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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Soul Eater 113

Last chapter: an healthy soul dwells into an healthy mind and an healthy body

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 5, 2013 08:51 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 113

This was half finished for like 2-3 months. I have finally finished it and published all the remaining translation.

The first translation which was put into a scan was from Soul Eater, this is why I continued to translate it even if I didn't have too much interest in the series.
I have to admit it, if I'm not interested my translations tend to suck big time. I hope that in any case someone among you all enjoyed them.


Last chapter: an healthy soul dwells into an healthy mind and an healthy body\\
inserted text: the soul last music movement. The last soul eater!\\
side text: the moon was covered by crona’s black blood…\\
rac: papa, mama look at that…\\
mama: what’s wrong, Rachel?\\
rac: it’s completely black\\
mama: that’s strange, I didn’t heard anyone talking about a lunar eclipse today…\\
maka: impossible… papa… everyone…\\
maka: this must be a lie…\\
kid: what’s wrong, maka?\\
maka: I can feel the soul of my father and the others come from someone else…?\\
spi: aaah~~ I don’t want to die~~ I still want to fall in love with so many girls…\\
spi: eh?\\
star: we were going to be eaten by the black blood and…\\
spi: eeeeh?\\
mabaa: nyamu\\
cat: you were teleported by mabaa-sama’s space magic\\
cat: you should be grateful\\
sid: you saved us!!\\
ma: nyamu!\\
go: this weight\\
go: it the weight of happiness\\
go: is it real that so many noa-sama exist?\\
go: this noa-sama\\
go: and this other noa-sama\\
go: and this noa-sama too\\
go: to think that they are all noa-sama\\ ah~~ my lips are raising\\
go: I’m so happy that le sides of my lips are raising\\
go: W mouth!!\\
maka: papa…\\
spi: maka\\
spi: makaa\\
maka: I thought that I woudn’t meet you again, mary-sensei\\
spi: what~~?\\
box: tits…\\
mary: you poor thing, you are full of injuries\\
box: that’s not it, I can feel a soul reaction coming from inside mary-sensei…?\\
kid: father?\\
kid: what’s the meaning of this…? I realized that I could feel his wavelength but…\\
ex: he died you fool!\\
kid: what kind of joke is this…?\\
ex: like hell that this would be a joke! You became a real shinigami, right? it’s not like the number of gods can increase like that\\
kid: father…\\
kid: so I became a shinigami because I killed my own father…\\
ex: you are a fool!!!\\
kid: what the hell are you doing!!? It hurts!!\\
ex: you didn’t learn anything from your father… life and death… when a shinigami dies a new shinigami is born\\
ex: now that all the old rules have died, it is the time for the people to build this world anew\\
ex: and you will do it!!\\
kid: I will…\\
kid: father…\\I\\
ex: I understand that… you cannot immediately metabolize the death of your father after it happened so suddenly\\
kid: father\ gentle\\
ex: I also have troubles metabolizing fried beef\\
kid: please watch over\\
ex: what about going to eat some fried beef next time?\\
kid: just be silent for a bit!!\\
ex: obviously you are in charge of cooking it\\
maka: the bad news about the shinigami greatly surprised the people and sadden them\\ and after a few days there was a magnificent funeral\\
box: the moon is still black\\
box: and among those surprised people no one noticed it\\
maka: crona…\\
blair: soul-kun~~~<3\\
soul: uwaaah!! Stop…!! Wha…! Hey…!\\
blair: come on come on <3\\
blair: nyanh you already reached you limit\\
box: tits…\\
maka: hey stop that immediately!!\\
blair: maka, you come here too\\
blair: I’m so happy that there are three of us here\\
maka: yeah\\
box: I agree with her\\
box: black star trains daily\\
b*s: next time I will win against the kishin alone!!!\\
b*s: a thing I understood is that in a battle between fellow gods air combat is really important\\
b*s: I wasn’t accustomed to fight on the moon so I could move like I thought\\ not I’m able to float even without tsubaki!!\\
box: he will gradually transcend his humanity because he is a bushin*\\
TLN: warrior\\
tsu: I told you to not enter in the places people are taking a bath!\\
b*s: I have to be able to concentrate and float even if I am seeing tits. This is my training!!\\
tsu: I don’t care just go away!!\\
b*s: ah!!\\
b*s: I can see you angela\\
an: geez~~~ I trained so much with an and sinsin and yet…\\
an: you have to make sure that I become a real man with your very eyes. And if I will not become a real man my soul will be yours\\
b*s: that will be mifune’s judgement\\
tsu: why are you talking over there?\\
an: ok~~\\
kid: hum\\
kid: why am I so obsessed with breast!?\\
liz: lately patty comes to touch them as well lately…\\
kid: this is tits madness!!\\
kid: crona didn’t receive any motherly love from medusa and that’s why she was so obsessed with breasts because they are a symbol of motherhood…\\
kid: now it is having an effect only on us who were on the moon, but a lot of students of shinbusen who left their countries to come here should begin to be effect from it soon\\
