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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 665

Chapter 665: who I am now

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 25, 2014 16:29 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 665

Chapter 665: who I am now\\
black: sorry…\\
zetsu: but I was also able to snatch away half of the kyuubi from them\\
mada: good\\ come here and bring with you the left eye\\
mina: I can feel the power of the sage… this is even stronger than obito…\\
gaa: so he fourth’s kyuubi is inside of the black guy now…!!\\
kaka: madara!?\\
kaka: how was he able to obtain the power of the six paths!?\\
black: as long as madara-sama is here, you will not be able to do anything to me\\ even if I get separated from this guy\\
gaa: let’s go, kakashi\\
black: kuh… dammit!!\\
sfx: stop\\stop\\
around obi: haa\\haa\\
around obi: haa\\ pant\\
black: you! Are you still…!\\
obi: I’m not done yet…\\
obi: madara… I have talk with you\\
near him: haa\\haa\\
sfx: su\\
kaka: the kyuubi inside of him is necessary for naruto\\ we cannot fail here\\
kaka: we cannot act until the very critical moment comes…\\
obi: what am I…\ to you?\\
mada: heheh… stop joking around\\ don’t ask such trivial things at a time like this\\
mada: for me you can be only one person\\
mada: madara\\
mada: now… act and… until the day… I will return to life…\\
mada: you will be… uchiha madara\\
mada: all the beings who reject this world are madara\\
mada: the individuals who shares the same ideology and act according to that\\ all the individuals which objective is the infinite tsukiyomi plan are madara\\
obi: that was the path I have followed\\
mada: in the time I was asleep\\
mada: I left everything to you\\ and let you walk before me\\
mada: that was the path I showed you\\
mada: you were supposed to prolong madara’s lifespan in order to accomplish the plan\\
mada: as… the saviour of this world\\
mada: the world that the rikudou sennin showed us…\\
sfx: su\\
mada: has failed\\
mada: listen now, the chakra that the rikudou sennin spread…\\
mada: originally was the power to “connect” \\
mada: it was the thing that would have connected the spiritual energy of the people\\ it was the wish to realize the equilibrium among the people, who would then be able to understand each other’s heart even without using words\\
mada: it was the rikudou sennin with his ninja sect\\ who revealed this power to the people and guided them\\
mada: but even before he could notice, the people didn’t use that power to connect their hearts\\ but they used the chakra to connect the spiritual and physical energy inside of their bodies instead…\\
mada: it was the process that amplified one’s chakra by moulding it on a grand scale\\ it became a military power and became the chakra used to create ninjutsu\\
mada: ironically\\ at the end they returned on the same path of the rikudou’s mother, kaguya, who used her chakra as a weapon\\
saku: what the hell are they talking about!?\\
kaka: … gaara…\\
gaa: … I know…\\
mada: the rikudou sennin’s actions promoted the people’s contradictions\\
mada: and even if someone was able to connect his hearth with someone else\\ the only thing they could understand is that real mutual understanding was impossible\\
mada: in any case the chakra gave birth only to much more strife and deceptive hopes\\
mada: you and I pursed pace at the same time\\ but in this reality the only thing we obtained was war\\
mada: and this reality brings a infinite circle of sufferings because of “this power called chakra”\\
mada: we wish conflict because we have the power\\
mada: and we lose everything because we lack such power\\
mada: I will built a new world that will surpass those concepts!\\
mada: I will create a dream world thanks to the infinite tsukiyomi where the abominable chakra doesn’t exist\\
mada: and as last thing I will posses the strongest chakra\\ and guide that world\\
mada: and you are the same as me!\\
mada: you are not obito!\\
mada: for the very reason uchiha obito had the uchiha’s chakra\\
mada: he challenged hatake kakashi and desired both to become hokage and have nohara rin!\\
mada: you lost everything because that power was fake\\
mada: this is hell!\\ did you forget that!?\\
sfx: su\\
mada: come to this side\\
mada: come! Madara!\\
mada: from today onward you are the saviour\\
mada: even now you should be a saviour!\\
gaa: sabaku ha (desert wave)!!\\
kaka: kamui!!\\
mina: sage technique…\\
sfx: suuu\\suuu\\
sfx: step\\step\\
mina: rasengan!!\\
mina: guh!!\\
saku: i-impossible\\
sfx: step\\ step\\
mada: well then…\\
sfx: su\\
obi: no, what I am doing is no different from what an hokage would do\\
obi: … it is even more than that… because I am going to make peace a reality\\
obi: you would never walk a path that you know is difficult\\
obi: you would only straddle on the bodies of your comrades\\
mada: that’s the path I showed you\\
naru: what I want to know is not the easy path\\
naru: I want to know how to walk on the difficult path\\
mada: I left everything to you and let you walk before me\\
naru: the hokage is the one who walks in front of everyone else, enduring the pain\\
black: you…!\\
mada: what’s the meaning of this?\\
obi: those who guide the others… would not straddle on the death bodies of their comrades\\
obi: even if they have to straddle on their own death body…\\
mada: … then you will become a death body so I can to make sure of that\\
obi: you will not be able to do that to me anymore\\
obi: now I understand that deceive your own name and leave everything to the others…\\
obi: is different from leaving things to your comrades\\
obi: I am not you\\
gaa: kuh…\\
around kaka: haa\\haa\\
rin: do your best, obito!\\
rin: show me the how you will become hokage and save this world!\\
rin: that’s a promise\\
obi: right now I am uchiha obito\\
obi: the one who wants to be remembered as an hokage!\\
inserted text: he will not hesitate anymore!!!\\

