\ maka…\\
maka: crona…\\
cro: maka…?\\
cro: so I even I will finally meet my end, huh…\\ I’m even having hallucinations about maka…\\
maka: maka chop\\
maka: crona…\\
cro: so… you are the real thing…?\\
maka: you can bet on it!\\
cro: if you are the real maka, then\\ then maka’s tenacity is something remarkable as well\\
maka: ? tenacity?\\
cro: well, isn’t like that after all? You came all the way here to meet with me\\ I also have the gruesome tenacity to wait for you to come even after I behaved in such shameful way\\
maka: doesn’t that mean that you believed in me?\\
cro: believe?\\
maka: we already understood each other once!\\ so it is possible that we would do it once again!!\\
maka: crona believed in me too! You are almost like a stalker\\
cro: w-well…\\
soul: we believed in you too\\
soul: well… you can say that we wanted to believe in the things maka believed as well…\\
soul: just like kid believed in the witches\\ you want to be acknowledge but an opponent which you cannot reason with even if he is dear to you\\ you are something unstable… isn’t already something that you persisted so much about maka?\\
maka: he is right\\
maka: his is something that a suspicious heart like the one of the kishin cannot realize\\
maka: this is none of the human’s strong points\\
maka: let’s go outside! Everyone is waiting for you\\
cro: outside…\\
cro: I cannot do that\\
cro: I cannot go back\\
maka: geez! I came all the way to this place, you know?\\
cro: I cannot do that because you came all the way to this place\\
maka: what do you mean?\\
cro: I have committed a crime against the society that I cannot never recover\\
cro: in order to make the things in balance once again I have to do something really important\\
cro: I was really happy… that you came all the way here for me\\
cro: I think that there is something I can only do thanks to your courage\\
maka: something you can only do?\\
maka: what are talking about?\\
cro: by fusing myself with the kishin, I understood that you cannot kill him\\ the kishin is the fear itself as long as there are all living things on this world, fear will not disappear\\
cro: but things will go out of control if we leave him alone\\
maka: that’s why we should do something about it with the others…\\
cro: where did you put the book you used before for the maka chop?\\ can you lend it to me?\\
maka: I picked it up on the way here\\
soul: that’s…\\
maka: eibon’s book? The brew!!\\
cro: this is the crystallization of the wisdom of the old ruler of knowledge, eibon\\
cro: it seems that you can use and fuse with it really easily…\\
cro: I will seal the kishin with my mad blood\\
maka: wait!! Then what will happen to you!?\\
cro: I just want to return you all the favours you made me. you always gave me courage\\
cro: you understand what I’m talking about, right soul?\\
cro: you are the first person you came in contact with me\\ to be honest I don’t care much about this world\\
cro: I don’t know what should I do to compensate for my “sin”\\
cro: but I want just to fight for your sake\\
cro: if I have such motivation then… I can be able to hold down this fear and this madness\\ I will be able to hold down the kishin\\
cro: furthermore it is necessary to make the kishin bleed!\\
ki: do you really think that I will let you get away so easily?\\
ki: it is impossible to find an exit in this world of darkness\\
soul: such a things depends from…\\
maka: this is the soul’s musical note sheet?\\
soul: the signposts that connect souls\\
soul : I left the first note empty for you, crona\\
soul put it in\\
cro: eh…?\\
cro: that’s something that connects different people through the world\\
cro: I’m not qualified to be part of that\\
soul: don’t worry if they are your friends or not, just put yout note then and don’t think too much about it\\
soul: I do the same thing\\
soul: now it is complete\\ this is the best song\\
maka: we will be back for sure!\\
maka: so wait for us!!\\
cro: I believe in you\\
maka: now I don’t have any other choice than go forward…\\
maka: I will smash down the kishin
ki: you said that Many a little makes a mickle!!\\
ki: but trash remains just trash!!\\
?: uwah!!\\
ki: you trash fly quite far\\
maka: this song\\
soul: it is the same song I played the first time I met you, this song is the beginning of my courage\\
soul: it will guide me outside\\
ki: it’s useless…\\
kid: are maka and the others going to come out!?\\
ki: they were finally able to enter in me so I was surprised that they wanted to come out already\\
b*s: don’t close the exit! I will wrench it open!!\\
B*S: oraaah!!\\
ki: fuhn!!\\
ki: what wrong with those eyes? they are frightening!!\\
ki: why don’t you break? This is the highest point of fear!!\\
b*s: shut up you idiot!!\\
b*s: I don’t understand what the fuck you are talking about!!\\
ki: you are just a strong scum!!\\
maka: look! That light!!\\
soul: this is the last\\
?: liz!!\\ patty\\ tsubaki!!\\kid\\ Black star!!\\
everyone: soul resonance!!!\\
maka: this is the proof that we cannot lose against you!!\\
ki: I’m so frightened that it is disgusting!! This is the first time I taste such fear!\\
maka: crona\\
ki: does this mean that someone like me who never feared humans now is afraid!!?\\
spi: this is…\\
maka: papa!!\\
spi: run away maka!!\\
maka: wait!!\\
maka: stop!! Why you too!!?\\
maka: uwaaaaaah\\
ki: by renouncing to your body you have conquered physical fear, with the brew you have conquered the fear of knowledge!!\\
ki: and by using your trust in others you conquered the mental fear too\\
ki: but that’s a really fragile pillar, I will easily break it!!\\
ki: and after I will break it madness will return\ see you until that time\\
ki: at best you will become frightened together with me\\
inserted text: next chapter is the last one…!!\\

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