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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Naruto 678

Chapter 678: my will

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 8, 2014 09:27 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 678: my will\\
inserted text: the world has been trapped into a dream…!!\\
saku: what is happening outside, sasuke-kun?\\
sasu: what will you do once you will know that?\\
sasu: you cannot do anything now\\
kaka: sasuke… it is not like that…\\
kaka: that is something that both naruto and me want to know\\ sakura asked you that question in order to analyse what we should do next…\\
sasu: kakashi…\\ you are just like sakura right now\\
sasu: shut up for a little\\ I will lead our group\\
naru: sasuke you bastard!\\
naru: we said to use team work, right!?\\
kaka: … it is true that I cannot do anything right now\\
kaka: if you are able to analyse what is happening outside with that left eye of yours, then…\\ you sasuke, should take the lead of the four man cell that team seven is\\
naru: eeeeh!?\\ I don’t think that he is able to devise a plan better than kakashi-sensei and sakura-chan!\\
naru: even I would be better than him\\
sasu: anyway… madara’s technique has been activated\\
sasu: it is a strong genjutsu… probably all the people outside fell prey of his technique\\
sasu: the only ones who are safe now are probably the four of us\\
kaka: the infinite tsukiyomi, huh…\\
naru: then everyone is…\\
sasu: inside of a dream\\
hana: shi~~~\\
kiba: first create a “day of the dog” and make it into an holyday…\\ that’s what the hokage commands!\\
shi: I finally found it… a new species\\
cho: uwaah~~~ it looks delicious!!\\
?: I really love men with great appetite!\\
father: you found some kind of maniac…\\
sfx: gah\\gah\\
shika: marrying… seems to be troublesome, I’ll pass…\\
tema: yeah…\\
sasu: ino is my woman… get lost\\
ino: you two stop fighting~~!\\
sai: no… she is my woman\\
father: my daughter… is so popular\\
lee: the victory of youth!!\\
saku: I love you lee-san!\\
guy: adults should behave in a cool way, lee-kun\\
lee: you are right\\
ten: there is not need to interfere with them anymore\\
neji: are you really sure that we shouldn’t do anything about that?\\
ji: nawaki do you want me to show you something good?\\ but don’t tell it to your sister\\
tsu: hey!! Jiraiya!!\\
?: gaara-sama… a friend of your came to visit\\
naru: hey!\\
naru: what do you want to play today?\\
kaze: don’t be too late, gaara\\
gaa: yeah\\
naru: when we will be able to get outside!?\\
sasu: it seems that it is the moonlight that entraps people in the genjutsu…\\ and that light gets weaker and weaker, but… it is impossible to go outside until that light shines\\
zetsu: so the light was not getting through just as I thought, huh…\\
naru: it seems that black bastard was outside watching over us!\\
sasu: finally…\\
naru: sasuke! Is there a way to awaken everyone from the genjutsu!?\\
sasu: probably a genjutsu from the rinnegan can only be handled by another rinnegan…\\
kaka: so basically your left eye is necessary for this, huh…\\
zetsu: I will not allow that…\\
zetsu: we will just get rid of you after this\\
mada: and I, the saviour of this world, will do it\\
naru: madara!!\\
sasu: that eye on his forehead…!\\
sasu: be careful… his four shadows are surrounding us from 4 directions\\
naru: I know!\\
mada: I will not allow you to do anything\\
sfx: su\\
mada: right now… this world has severed its ties with destiny\\
mada: because I severed people from their pain and emptiness\\
naru: this is…\\
naru: just a big fat lie\\
mada: naruto…\\ the one who is getting in the way with everyone’s happiness is… you\\
mada: and the side show ends here as well…\\
mada: I changed hell into paradise\\
mada: you should understand already…\\ everything has finished\\
zetsu: you are wrong madara\\
zetsu: you are not a saviour… and it is not over yet\\
mada: I cannot move…!\\
zetsu: why were you so sure that you were the only one using the others differently from obito?\\
zetsu: isn’t ridiculous to think to be the only one different from the others?\\
zetsu: madara\\
mada: black zetsu… what the hell are you saying!?\\
mada: I am the one who created you…!\\
mada: you are my will itself!\\
zetsu: that is wrong as well…\\
zetsu: my will is…\\
zetsu: that of kaguya\\
naru: eh!!?\\
naru: what did he just say!?\\
sasu: are they fighting each other now of all times!?\\
sasu: no… it is not that…\\
sasu: he just said… kaguya…\\
saku: kaguya? … who is she?\\
naru: eh!? Kaguya…!?\\
sasu: the one the rikudou sennin was talking about\\
hago: he obtained the power of the juubi and is getting closer to me\\ he is even getting closer to the power of my mother, kaguya\\
hago: before long my mother’s power gave birth to conceit\\
hago: and the people began to fear her power…\\
naru: impossible…\\
mada: guoooh!!\\
inserted text: his betrayal is extreme!!!\\

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