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#1. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2014
Hi aegon-rokudo,

I love this episode (maybe you can guess why i love it from my name) so it was a lot of fun to read your translation. Thank you very much!

Don't you agree that obito's lines in the last few pages are a bit tricky to translate?
Especially the last one, that's a so-called "false-friend", isn't it? which is 騙る(kataru) and 語る(kataru). I like your way of handling it very much ^_^

Just a few things that I could not understand the English...Would you help me understand them? Actually those Japanese sound a bit awkward to me, definitely not natural. But Kishi is a person like that, anyway. He said he does so on purpose so that those lines will stick into the mind of readers.

On the page before the last page, obito says "hito wo michibiku mono wa onore no shitai wo matagareru koto ga attemo". I think what he said means something like those who guide the others (omit) even if they let their comrades straddle their bodies. (sorry~~ for my poor English. Can you understand what I am trying to say here?)

One more...from the same page, again, obito says "ore ha mou anta ni matagareru kotomo nai". I guess he is trying to say in an implict way that he is no longer under the control of madara; madara is no longer the one who guides obito. Do you take it this way, too?

I like your English. It's more of British, isn't it?
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2014
For the sentence "hito wo michibiku mono wa onore no shitai wo matagareru koto ga attemo", I interpreted it as:
"those who really want to guide the others prefer to sacrifice themselves instead of use those who follow them as sacrifice, therefore you are not guiding me, but just using me".
This is linked to what is written in the previous page. Naruto says:
"ok, if there is a easy way I don't want to know it because an hokage must go on the hard way and endure for the other sacrificing himself". Therefore, an hokage is someone who "would not straddle on the death bodies of their comrades\\ even if they have to straddle on their own death body…\\" differently from madara who just used obito.

for the sentence "ore ha mou anta ni matagareru kotomo nai", Obito here says that he will not be a sacrifice/be used for madara anymore. In this whole page I interpreted the verb "mataku" as "sacrifice". Just imagine someone who piles up the death bodies of his comradres and jumps over them to reach his objective, this was the image that crossed in my mind, probably taken from berserk's volume 12, the speech that Grifis does when thinking about how he reached his status and what he has to do is northing more of what he has done until that moment.
#3. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 7, 2014
Hi aegon-rokudo,

Thank you very much for explaining your interpretation so thoroughly.
After reading it, I think you understand it much better than me.

Correct me if I get it wrong, but obit is nagging madara for the way he does things or how he is as a person who guides others. Is that what you're thinking?

I did not think that way, but now that you have mentioned, yes I think so too. I thought (and am still hoping) that obito doesn't dislike madara. As you may know, he used to be very kind to old people and madara was an old person when obito first met madara. So I thought obit is just saying what he has learned from naruto and trying to explain why he has changed his mind.

