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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 666

Chapter 666: the mangekyou sharingan of the two of them

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 4, 2014 15:41 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 666: the mangekyou sharingan of the two of them\\
inserted text: uchiha obito doesn’t yield to certain death\\
kaka: pant\\haa\\
kaka: obito… you\\ finally\\
gaa: haa\haa\\
mina: obito!\\
sfx: mera\\mera\\
sfx: mera\\mera\\
inserted text: he cannot be caught!!\\
mada: it’s going through…\\ this is the original power of your right eye, huh\\
mada: you want to steal the bijuus from me and made me weaker, huh?\\
mada: to think that you would even consider possible to win against me in such a bout!\\
mada: so weak\\
mada: you were only able to extract just a part of the ichibi and hachibi\\
obi: kakashi! Bring naruto on the other side!!\\
kaka: so obito wants to give him the kyuubi on the other side!\\
kaka: kamui!\\
obi: kamui!\\
mada: I know that you have to materialize when you jump!\\
sfx: don\\
sfx: zuza\\
obi: if I’m not careful when I’m going to jump… he will aim for that opening\\
obi: my teleportation speed is not enough…\\
mada: you were able to change into a sage once…\\ so you were able to absorb a small part of that power from me, huh…\\
saku: madara… he could have killed me at any moment…!\\
saku: I was so scared that I forgot to breath…!!\\
saku: haaaaah…\\
saku: he is… he is…\\
saku: on a totally different level!!\\
saku: haa\\haa\\
sfx: suuu\\suuu\\
kaka: I sent naruto on the other side!\\
sfx: jump\\
sfx: pachin\\
kaka: once I have sent you on the other side\\ you will able to help naruto, right!?\\
obi: yeah, leave it to me\\
obi: and this time I am the main…\\
obi: you are just the back-up, kakashi\\
kaka: long time passed since this two man cell was used for the last time\\ don’t make any mistake, obito\\
obi: are you ready…?\\
kaka: yeah… I’m happy that you are my companion in my last operation\\
mina: … obito… kakashi…\\
mada: obito…\\ I will take back all the things I entrusted you\\
mada: especially that left eye\\
obi: are you worried about it, madara?\\
obi: you were the one that said that once you have both your right and left sharingan… they show their real power\\
obi: … then…\\
mada: you are wrong\\ it is not a matter of sharingan anymore… it is the rinnegan\\
obi: you are the one wrong here…\\
obi: I was talking about the two of us\\
mina: we are finally all here!\\
kaka: you are always late!\\
obi: a lot of things happened on the way here and I lost myself, you know…?\\
kaka: the path you walk goes zigzag a lot, do you know that?\\ come here on a straight path!\\
obi: I told you that a lot of things happened on the way here!!\\
kaka: you are a ninja, you have to protect the rules!!\\
kaka: your negligence\\ could put you comrades in troubles!\\
obi: in that case I will protect you\\ instead of protecting the rules!!\\
kaka: yeah, like you can say those words!!\\
obi: one can say more with a look than with ten thousand words!\\ you will shut up once I will awaken my sharingan!!\\
kaka: I don’t think that your sharingan will be so useful!\\ and you still didn’t awaken them, so shut up!\\
obi: shut up!! You talk a lot\\ for someone who hides his face behind a mask!!\\
mina: they seem to be on the same wavelength at least…\\
rin: yeah…\\
rin: but sensei…\\
guy: let’s have a match kakashi\\
obi: you again wild beast face!\\ go away from here\\
kaka: haa… what’s wrong with the people of my same age…\\
mada: the rinnegan and the kyuubi.. I can let obito teleport as long as I put my hands on them…\\
mada: furthermore I understood from the previous attack that kamui is slower than my attacks\\
mada: probably one of them will be a diversion, while the other will use kamui\\ there two possibilities: it will be obito to jump, or it will kakashi to make him jump\\
in the picture: kamui\\kamui\\
box: this time I am the main and you are the back up\\
mada: in any case I can believe to what obito said\\
mada: maybe I should finish him quickly with the “ringa”, huh…\\
mada: no… obito has the rinnegan so I should use that now\\
mada: in that case I will just attack the both of them at the same time!!\\
rin: but sensei…\\
rin: leave them to me\\
rin: I will be sure that they…\\
rin: let’s go\\ you two!!\\
both: kamui!!!\\
mada: …\\ they used the kamui at exactly the same moment\\
mada: to think that he would jump at double speed\\
mina: I leave my son to you… obito\\
mina: and…\\
saku: obito!\\
obi: don’t worry\\
obi: I will save naruto\\
saku: can I really believe you!!?\\
obi: in the past I never walked straight…\\
obi: but finally\\ I have reached my destination\\
kaka: this is the first time you showed yourself at the right time\\
mina: thanks for saving kakashi…\\
mina: guy!!\\
guy: are you alright, kakashi!?\\
mada: I must have seem him somewhere else…\\
guy: eh!?\\
guy: who is that guy?\\
inserted text: guy arrives!!!\\

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#1. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 5, 2014

Thank you for your translation! I like it very much.
I have a question to you.

I am a native Japanese speaker and my English is not that good.
So sorry if my question sounds weird to you.

My question is about your translation "inserted text: uchiha obito doesn’t yield to certain death".

