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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Break Blade 69

Chapter 69: dissonance 2

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 23, 2014 14:20 | Go to Break Blade

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Chapter 69: dissonance 2\\
Fre: aaah~~~\\
Gen: Fredericka
Box: assam’s capital: tibugar\\
gen: I understand that you are sore after returning but…\\ why are you doing that in my office?\\
fre: even I have one or two things that trouble me, you know~~\\
gen: … that’s normal but\\ you should sulk in your own office\\
gen: or could it be\\
gen: that you want to talk with me about something?\\
fre: zess-sama is communicating with the enemy…?\\
fre: no…\\
fre: and that enemy…\\ was he gram-san in the first place…?\\
fre: I don’t have anything to talk with you~~~!\\
gen: I see…\\
gen: … in any case\\
gen: to think that zess-sama would end up loke that…\\
fre: w-well…\\
gen: in his report he wrote that he fell down…\\
gen: well… if zess said such a thing then I will confirm his version\\
gen: I will also erase all the evidences that two golems fought in the former assam officer school\\
gen: … however… if it is just as I think, that is there exist “an enemy capable of overwhelm zess”, then…\\
gen: I would like to fight against him as well…\\
gen: even if I would to throw to the wind my position as general and everything…!!\\
fre: general…\\ do you want to be a just a warrior?\\
gen: I know that I am not fit to be a general\\
fre: I wonder?\\
gen: frederika\\
gen: you know, I…\\
gen: always wanted to serve under a man like zess\\
gen: he is still young, but…\\
gen: I’m sure that he will become an incredible general one day\\
gen: that’s what I believe\\
fre: … it is good foe a man to be like that!\\
fre: geez…\\
fre: I would like to be born as a man as well…\\
fre: this…\\
gen: yeah…\\
zess: … yeah\\ that’s right…\\
?: … however…\\
?: that’s…\\
zess: I’m sorry doctor hepais… for a technician like you who aim to progress…\\ this is nothing other than an humiliation\\
doc: … indeed…\\
zess: but I have…\\
zess: to throw away my pride and return at the starting point once\\
doc: … I-\\ I understand\\
doc: I will remove the long rage armaments\\ and make the close combat armaments as the main subject of research\\
doc: I will star to work on the production \\ of a model similar to the Artemis\\
?: … is she still there?\\
??: yes\\
cleo: I put a bait without telling to anyone\\
cleo: then lately a sparrow is becoming attached to me… it is just a white sparrow but\\
sy: eheh\\
cleo: but my grandma is not good with birds…\\
sy: cleo\\
cleo: yes?\\
sy: you…\\ come here every day but…\\
sy: are you sure that it’s alright?\\
cleo: … ah…\\ could it be that I am annoying?\\
sy: no\\ you make me happy but…\\
sy: you are in the military so…\\
sy: I wondering if the people around you are telling strange things to you…\\
cleo: it doesn’t matter!\\ I retired half year ago
cleo: and my orders right now are to test the golems for half a day\\
sy: geez…\\ why didn’t you tell me that earlier?\\
cleo: ah…\\
cleo: heheh\\
cleo: you knoe\\
?: cleo\\
cleo: erect-san…\\
ere: we have to talk\\ come\\
cleo: … what’s the matter?\\
cleo: are you going to tell me\\
cleo: “don’t come here” once again?\\
ere: exactly\\
cleo: in that case the answer is always the same… “leave me alone”!\\
cleo: I’m really grateful to you because what you did for me when I retired from the military service, but…\\
ere: … cleo\\
ere: … it is different this time…!\\
ere: … listen now… this is…\\ for your sake\\
cleo this again…!! It is always the same thing!\\
ere: … I told you\\
ere: this time is different…\\
ere: … if you become more intimate than this with queen Sigyn…\\
ere: you will… end up suffering…\\
cleo: … what?\\
cleo: what are you talking about…?\\
cleo: … erect-san…?\\
ere: in 5 days from now queen sygin will be executed\\ it will be death by shooting\\
mom: mom\\
mom: you are\\ late for lunch, you know?\\
grand: to make your own old mother cook while you do nothing…\\
grand: where did I do wrong…?\\
mom: I left in your hands the house chores because you said that you had anything to do after your retirement…\\futhermore cleo and I work and…\\
gran: you have your day off today!!\\
mom: I have troubles to understand why are you taking all of this time to prepare this menu today\\ you just have to cut the ingredient and make the soup...\\
mom: this happened because you left the house chores to me and my father when you were in service\\ you cannot even do this kind of cooking!\\ … should I do it instead?\\
grand: like hell, shut up and go sit there!!\\
mom: by sitting to you mean to return doing nothing, right…?\\
cleo: … I’m home…\\
gran: oh! Welcome back cleo\\
mom: welcome…\\
cleo: I will go to rest a bit in my room…\\
grand: yes, I will make a delicious lunch for you\\
mom: cleo…!\\
cleo: m-mom…?\\
mom: what happened?\\
close: … nothing…\\
mom: … something must have happened\\
mom: … it is not like\\
mom: that you are alright…\\
mom: speak\\
mom: you have…\\
mom: such red eyes\\
mom: what happened?\\
cleo: … fueh\\
cleo: uuuuh…\\ hic… fueh…\\
cleo: mom… I…\\ hic\\
cleo: … don’t understand anymore\\ hic…\\
cleo: … I always thought, hic… that Krisna…\\
cleo: was a bad country hic\\ full of savages… that’s what they taught me…\\
cleo: but…\\ we of… arthemis\\
cleo: slaughtered al the people in that village\\ and kidnapped sygin-sama…\\
cleo: and they want to execute here…\\
cleo: … I\\ don0t understand anymore…\\
cleo: I’m sorry\\
cleo: grandma… mom\\ I don’t understand anymore\\
cleo: … I cannot be\\ inherit you will anymore…\\
gran: … is she sleeping?\\
mom: yes\\
gran: queen sygin’s execution, huh…\\
mom: that girl… since the time she was captured by Krishna… she became attached to queen sygin…\\ she came to love her…\\
gran: … what should we do…\\ it is true that the queen is deeply involved with the development of golems\\ … hum…\\
mom: … by following the same reasoning we should execute all the people related to the military\\
gran: … well that’s nothing more than sophistry after all…\\
gran: however…\\
gran: even if she is an enemy… she took care of my cute granddaughter…\\ I should help her a little…!!\\
mom: what are you going to do?\\
gran: I will hang around those of the parliament of a bit\\ I should be able to postpone queen sygin’s execution for a bit!\\
bird: chip chip chip\\
gran: .. .they all arranged to tell the exactly same story to me\\ they said that it was an absolute decision…\\
gran: to think that the sabraph family dignity would have sank so low…\\
mom: … well it is not like I expected something from you after all…\\
mom: … more that saying that was because the fall of the sabraph family…\\
mom: I would say that Athens became a large slab of rock under general zess\\ furthermore if even general secretary kilos is washing his hands from this, it means…\\
mom: that we cannot do anything about it…\\
gran: ooh!\\
gran: are you alright, cleo!?\\
cleo: yes…\\
gran: I-I see\\
cleo: mom…\\
cleo: grandma\\
gran: eh?\\
cleo: thanks to have…\\
cleo: raised me up until now…\\
cleo: I…\\
cleo: could become your enemy from now on…\\
cleo: so…\\
cleo: from today…\\
cleo: remove my name…\\
cleo from the sabraph family!\\
cleo: mother…\\ grandma…\\
cleo: I really…\\
cleo: love you after all\\

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