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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 675

Chapter 675: the current dream

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 1, 2014 11:19 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 675: the current dream\\
inserted text: the black evil malice is directed against them!!\\
obi: kamui!!\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
inserted: it was a close call for sakura, but!!?\\
sasu: sakura!\\
saku: kakashi-sensei…\\
saku: sasuke-kun!!\\
sasu: why did sakura appear here?\\
kaka: she was sent here from the other space\\
kaka: … sakura, what’s happening on the other side?\\
saku: kakakshi-sensei, your left eye…!?\\
kaka: in just one instant…\\
kaka: madara stole my sharingan\\
saku: let me examine it!\\
sfx: su\\
kaka: sorry…\\
kaka: more importantly, what happened to obito?\\ madara should have come to the other side by using kamui, right!?\\
saku: eh!?\\
saku: I was suddenly sent here…\\
saku: … it was…\\
obi: you have to destroy this left eye rinnegan of mine…\\
obi: I cannot move anymore…\\
obi: If I lose my focus for even a second… black zetsu will steal my body, rinnegan included\\ and he will use the power of my right eye to escape outside…\\
obi: and then he will give the rinnegan to madara…\\
obi: and once madara will collect both the eyes, terrible things will happen\\
saku: terrible things…!?\\ what can happen worse than this! Something even worse…\\
obi: even I was unable to transplant both of the rinnegan in my eyes…\\
obi: even with this single eye… I was on the verge of losing myself because of the strong chakra and eye powers\\ as I am not the original owner of this eyes, this is the most I could accomplish\\
obi: if the original owner obtains both of the rinnegan\\ probably no one will be able to oppose him…\\
saku: impossible…\\
obi: eye abilities show their real power when both of the eyes are collected…\\
obi: come on now! Hurry up and crush my left eye!\\
kaka: what’s wrong, sakura!?\\
saku: that means that things are really bad!!\\
saku: obito was at his limit and could not even move…\\ it means that madara will be able to take obito’s rinnegan!!\\
sfx: waku\\waku\\
mada: the curse seal I set on your heart has disappeared…\\ how were you able to do it…\\ you should not be able to hurt yourself\\
obi: I let kakashi piece my heart… and remove it…\\ it was in the way to become… the juubi’s jinchuuriki…\\
obi: it was a bet on which I risked my life, but…\\
obi: I… didn’t want to act like you wanted…\\
mada: kukuku… no you moved just as I wanted\\
mada: no, you even surpassed my expectations…\\
obi: what’s so funny…!?\\
mada: a cursed seal to make you move as a doll\\ it had an imprint that if you were on the verge of removing it from your body, it would suppress that action\\
mada: … and you already knew that obito\\
mada: this cursed seal I put inside the two of you…\\ was obviously in there so that you would not hurt yourselves\\
mada: because you were two important pawn to me after all\\
obi: two…!?\\
mada: what a strange destiny…\\
mada: it is fun how the two of you removed that seal in exactly the same way\\
obi: rin…\\
mada: indeed\\ It was me the one who devised the plan to make her into the jinchuuriki of the sanbi to make her go wild in konoha… it was not the hidden mist\\
mada: that girl used kakashi’s move aimed to his enemies and created that hindrance by sacrificing her life, but…\\ it was contemplated in my plan as well…\\
mada: in order to make you fall into darkness\\
mada: and make you into one of my pawns\\
obi: you bastard… you made me see that on purpose…!!\\
mada: I aimed for the occasion that minato was on another mission\\ and kakashi would sortie alone together with rin\\ and my plan also included to manipulate the ninja of the mist in order to purse them\\
mada: it was all to make you release your power\\
mada: I also instigated the white zetsus in order to make you go out of the cave at the right time\\ did you think that it was all a coincidence?\\
obi: guh\\
zetsu: I was just outside!!\\
zetsu: things are bad for those two you were talking about!!\\
obi: I’m asking you what the yellow flash is doing!\\
mada: it was too good that girl died from kakashi’s hands\\
mada: in any case I would have killed her with the puppet shinobi I was using…\\