kid: this is an important matter, it must be investigated immediately\\
liz: hey! Tomorrow there is you coronation, you know!?\\
box: as result of kid’s immediate research\\ the faction of people who liked tits increased over the 50% of the people who like asses if compared with the results of the questionnaire papa distributed some time ago\\
box: the investigation also had this test “does this seem like a tit to you?”\\
box: my answer was obviously yes\\
box: more importantly it is time of the coronation ceremony\\
box: for that reason all the students from shibusen gathered and there were a lot of people\\
box: kid was already a shinigami, but with this it will become official.\\
box: death city is in festival mood\\
box: newspapers and magazines are full of articles about the birth of the new shinigami\\
kid: this time you put it straight, right?\\
spi: this time and even the one before I wanted to put it straight on you, but…\\
kid: sorry we are going to repeat this from the beginning\\
b*s: stop this shit!!\\
box: there were a lot of people against the improvements of relations between the new shinigami and the witches\\
box: but I still can’t believe that kid has become a real shinigami after all\\
kid: we will not yield to fear!!!\\
kid: however we weren’t the only one who won the fight against the kishin on the moon’s surface!!\\
kid: we could win because of the help of the witches guided by those two people over there\\
kid: I believe that we should built a thrust relationship with the witches starting from zero\\
kid: and the kim Diehl, a witch who became part of shibusen will surely be a bridge between us and these two people\\
ox: and I will help too\\
kid: it is not like that the mistake committed by both the people and the witches will disappear\\
kid: but they will become the foundation to create an even stronger world!!\\
kid: come here, soul\\
kid: he is the weapon of the scythe meister maka alban, who became a death scythe after eating aracne’s soul\\
kid: and for me he is the last death scythe! Soul “eater” Evans is the witness of my oath!!\\
kid: he is the “last death scythe”\\
kid: without delay, last death scythe soul “eater” Evans-kun!!\\
kid: what about animating this party a little?\\
soul: heh…\\ I’m in charge of a lot of thing here…\\
soul: the ceremonial thing end here\\
soul: let’s have fun\\
b*s: let’s not stay here!! Let’s go under the stage!!\\
box: it’s alright now, soul\\
ox: let’s dance together, my angel\\
kid: just for today, ok?\\
sid: this is good music\\
?: what do you think about the human’s music?\\
cat: I don’t understand such a thing\\
baa: nyamu\\
eruka: I was a little uneasy about living together with humans, but it doesn’t feel that bad after all\\
free: yeah\\
?: kyah~~~ soul-senpai <3\\
box: I have the feeling that soul went to a far away place…\\
box: I believe that “the fear will not disappear”. To think that I would feel fear on such a thing…\\
tsu: let’s go maka\\
mary: kids grow up really fast\\
stein: we have changed as well\\
kid: I could reach this point because my teacher were there for me\\ and the fact that everyone can do whatever they want now is also thanks to my father\\
b*s: I will train you today!!\\
?: wow~~ let’s make it a constest\\
??: bushin!\\ bushin!!\\
kid: I still have a lot ahead of me, so I still need your help from now on\\
mary: I believe that until you and black star will be around there will not be any problems,\\ but I will do my best for the next age to come\\
kid: I can feel the wavelength of a little soul come from inside you, mary-san…\\
spi: did you know it, shinigami-sama?\\ things are going quite smoothly between the two of there\\
kid: so they become really close eh?\\
stein: when we were threw on the moon I was worried… because when they begin to talk about that they don’t listen to anything I say…\\ and because of that I stopped smoking too\\
stein: well I will have another guinea pig in my hands so it is fine\\ keherah herah\\
mary: I feel a little anxious…\\
soul: it seems that these hot-blooded idiots don’t listen to my music\\
soul: did you come here to go wild as well?\\
maka: I always hear your music by standing by your side, so this is very relaxing for me\\
maka: are you sure that you can play well if I’m not around?\\
soul: shut up! I’m alright\\
maka: I.. guess\\
soul: it is not like I became a different person because I run away from my piano and threw away a part of my self\\ otherwise I would have dragged everyone down along with me\\
maka: so, what will you do, soul “eater” Evans?\\
soul: It’s fine\\ this is also the day I renew my enrolment in shinbunsen\\
soul : I will not lose to fear no matter what happens\\ I fought the kishin after all\\
soul: thanks to you I stopped running away\\
soul: this is the music we could create together after all\\
maka: I know that!!\\
maka: that’s why together we will say this!!\\ to crona!!\\ we will make even the kishin realize it no matter what!!\\
maka: we will show to everyone in the world the courage!!!\\
maka: of our soul resonance!!!\\

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