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Naruto 674

Chapter 674: sasuke’s rinnegan…!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 3, 2014 12:26 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 674: sasuke’s rinnegan…!!\\
inserted text: the dark thunders attack the two of them!!\\
mada: senpou inton raiha (sage arts: yin release: thunder wave)\\
inserted text: the moves pierce each other!!!\\
mada: sasuke has…!\\
mada: his left eye…\\
mada: I see\\
mada: it didn’t…\\
mada: move…!!\\
mada: limbo\\
sasu: what the hell is that!?\\
naru: again!!\\
mada: senpou: ranton kouga (sage arts: storm element: light fang)\\
naru: uoooh!!\\
sfx: zupa\\
naru: again!\\
naru: it’s coming!\\
sasu: there!!\\
sasu: it didn’t hit!?\\
naru: it went that way, sasuke!\\
naru: I cannot see it with my eyes but…\\
naru: it’s wandering around!!\\
sasu: really? I can see it clearly!\\
mada: these brats…\\
mada: so they are able to feel with their senses my limbo after all…\\
sasu: this is…\\
sasu: another madara\\
mada: he became able to see it after he obtained the rinnegan, huh…\\
mada: and naruto too…\\
mada: you cannot see it, but you can perceive it…\\
sasu: it seems that physical attacks from this side doesn’t work on the other madara\\
naru: yeah!\\
mada: originally it should be impossible to both perceive it and see it from this world…\\
mada: because my other self exists in the invisible world of limbo…\\
mada: how were they able to obtain all of this power all of the sudden?\\
mada: … that uchiha sasuke… he is the only one who was able to awaken the straight tomoe just like me\\
mada: maybe there is another connection between the two of us apart for our blood\\
mada: in that case I will make that left eye mine for sure!!\\
naru: eh!?\\
sfx: land\\
mada: so that’s… the ability of your left eye, huh…\\
sfx: step\\step\\
sasu: well then… let’s try it out\\
sasu: you will not die for just that, right?\\
sasu: the attacks imbued with the rikudou sennin chakra…\\
sasu: seem to work on the shadow madara as well, huh…\\
sasu: that wound on its right arm…\\
sasu: it is the result of when he guarded from naruto’s attack at the beginning…\\
sfx: suuuu\\
sasu: it seems that your shadow has to return into your body for a set period of time\\
sfx: step\\step\\
sasu: naruto, you will attack the real madara when his shadow appears once again\\ I can see it so it is better that I deal with it…\\
naru: heh!\\
naru: it pisses me odd to be ordered around by you…\\ it seems that I didn’t change that much even now!\\
sasu: listen to everything I have to say!\\
sasu: … now it is our chance\\ probably his shadow must remain inside of his him for a little of time\\
sasu: everything is fine… prepare an attack that uses the sage’s power next time as well\\ a technique that blocks his movements should be fine\\
mada: he did all the right assumptions on… the time limit of the limbo and it’s activation interval… furthermore he also devised a way to counter it, huh…\\
mada: I see, he has a good instinct\\
mada: he has both the ability to analyse and devise counter measures…\\
mada: and also has the straight tomoe just like me…\\
mada: if he was born before obito… then I could have…\\
mada: no… that’s not important anymore\\
mada: no matter what happened, now it is clear to me that these two are not just simple kids\\
mada: I should get the other rinnegan soon, huh\\
sfx: supoh\\
shu: in that case you should use my chakra and create a sealing technique\\
naru: thank you… hum\\
shu: I’m shukaku\\
naru: senpou jiton rasengan (sage arts: magnet release: rasengan)\\
sasu: I have the rikudou’s power too…\\
sasu: chidori!!\\
sasu: naruto fire that toward me!\\
sasu: things should go well that way!\\
naru: it still pisses me off a bit, but I don’t have the time to doubt you!\\
sasu: naruto, it seems that you have grasped…\\
sasu: the techniques we received from the rikudou sennin!\\
naru: yeah! That’s what I’m using now…\\
naru: he moved?\\
sasu: he switched places… with his shadow!?\\
naru: there!\\
naru: sasuke go after the original one while I stop this one!\\
mada: it seems that you cannot use your rinnegan’s power if I’m that far from you\\
mada: I understand how your left eye’s power works a little, sasuke\\
naru: hurry up sasuke!\\ madara’s destination is…\\
naru: kakashi-sensei!!\\
kaka: guah!!\\
sfx: suu\\
obi: hurry up and crush my rinnegan\\
obi: … I cannot stop black zetsu for long…\\
mada: but… you are fast, sasuke\\
saku: ok!!\\
sasu: tch!\\
mada: stop!!\\
inserted text: madara’s fast attack!!\\

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