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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 669

Chapter 669: the eight gates formation…!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 23, 2014 10:52 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 669: the eight gates formation…!!\\
inserted text: eight gates: full release…!!\\
guy: first step!!\\
lee: go guy-sensei!!!\\
lee: I am already…\\
mina: guy… that’s yours…!!\\
mada: kuh!\\
lee: that’s the evening elephant guy-sensei was talking about!!\\
mina: guy…\\
guy: second step…\\
guy: ouch!\\
lee: he stopped halfway!?\\
lee: the evening elephant is supposed to be a combo attack that gears up from the first step to the 5th…\\
guy: I see… it’s an unbelievable pain, but I’m already used to it\\
guy: next time I will complete the combo for sure… I will not create any opening!\\
lee: … opening all the gates up to the limit gate puts a great strain on the body already…\\
lee: probably the pain that comes with the eighth gate… is something that I cannot even imagine!!\\
mada: it is a taijutsu move that hits the air that comes to knock you down, huh…\
mada: the so called air cannon…\\
sfx: pih\\
sfx: paki\\
mada: if I suffer 4 or 5 of those attacks in repetition things could get bad\\
mada: more importantly it is better if I avoid to be hit directly from those fists that generate those air bullets\\
mada: it’s really rare to fight against the eight gates formation! You really want to fight so I will be your opponent!\\
kaka: he is still not down, just as I expected!\\
gaa: what did might guy do?\\
kaka: the eight gates formation\\ it is the move that removes the limits on your power and it is able to draw extreme strength\\
kaka: it is the last stage of the move that lee-kun showed you during the chuunin exam\\
kaka: by removing all the limits you are able to obtain a power that surpasses that of the five kages of several tens of times\\ but… it just lasts for a while…\\
kaka: after this move…\\
kaka: the user surely dies\\
mada: to think that you would come here by kicking the air itself\\
guy: he is one of my subordinates that I love\\
gaa: lee… you…\\
lee: I’m not sad!!\\
lee: it would be an insult to show…\\
lee: sadness or pity in front of a man with the determination to die!!!\\
mina: we will support guy…\\ listen to me\\
sfx: kokun\\
kaka: … sensei… his black weapons are dangerous…\\
mina: it is not a kind of technique that is activated, instead is a type of technique that changes shape…\\ the place where it hits you disappears but… you actually feel that you were touched\\
mina: furthermore that things can fly for a range of about 70 meters…\\
mina: if he exceeds that limit he is not able to control them well\\
mina: it is something tangible and it is possible to follow it with you eyesight therefore…\\ kakashi… your kamui should be affective against it\\
mina: furthermore once it gets far from him, he will lose control on it\\
kaka: to be honest the sight of my left eye got worse and worse…\\
kaka: I will need to get really close to him in order to use kamui…\\
mina: could you prepare your sand, gaara-kun?\\
gaa: I can rise kakashi in the sky with my sand,\\ but with its speed it will became an easy objective for his attacks\\
mina: don’t worry, I will be there\\ I gave kakashi my kunai\\
lee: eight gates, 6th gate, view gate!\\ open!!\\
mina: lee-kun! Even you can use the eight gates!?\\
lee: I can open up to the 6th gate…\\
lee: until now I never cursed my own lack of strength!!\\
mina: no.. it’s alright, lee-kun\\
mina: because you are\\
mina: the green leaf that guy wants to protect by putting his life on the line\\
mina: lee-kun you will remain here with gaara, support and guard him\\
mina: and another thing… take one of my kunais\\
guy: evening elephant first step!!\\
mada: he is fast\\
guy: second step\\ third step!!\\ fourth step!!\\
mada: guah!!\\
mada: I cannot move…!!\\
guy: fifth step!!\\
mina: guy do not stop no matter what happens!!\\
mada: he is coming!!\\
sfx: hyun\\
mina: good timing, lee-kun!\\
kaka: kamui!!\\
sfx: zuka!!\\
sfx: pisha\\
guy: haa\\haa
mada: I didn’t feel this excitement\\
mada: since hashirama!\\
mada: can you still dance?\\
mada: do you have any other move?\\
mada: entertain me more\\
guy: he survived the evening elephant’s combo…\\
inserted text: naruto is… revived!!?\\

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