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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 657

Chapter 657: the advent of uchiha madara

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 10, 2013 08:44 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 657: the advent of uchiha madara\\
inserted text: an evil smile…!!\\
sfx: boro\\boro\\
sfx: boro\\boro\\
sfx: boro\\boro\\ boro\\boro\\
sasu: someone from the previous age shouldn’t come here uninvited\\
mada: you are just a brat that doesn’t even attract my attention…\\
mada: that should be my line\\
hashi: why his eyes are closed…?\\
naru: sasuke! It’s useless to throw random techniques at him\\ he is able so absorb ninjutsus!\\
hashi: what is that!?\\
sfx: shuruuuuu\\
mada: “if the two things that fight each other work together they will obtain all the thing is nature”\\
mada: hashirama\\ do you remember what I told you in front of the uchiha tablet?\\
around hashi: haa\\haa\\haa\\
mada: on that tablet there was written that true happiness\\ can be achieved if the powers of the two parts that oppose each other collaborate\\
mada: but… the same sentence can be understood in another way…\\
mada: uchiha and senju… the one who obtains both of their power also obtains true happiness\\
mada: maybe that sentence meant this…\\
mada: hashirama\\
hashi: it seems that you schemed a lot after you left the village\\
mada: no… this is something that a subordinate of my comrade did by chance\\
sfx: bite\\
mada: it seems that there were a bunch of people who had my same ideas\\
mada: however…\\
sfx: potaaa\\
mada: the fact that I would be alive once again was precisely part of my plan\\
naru: eh!?\\
hashi: kuh…\\
hashi: dammit… I cannot move…\\
sfx: biri\biri\\
naru: guah!\\
mada: the sequence in which thing happened was the inverse, but it’s fine…\\
sfx: suuu\\
sfs: boro\\boro\\ boro\\boro\\
mada: so this is the sage chakra, huh…\\
mada: … so it is just this level of power, huh…\\ I can manipulate it easily\\
sfx: su\\
sasu: this is our chance\\
sasu: with this we can kill you once for all\\ and send you back to the other world\\
hashi: kuh…\\
sasu: I will make you regret…\\ that you didn’t remain an edo tensei!\\
mada: I can feel it… that mangegyou… has straight tomoes\\
mada: and because of that you have good movements\\
mada: maybe it could be a good idea to take your eyes\\ until I get back my rinnegan…\\
kaka: what did you do!?\\
near obi: haa\\haa\\
obi: I made madara…\\
obi: come back… to life…\\
zetsu: obito…\\ with this we don’t have any other use of you anymore\\ now that you used the rinne tensei you will die\\
zetsu: now my last job is…\\
zetsu: to retrieve the left eye\\
kaka: kuh!\\
zetsu: even this guy should hold a little while I adhere to his body\\
mina: what are you?\\
mina: you are not… human, right?\\
zetsu: I am madara’s will itself\\ I will get rid of those who get in madara’s way\\
kaka: black zetsu…\\ we thought that you were captured, but…\\
zetsu: obito thought the same thing, but you undervalued madara’s plan\\
zetsu: and myself too\\
zetsu: uwah\\
zetsu: I-I cannot move like this…\\
zetsu: for just a second… the shape of his sword…\\
zetsu: to think that he would be able to morph it to such an extent…\\
mada: this is a good chance\\
mada: go to obito’s place and wait there for orders\\
mada: I will go there after I have played a little here\\
mada: I want to know the extend of the power of the kages of this age\\
zetsu: ok\\
zetsu: I will use this body to fight you\\
zetsu: until obito dies\\
zetsu: he became useless when he betrayed madara’s plan\\
zetsu: but I could use him till the last moment of his life\\
sfx: za\\za\\
mada: however… it would be regrettable to kill you\\
mada: what about…\\
mada: joining forces as the last surviving uchihas?\\
sasu: don’t get the wrong idea\\ you are a dead guy\\
mada: oh well…\\
mada: in any case you have little time left\\
sfx: bukuh\\
mada: katon: hajinkakure no jutsu (fire release: hiding ash and dust technique)\\
naru: uwaaah!\\
naru: hot!\\
hashi: madara is getting back his former power!\\
hashi: this is bad… his next target is…\\
?: uwaah!\\
sfx: suu\\
sfx: suu\\
mada: well then I will take you next\\
mada: you beasts\\
inserted text: madara is ready for the bijuu hunt!!!\\

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