Anyway, with your interpretation of those lines, you have worded it this way:

obi: those who guide the others… would not straddle on the death bodies of their comrades, even if they have to straddle on their own death body…

In that case, the reason I did not understand this would be because of the difference between English and Japanese. So, that's how it is said in English, isn't it?

Thank you so much for helping me understand~ ^_^


#4. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2014
Hum~~~... this is a little strange, from your words, it seems that I had a better understanding of what they are saying than you, even if you are japanese. Is this something normal?

Futhermore, I used that words in order to be as much as literal as possible. That is, they were using a metaphor and I have translated that metaphor in english.
They were using the verb "matagareru" that is to straddle, but it was a metaphor. You could substitute it with "sacrifice" and obtain the sense obito meant.

Maybe you just did not understand the metaphor in japanese and it did not make any sense for you in english.
#5. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2014
Thank you again, aegon-rokudo ^_^
The part I did not understand about your translation: even if they have to straddle on their own death body…, is the subject you chose. Your interpretation is basically the same as mine and still you chose "they" (those who guides others) are the ones who straddle on THEIR own corpses.

Stream's translation is similar in this regard, they uses "as long as he (a person who leads others)"

A person who leads others...
as long as he's able to climb over his own corpse
would never climb over the corposes of his comrades

I think the Japanese does not say that "hito wo michibiku mono" straddle on their own corpses. It is a passive voice sentence, so those who guide others are the ones whose corpses were climbed over by their comrades.

However, both you and Stream use "they" and "he" as the subject, so I wondered why. Also I did not understand why Stream uses "as long as" here... I think "even if" is more literal. So I tried to take this as the difference between English and Japanese, maybe not a grammatical difference but conceptual, rhetorical difference.
We tend to think that people cannot climb over their own dead bodies after they die and the original Japanese does not say so.

Another thing.
I thought you might understand it well because I had not thought Obito is nagging Madara with these passages in the last few pages. He uses "らしい" in the end of this particular passage. It is a reported form, isn't it? Maybe without this portion, I would have instantly taken it as an accusation. I had thought this way: Obito explains why he changed his mind; he thinks all what he has been doing with the alias "Madara" was simply wrong; now he realizes it and gotten back to the real Obito. This makes him say the last line: ima no ore wa hokage wo katari takatta uchiha obito da.

However, after reading your interpretation, even though Obito uses "rashii" in his passage, I realized that he may say that to blame Madara, in a sarcastic way, which I had not thought of from his personality. But indeed it can be taken that way, anyway. If it is written in Japanese, I believe I am good at reading between the lines but I must admit that I am too easy on Obito. I tend to take it in a good way and look on the bright side ^_^

I hope I have made myself clear.
#6. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2014
Now that you mention it, I think that the sentece
obi: those who guide the others… would not straddle on the death bodies of their comrades\\
obi: even if they have to straddle on their own death body…\\
could be also taken as
those who guide the others… would not straddle on the death bodies of their comrades\\
obi: even if their body would be straddled by the others, or so they said to me…\\

I think that your take is more correct. You can understand the difficulty when it comes to translate a sentence from japanese and the subject is not clearly stated. We took the "は" as indicative of the subject as it often happens, but it only indicated the the argument of the sentence. The problem is that "the ones who should straddle on the body of the one who guides them" was never introduced as subject in the original japanese sentence, so it is difficult to consider it as the subject of the sentence, as you never saw it. Futhermore it could also be a potential sentence, and in that case the subject would have been "the ones who guide others".

About the rashii I just ignored them, because it was clear enough from the sentence that it was not something sure but something born by personal thoguht/hersay. But I added a "or so they said to me…" to give to it a more ironic ring to it.
#7. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2014
Thank you for your reply and the new translation!
I particularly like the part "or so they said to me…". That sounds very cool to me~.
Don't you think the conversation more real?

I understand the difficulty about Japanese that you mentioned.
I sometimes try to help my Chinese colleague translator understand Japanese sentences.
It seems she have trouble finding out the subject if it is hidden or not stated, as well.
In her case, when "は" and "が", which are both indicatives of the subject, are used in the same sentence, it also makes her confused.
You may haven't noticed, but English is very difficult, too.


#8. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2014
I don't have difficulties with the "ha" and "ga", but when the subject is not expressed, I can have troubles. Fuethermore in this case it was really easy to make a mistake

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