mada: I taught you how to manipulate people with the darkness in their hearts, obito\\
sfx: guri\\guri\\
mada: and if they don’t have any darkness you can create it…\\ don’t you believe that thinking to be the only one capable of doing such a thing is a little presumptuous?\\
obi: guh…\\
obi: why…\\
obi: why me…!?\\
mada: you were a person who loved people from the bottom of his heart\\
mada: you even took care of old people, right?\\
mada: your deep love for\\ rin\\ you friends\\ the hokage\\ and all of the shinobies…\\
mada: if I would have been able to make you fall with a single move, that love would have changed it into deep hatred toward the world\\ that is the kind of person you are\\
mada: and I still need one thing in order to have everything as I planned\\
mada: could you give me back that left eyes?\\
naru: this should be ok!!\\
naru: it shouldn’t move anymore!!\\
naru: I leave it to you!\\
naru: ok! Leave it to me\\
kaka: I see… so that’s what obito said, huh\\
sasu: we don’t know when he can appear… don’t lower your guards\\
sasu: what happened to his shadow?\\
naru: I stopped it frozen solid by using the rikudou’s rods and my clone\\
saku: naruto!?\\
naru: hey sakura-chan\\
naru: can I…?\\
kaka: naruto?\\
sfx: su\\
saku: what are you doing, naruto?\\
naru; just wait a second…\\
naru: try to open your eye… kakashi-sensei\\
saku: impossible!! How did you do that…!?\\
naru: well… it is difficult to explain it with words…\\
naru: I took one of kakashi-sensei’s parts… and then… hum…\\
saku: I told you to not lower you guard… naruto\\
naru: ah!? You never told me that!\\
saku: geez! You flare up even in this kind of situation, naruto!\\ more importantly, after this tell me about that left eye…\\
sasu: madara went on obito’s side with kakashi’s eye\\next time he will appear he will have both of his eyes!\\
naru: eh!?\\ really!?\\
kaka: well then… first introduce yourselves\\
?: what should we say?\\
kaka: … well the things you like and the things you don’t life…\\
kaka: your future dreams, your hobbies… well! Something like that\\
naru: I am uzumaki naruto!\\ what I like is ramen\\
naru: and the thing I like the most is the ichiraku ramen that iruka-sensei buys me!!\\
naru: what I don’t like are the three minutes after you enter in the bath…\\
naru: for my dream\\
naru: I will surpass all the hokages!!\\
naru: and I will make everyone in the village acknowledge my existence!!\\
sasu: my name is uchiha sasuke\\
sasu: I have a lot of things I hate, but I don’t like anything in particular\\ furthermore… I don’t feel like to tell you my dream, but I have two ambitions!\\
sasu: to restore my clan and kill a certain man…\\
sasu: no matter what\\
saku: I am haruno sakura\\ the things I like… well…\ I have a person I like…\\
saku: well\\ … my dream for the future, maybe I should tell you…\\
saku: kyaaah!!\\
kaka: you have surpassed the previous hokages… naruto\\
kaka: everyone have acknowledge you as an hero, and now you are aiming to become the hokage\\
kaka: and sakura… your feeling of that time for sasuke are probably different\\
kaka: even if you like him, your feelings have changed\\
kaka: you still care about the person who wanted to kill you…\\
kaka: you are thinking that your role is to continue to like sasuke no matter what happens, without throwing him away, and save him from darkness\\
kaka: you are such a kind girl after all\\
kaka: sasuke… your dream was to kill itachi\\
kaka: and now that itachi is no more, what do you desire? And in which way do you want to advance…?\\
kaka: although I was your teacher, I never understood anything about you…\\
kaka: and even now…\\
kaka: sasuke…\\
kaka: what is your dream now?\\
saku: when you say “to become hokage”… what is the true meaning of those words?\\
saku: and…\\
kaka: the fact that the former team seven is now gathered in a single place indicates that we are connected by fate…\\
kaka: sasuke… if you don’t want to tell us what you are thinking…\\ it’s fine…\\
kaka: just, the fact that we were the team seven\\ is an unmistakable truth… ok?\\
kaka: in front of us… it’s coming…\\
kaka: do you remember the first mission about taking the bells?\\
kaka: you didn’t forget that training, right?\\
saku: yes!\\
sasu: heh…\\
naru: that should be obvious!!\\ it’s team work!!!\\
inserted text: it is coming from the other space…!!\\

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