To my ear, this Japanese seems like that Obito is desperate; he is trying to fight back Madara. It seems that he has pledged his life to rescue Naruto.
So, Obito is fully determined to fight back against Madara.

Does "uchiha obito doesn't yiled to certain death" mean the same as my understanding for the Japanese?
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 5, 2014
Hi Rin,

To be honest I did not search the term "kesshi" on the online dictionary when I translated, because the meaning of the compound seemed evident from the kanji.
I thought 決: decided, determined- 死: death. So I translated it as "certain death" and "aragai" was the opposition to this certain death then translated as "doesn't yield".

Now that I searched on the dictionary because of your doubts I found that it means "to be prepared for death" so the kanji 決 has in this word the nounce of "decided, meaning that you are prepared for it".
It is a typical "false friend" in japanese. So the right translation would be:
japanese: 決死の抗い: the opposition of a person prepared to die.
#3. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2014
Hi aegon-rokudo,

Thank you very much for answering my question.
I am very glad!

I wanted to ask you another question about one of your old works, Naruto 628, but I could not post it >_>

I will try one more time, but if I can't, can I ask you the question here? which is not relevant to Naruto 666, though...
#4. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 7, 2014
Hello again. It's rin with another question. I really hope I am not annoying you ^_^;
I tried several times but I couldn't upload my question to your translation for Naruto 628.
So I am posting it here.

There is something in chapter 628 that has been confusing me for a long time.
So, if you could answer my question, I would be very glad!

obi: yui itsu tsunagatteta ore to juubi wo kiru karada.
"唯一 繋がってた オレと十尾を切るからだ..."
the only connection between me and the juubi was severed…(your translation)

To my ear, the Japanese says that obito says that he is the ONLY one who were connected to the ten-tails and the allied shinobi forces separated the ten-tails and obito. This is my interpretation for the sentence, anyway. Is this the same as yours?

#5. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2014
Hi Rin,

Madara was also connected to the juubi, so obito was not the only one. From what I understand, the juubi is going to fire a destructive move because obito and madara connection to it was severed, and they now cannot not suppress its destructive powers anymore.
#6. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2014
Hi aegon-rokudo,

Yes, that was my first thought. Now it has turned into a mystery.

Judging from the situation, I thought it was just a typo when the chapter came out in Weekly Jump. Usually, Kishi corrects typo or mistakes in pictures when tanko-bon (paperback versions) come out. However this sentence has not been changed even in Vol.66 (Japanese version). The official Viz translation version of the volume has not been released yet in Japan so I have not checked it out with it.

Anyway, if Obito referred to the connections between Obito&Madara and the Juubi, he would say:
十尾とオレの唯一の繋がりは切られた (This is closest to your translation)
the only connection between me and the juubi was severed…
(I have changed the original from "オレ" to "オレたち", オレ means "me"; オレたち means "us")

The original
reads "because ([you], which is not mentioned clearly) severed "唯一繋がっていたオレ(me who was the only one who was connected [to the juubi]) from 十尾 (the juubi)

It seems I am not the only one who has been confused by this Japanese sentence. Some Japanese think this sentence is sort of "foreshadowing", but it might just turn out to be a typo (only Kishi knows).

I am a real-life translator working for a Japanese company. I work with an American colleague and we translate mainly technical documents in Japanese to English. I do understand the difficulty of reading in a foreign language. Sometimes I think it is even more difficult than reading in your own language and then translating to a different language ^_^

So I was just curious how this sentence should be worded in English.
If you could help me out with that, I would be very glad.

#7. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2014
I have translated it as passive because the subject is again not expresselly mentioned. But what I don't understand is the difference in meaning. I mean:

Because the only connection between me and the juubi was severed.
because you severed the juubi and me who was the only thing connected to it.

are basically the same thing and in both cases the result doesn't change:
it cannot be suppressed anymore\\ someone should become its jinchuuriki.
Sorry but I'm not getting your point here. I mean, what is the thing that is making you so perplexed?
#8. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2014
Oh, I am sorry for not having made myself clear.
Maybe I have not understood these English sentences well, so let me ask you.

唯一 繋がってた オレと十尾を切るからだ...
This original sentence can imply that Obit was the only one who had a true bond with the juubi (just like the bond between Naruto and the kyubi).
I cannot explain well but the way it has been worded sounds weird and seems to be designed by Kishimoto to deliberately confuse the audience. This is not just my opinion. I have discussed it with my fiends and on the web, too.
Obito seems not to refer to the tube-like things between Obito/Madara and the jubi but to something different; we guessed from this sentence there was a mental connection between Obito and the jubi.

Because the only connection between me and the juubi was severed.
because you severed the juubi and me who was the only thing connected to it.

Do these English sentences have such an implication, too?

#9. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2014
No, when I translated that line I have simply interpreted it as:
kurama: look naruto, the juubi is going to fire a super move.
obi: it serves you right. you severed our connection and now there is no one preventing that thing from firing reckless moves that destroy everything.
#10. by rin nohara ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2014
Hi aegon-rokudo,

Thank you so much for your reply, as always.

I think it would be safer to translate the sentence the way you did.
As the author himself said in some interview, he sometimes makes his characters sound a bit strange on purpose. This one may be one of those examples.

Thank you for clarifying the meaning, anyway.

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